Office of the President

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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1969-70)

President's Office:

Administrative Assistant to the President. Includes Bates House parking, Student Affairs Committee, conference.

Statements. Drugs, student unrest, welcome to freshmen.


Dr. Patterson. Includes library design, “Carolina – Then and Now,” summer school, guidelines for new programs.

SECOLAS Conference. Includes program.

Academic Affairs:

College of Arts and Sciences:

Dean Nelson. Request for program of black studies.

Air Science & AFROTC. Includes Angel Flight information, faculty, Governor's Review, women in AFROTC.

Anthropology and Sociology. Research, program with Dept. of Corrections, gift of collection.

Band. Includes budget, praise for band's performance, rehearsal hall, recruiting black musicians.

Biology. Includes conferences, grant, Earth Day.

Chemistry. Grants and research.


Center for Editions of American Authors. Primarily efforts to gain legislative and presidential support for National Foundation on Arts and Humanities.

Miscellaneous. Includes progress report, fellowships.

University Theatre. Includes property inventory, agreement with Palmetto Outdoor Historical
Drama Association.

Fine Arts. Annual report, curricula, special projects, Summer School of the Arts, proposal for Master of Fine Arts.

Foreign Languages. Primarily summer cooperative program.

Geography. Grant, complaint re: administrative inefficiency.

Geology. Grants, geology collections.

History. Warwick University exchange program, proposal for Callcott/Foran Memorial Foundation.

International Studies. Includes large grant, complaint re: professor's anti-Jewish comments, diplomat-in-residence.

Mathematics. Grants, seminars, graduate assistant salary.

Music. Concert Choir, USC Quintet, Quartet, professional organization, budget, scholarships.

Naval Science & NROTC. Policies, awards, ceremonies, faculty.

Philosophy. Classical studies program.

Physics and Astronomy. Grants, opportunities for students with low SAT scores.

Political Science. Publications, grant, Faculty Advisors Institute.

Psychology. Includes unveiling of Walsh portrait, conferences, grants, curricula, Ph.D. program, proposed graduate school of applied behavioral science.

Rhodes, Joseph: Contemporary University. Includes proposals, organization, complaints re: changes.

Student Govt. Committee for Curriculum Review in the College of Arts & Sciences. Primarily minutes, includes proposal for Contemporary University, African & Afro-American studies.

BOX 2 (1969-70)

Business Administration, College of:

Dean Kane. Seminars, faculty matters, MBA-ETV program, grants, budget, curricula.

MBA-ETV Program. Establishment of MBA distance education courses.

Computer Science Center. Advisory committee minutes, report on photographic ID cards, equipment, Eccles award.

Education, School of:

Dean Otts. Includes grants, special projects, graduate policies, curricula.

Continuing Education. Proposal for Continuing Educational Services Center.

Desegregation Center (Dr. Winecoff). Proposal for.

Educational Research. Testing human communicative ability, effort to establish research center on nutrition and development.

Educational Technology at USC. Development proposal.

E.P.D.A. Rural Isolated School Program. Director's report.

Graduate Program in Educational Psychology. Proposal for.

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Visit to evaluate USC.

Physical Education. Conference, work with correctional institutions, grants, building needs, Special Olympics.

Pre-School Education. Progress of Early Childhood Education program.

Williamsburg County Career Opportunities Program. Proposal.

Engineering, College of (Dean Fellers). Includes grants, Fellers resigning as dean, visiting professor, scholarships, need for building.

General Studies, College of:

Dean Mitchell. Includes proposed associate degree in contemporary studies, grants, Law
Enforcement Training School, Experimental Studies project.

Regional Campuses:

Aiken. Evaluation report.

Coastal Carolina. Commencement, physical plant, nursing, developmental projects.

BOX 3 (1969-70)

Florence. Nursing, transition to Marion State College (Francis Marion University).

Lancaster. Includes request to reopen associate nursing degree, thank-you letter.

Miscellaneous. Includes opposition to tri-level education system, complaint re: lack of coordination with Columbia campus, admissions.

Salkehatchie. Movement to close.

Spartanburg. Primarily facility dedication, SACS evaluation of campus.

Speaker—General University Extension Conference. Includes Jones's speech.

Journalism, School of (Dean Scroggins). Facilities needs, grants, scholarships, AEJ convention at USC & inquiry into racial atmosphere.

Law, School of:

Dean Figg. Includes changing LLB to JD, new building need, grants.

Law School Dean Search. Includes faculty opinions, desired qualities, selection of Robert Foster.

Libraries. Primarily reports on library facilities and needs.

Nursing, School of. New dean, accreditation problems, grants, new building needs, Brice estate, curriculum.

Pharmacy, School of (Dean Morrison). Health education, grants, legislative hearings on vitamin supplements.

Social Work, School of (Dean Hungate). Establishment of loan fund, training proposal, graduate studies, Jones speech on social work education.

University Press. Includes efforts to obtain Simms works, editing and publishing the Calhoun papers.

Admissions & Registration (Dr. Godfrey). Includes policies, registration complaints, advanced placement.

Advanced Studies and Research, Division of:

Vice President for Advanced S&R (Dr. Davis). Includes proposed Woodrow Wilson Center, graduate courses for teachers, SEAGRAD, NASA program.

Bureaus. Primarily seminars.

Graduate School:

Fellowships. Funding.

Graduate School of Library Science. Hiring of dean.

Institutes. Includes Archeology and Anthropology report, Institute for Research on the Underprivileged, Traffic and Transportation Center.

Office of Research (Dr. Macon). Grant funding opportunities.

Research Studies, Medical School. Curriculum, report on medical education in South Carolina.

BOX 4 (1969-70)

Athletic Affairs:

Athletic Director (Coach Dietzel). Includes welcome to freshmen class, use of basketball practice courts, publicity policy, dispute over use of airplane.

Basketball (Coach McGuire). Primarily ticket shortage and distribution, team's performance.

Financial Statements.

Football. Includes legislative resolution urging televising of Carolina-Clemson game, coaching changes, ACC champions.

Miscellaneous. Includes Hall of Fame, complaints re: cheers, budget report.

Proposed Stadium. Debate over new versus expanded stadium.

Business Affairs, Division of:

Vice President for Business Affairs (Mr. Brunton). Primarily campus planning and development.

1969-1970 Statistical Data. On students, faculty, appropriations.

Budget Director:

Mr. Daetwyler. Deficiency appropriations, housing fees, risk management.

Budget 1970-71. Appropriations requests & justification, budget cuts.

USC Financial Statements. Discussion of trends in spending and revenue.

Building Program:

Dormitories. Use of old Columbia Hotel as dorm, projections on enrollment and housing.

Law School (Greene St. Methodist Church). Controversy over USC efforts to move church and acquire land through East Glencoe urban renewal project.

Nursing School. Need for building, funding efforts.

Priorities. Dispute over USC building priorities, re: new stadium versus new law school.

Buildings & Grounds:

Capstone. Complaints about service in restaurant.

Coliseum. Includes director's resignation, expenses, complaints, staffing, architectural fees.

Coliseum Dedication. Arrangements for.

Miscellaneous. Confederate Relic Room relocation, exterior lights for

Longstreet gym, traffic complaints, history of Flinn Hall.

Stadium. Requested use for State Fair Centennial, complaint re: trash after events.

Urban Renewal. East Glencoe project, closing Devine Street.

Campus Shop. Use of profits, advisory committee.

Centrex. USC telephone system.

Food Service. Meal plans and options, cafeteria closings.

Housing (Mr. Barnes). Financial problems, policies.

Long Range Development Plans. Physical plant development.

BOX 5 (1969-70)

Parking (Mr. Fitzgerald). Complaints re: lack of parking.

Personnel. Policies, insurance, training, human resource development program.

Physical Plant. DeSaussure renovation, use of Russell House.

Purchasing (Mr. Tyler). Dispute with electronics company.

Treasurer's Office (Mr. Rhodes). Includes student fees, grants audit, scholarship payment.

USC Enrollment and Projections. Statistics.

USC Research & Institute Accounting:

Mr. Tavenner. Includes statistics on freshmen retention, FTE, student geographic origins.

USC Freshmen Characteristics. Report on.


Academic Advisory Council. Minutes.

Administrative Advisory Council. Recommendations of Faculty Welfare Committee.

Development, Division of:

Vice President for Development (Mr. Martin). Primarily monetary gifts, including Brice estate.

Alumni Association. Fundraising, social events.

Blatt Scholarship Fund. Contributions, fundraising events.

Carolina Research & Development Foundation. Minutes, financial reports, status of property acquisitions.

Dedication of Coker Life Sciences Bldg and Bates House. Arrangements for.

Educational Foundation. Contributions, accountant's report.

University Associates. Committee list, questionnaires about USC issues, meetings.

University Placement (Mr. Johnson). Annual report.

Information Services (Mr. Knauss). Includes concert choir tour, coliseum dedication, Greene St. Methodist Church, library needs, television coverage of athletic events.

Student Affairs, Division of:

Vice President for Student Affairs (Dean Witten). Includes studies on discipline, freshman finances, housing, organizations, activities, unrest.

Alcoholic Beverages in Rooms. Controversy over USC allowing alcohol on campus.

Campus Speakers. Complaint re: radical speaker.

Counseling Bureau:

Dr. Swanson. Monthly reports.

Upward Bound. Advisory board minutes.

BOX 6 (1969-70)

Drugs. USC policies, student complaints re: police investigations.

Foreign Student Advisor (Mr. Ledeen). Includes committee minutes, student letter of support for Ledeen.

Health Service. Annual report, need for new building, parental complaint, doctor's resignation.

Orientation. Report on.

Student Activities:

Fraternities & Sororities. Includes space needs, resolution supporting academic freedom.

The President to Presidents. Student government conference.

Student Government. Student conference, parking problems, student senate resolutions, minutes, and bills.

Student Aid: (Mr. Jeter).

College Work-Study Program. Funding, report on effects on academic achievement.

Student Loans. Funding and awarding of.

Student Scholarships:

General. Funding and awarding of.

Carolina Scholars Program. Funding, qualifications.

Student Demonstrations. Petitions re: student occupation of union building.

Student Organizations:

AWARE Group. Includes report on meeting, Vietnam protest.

Associated Women Students. Resolution for better campus transportation.

Association of Afro-American Students. Proposal for black studies program.

Clariosophic Literary Society. Dispute over use of CLS rooms.

FREAK. Organization's proposed policy for USC re: drugs.

YMCA-YWCA. Minutes.

Student Publications & Communications:

Gamecock. Controversy over profanity in newspaper.

Garnet and Black. Complaint and compliment.

WUSC. Rumor re: Journalism School taking control of station.

Student Religious Centers. Includes Carolina Chaplains agreement, Hillel activities at USC, Wesley Foundation.

Student Residence Halls. Fire safety inspection, use of Columbia Hall, regulations, completion of Bates House.

Student Union:

Mr. Phillips. Includes personnel needs, complaint re: lack of administrative support.

R.G. Bell Camp. Use of.

Short Courses. Complaints about courses in lovemaking, witchcraft.

Student Unrest. Complaints from alumni and parents, policies, takeover of administration building.

Students, Miscellaneous. Includes, petition to lengthen hours of Gamecock room, student and parental complaints.

UFO. Trial of UFO café operators.

BOX 7 (1969-70)

Associations and Boards:

American Council on Education. Includes education funding, use of injunctions in student disorders, legislation.

ACE Policy Commission. Education problems and policy questions.

American Legion. Student awards.

Association of American Colleges. Student loan and veteran programs.

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Primarily complaints about ACC regulations, question of whether
USC should withdraw from conference.

Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Research proposals, meetings, awards.

Council on Higher Education in the American Republics (CHEAR).

Membership, funding.

NASA. Termination of sustained universities program.

National Association of State Universities & Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC).

Includes minutes, committees, legislation.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Scholarships, meetings, certification of all-star game.

National Universities Extension Association. Includes Jones's speech.

Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS). Primarily re: USC self study, with departmental reports.

Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges & State Universities (SALGCSU).

Jones's election as president, meeting.

Southern University Conference. Annual meeting.

Board of Trustees:


Athletic. Primarily minutes.

Building & Grounds. Minutes.

Executive. Primarily minutes.

Faculty-Board Liaison. Minutes.

Student-Board Liaison. Separate Greek housing.

Meetings. Minutes.

Miscellaneous. Includes student unrest, athletics, campus expansion, finances, mix-up over
“Chicago” and “Chicago Seven” appearance.

Special meeting, May 22, 1970. Student unrest, takeover of USC buildings.

Board of Women Visitors. Membership, meeting.

BOX 8 (1969-70)

City of Columbia:

Miscellaneous. Job upgrades, urban renewal, city planning.

Columbia Community Relations Council. Race relations.

Metropolitan Education Foundation. Funding for projects.

Colleges & Universities:

Council of Presidents. Minutes.

South Carolina. Includes Green St. Methodist Church dispute, Teacher Corps, land use plan.


Summer 1969. Arrangements for.

January 1970. Arrangements for.

June 1970. Arrangements for.

August 1970. Arrangements for.

Faculty & Staff:

Graduate Faculty. Minutes, including self-study on graduate programs.

Miscellaneous. Includes faculty death, complaint, policies.


Promotions Recommendations and notifications.

Special Faculty Meetings. Minutes.

Faculty & Staff Committees:

Admissions. Annual report.

Athletic. Ticket distribution.

Board of Student Publications & Communications. Minutes, policies.

Curricula and New Courses. Minutes.

Discipline. Rules of.

Drugs. Establishment of committee, minutes, recommendations, statistics.

Education for the Disadvantaged. Minutes.

Faculty Advisory. Includes minutes, guidelines for establishing Faculty Senate.

Faculty Welfare. Recommendations, annual report.

Honorary Degrees. Nominations and selections.

Insurance & Annuity Programs. Recommendations, changes.

Orientation. Membership.

Parking. Complaint of ineffectiveness of committee.

President's Committee on the Environment. Establishment of, minutes.

Research and Productive Scholarship. Availability of funding.

Russell Awards. Membership.

Scholarships & Loans. Membership.

Scholastic Standings & Petitions. Proposals for grading system changes.

Special Ad Hoc Committee. Minutes and curricula proposals, including black studies.

Student Affairs. Minutes.

Student-Faculty Relations. Minutes, membership.

Fools' File. Odd correspondence.

Funding from.


HEW. Awards notifications.

Miscellaneous. Awards notifications.

Paintings. Wardlaw portraits, Scarborough paintings of Horseshoe.

Student unrest.

BOX 9 (1969-70)

South Carolina Associations, Boards, Depts:

Auditor's Office. Includes salaries, University capital needs, retirement funds.

Board of Education. Teachers institute, special education teachers.

Budget & Control Board. Includes permanent improvements, capital needs.

Chamber of Commerce. Policy on campus unrest.

Council on Economic Education. Establishment of.

Development Board. Primarily research projects.

Governor's Office. Includes Moody recommendations to close Pharmacy School, college leadership conference, executive order re: student disruptions.


House Ways and Means Committee. Funding.

Miscellaneous. Includes appropriations, tickets, controversy, enrollment statistics, student unrest.

Richland County Delegation. Complaints about treatment of Highway Patrol in Garnet and Black, Jewish legislators' complaints about USC meeting held at Palmetto Club.

Senate Finance Committee. Relocation of Confederate Relic Room, deficiency appropriation, capital needs, campus political activities.

Press Association. Arrangements for meeting at USC.

State Advisory Commission on Higher Education:

1969. Primarily proposals for new programs.

1970. Includes program proposals, report on drug use at USC.

DAPS. Report on.

Tricentennial Commission. Primarily re: USC special convocation for British ambassador.

US Government:

SC Members of US Congress. Primarily re: higher education legislation.

SC Members of US Senate. Primarily re: higher education legislation.

US Dept. of Health, Education, & Welfare (HEW):

Civil Rights Compliance:

Departmental reports. Responses from department heads re: HEW's compliance review of USC.

Drafts. Jones's reply.

General. Statistics and reports re: HEW's compliance review of USC.

BOX 10 (1969-70)

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