Office of the President

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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1968-69)

President's Office:

Administrative Assistant (Elliott). Includes his leaving USC, better communication with students.

Assistant to the President for Special Projects (Flaum). Correspondence and reports on special educational and cooperative projects.

The Meaning of Relevance in Higher Education (Flaum). Report. Ombudsman. Report on ticket distribution for UNC game.

Presidential Memos. Includes essay on administrators, budget.

President's Newsletters. Compliments on.

Senior Vice President:

Dr. Patterson. Includes correspondence re: child development center, early childhood education, marching band.

Regional Campuses:

Aiken. Letter re: construction funding.

Beaufort. Correspondence re: professor's resignation, help for students from Marine Corps.

Coastal Carolina. Includes financial statement, construction funding.

Florence. Includes correspondence re: enrollment, lecture series, scholarship fund.

Florence Associate Degree in Technical Nursing. Report on.

Lancaster. Includes resolution to stay within USC system.

Miscellaneous. Includes progress report on regional campuses.

Spartanburg. Correspondence includes construction, grants, opposition to removing regional campuses from university system.

Spartanburg, Associate Degree in Technical Nursing. Report on.

Spartanburg Self-Study. Copy of.

Union. Includes opposition to removing regional campuses from university system.

Associate Vice President for Learning Resources:

Dr. Curry. Includes correspondence re: media institute.

Computer Science Center. Correspondence includes admissions & registration, statistical services, reorganization, newsletters.

Educational TV. Includes grant for university closed circuit TV.

University Press. Includes correspondence re: automated typesetting, materials published.

World War Memorial Museum. Correspondence re: renovations, opening of museum on second floor.

BOX 2 (1968-69)


Academic Advisory. Includes minutes, registration, photo identifications, procedures.

Administrative Advisory. Includes revised patent policy, summary of grants proposed and received.

Athletic Affairs:

Athletic Director (Dietzel). Includes stadium use and renovation, coliseum progress, recruiting black athletes.

Budget and Financial Statements.

Basketball. Includes ticket requests, broadcasting of games.

Football. Includes correspondence re: President's guests, complaints re: half-time show, football clinic, homecoming festivities, usher's refusal to seat black couple.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes ticket scalping, complaints re: half-time show, televising games.

Academic Affairs:

Vice President for Academic Affairs (Davis). Correspondence re: Hartford College for women denigrating USC.

Admissions, Office (Dr. Godfrey). Includes admissions statistics, applicant rating profile, computer services.

Advanced Studies and Research:

Vice President Morris. Includes proposed Savannah River Research Center, Morris's resignation, funding justifications, proposed library school.

Bureau of Governmental Research and Service. Includes information on study of local governments, Constitutional Revision Committee.

Bureau of Urban and Regional Affairs. Re: conferences.


Archaeology and Anthropology. Appointment of director, activity report, grants.

Environmental Research. Status of.

Research on Problems of Underprivileged. Re: proposed budget, grants.

Oceanography. Includes prospectus for study of marine science and engineering.

Senior Scholars. Re: candidates for.

Transportation Center. Director's resignation, research projects.

Graduate School. Includes regional graduate courses, grading policy, curricula, faculty minutes.

Medical School. Correspondence, reports re: efforts to establish USC medical school.

Medical School, Consultant's Report. Re: feasibility of establishing USC medical school.

Office of Research. Re: grants.

USC Graduate School at Charleston. Closing of.

Arts and Science, College of:

Air Science and AFROTC. Includes student demonstrations policy, curriculum.

Anthropology and Sociology. Re: crowd behavior.

Band. Includes complaints re: Carolina Coquettes.

Bible and Religion. Re: seminar.

Biology. Includes project proposal, grant.

Chemistry. Correspondence includes grants, National Science Foundation site visit, awarding of Ph.D's.

BOX 3 (1968-69)

English. Includes correspondence re: teaching standard English to Negroes.

Fine Arts. Re: gift of etching press.

Foreign Languages. Correspondence re: dispute between department head and faculty in German section.

Geography. Re: grant, African studies, federally-funded projects.

Geology. Includes correspondence re: Ph.D. program, grants.

History. Correspondence includes staff rudeness to students, teaching award, African studies.

International Studies. Includes correspondence re: program in South Asia, curriculum, departmental report.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes grants, budget, consultant.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes salaries of department heads, degree requirements, minutes of Student Government Committee on Curriculum Revision.

Music. Includes correspondence re: music library status, Concert Choir's European tour, accreditation.

Naval Science and NROTC. Includes correspondence re: curriculum expansion, faculty.

Physics and Astronomy. Faculty, grants.

Political Science. Re: faculty publication, international housing.

Psychology. Includes grants, internships, graduate training, research.

Business Administration, College of:

Dr. Kane. Correspondence includes monetary gifts, computer science center, departmental survey, seminars.

Development Campaign. Re: meeting, prospect list.

Atkinson, Maurice (C. W. Shaver's representative). Correspondence and report on survey for development prospects.

Memo of understanding between USC and SCBA Educational Foundation. Re: chair of banking.

Education, School of:

Dean Otts. Includes grants, space needs, faculty, teacher training, curricula.

Adjunct Education. Project proposal re: dropouts, special educational programs.

Committee on Educational Research. Includes correspondence re: communications training.

Consulting Center on Desegregation. Includes proposal for, appointment of council, activity reports.

Pre-School Education. Includes proposal for teacher training project, early childhood education.

Regional Evaluation & Research Center for Project Head Start (Friedman). Report on.

Engineering, College of:

Dean Fellers. Correspondence includes reorganization of College, grants, equipment, complaint re: quality of graduates.

Chemical. Re: grant renewal.

BOX 4 (1968-69)

Journalism, School of (Dean Scroggins). Includes monetary donations, scholarships, equipment.

Law, School of (Dean Figg). Includes new building, scholarships, grants.

Nursing, School of (Dean Viglione). Includes Viglione's resignation, grants, acting dean, McCown lectureship.

Pharmacy, School of:

Dean Morrison. Includes report on examination of Pharmacy School by

American Council on Pharmaceutical Education, reaction to suggestion to close school.

Dr. Lease. Primarily re: proposals to combat malnutrition and parasites among South Carolina poor.

General Studies, College of:

Dean Mitchell. Includes evening classes, law enforcement training, grants, new degree proposals.

Associate Degree in Technical Nursing. Report on for accreditation.

Head Start. Reports on program activities.

Social Work, School of (Dean Hungate). Includes notes on consultant's inspection, conference, accreditation.

Business Affairs:

Vice President Brunton. Includes University expansion and space needs, physical plant, appropriations, music rehearsal hall.

Budget Director:

Budget 1968-69. Statistics.

Budget 1969-70. Appropriations requests, statistics.

Miscellaneous. Budget requests & justifications.

Moody Report. Reactions to report by college administrators.

Research and Institute Accounting.

Buildings and Grounds:

Capstone. Includes neighborhood parking problem, use of facility.


Carolina Coliseum Dedication. Arrangements for.

Miscellaneous. Includes progress reports, opening of, complaints re: lack of handicapped access,
confusion over entrances.

Utility Tunnel. Construction of.

Miscellaneous. Includes urban renewal projects, property acquisition, possible relocation of
Confederate Museum.

Pedestrian Mall. Proposal for way for pedestrians to cross Blossom.

Physical Education Building. Funding of.

BOX 5 (1968-69)

Campus Police. Includes report on fire at old gym, vandalism, budget request.

Campus Shop. Letter re: rudeness of staff.

Food Service (Driscoll). Quality of and changes in Slater Food Service and Top of Carolina restaurant.

Parking (Fitzgerald). Complaints re: parking tickets, lack of spaces.

Personnel (Durham). Policy memos.

Physical Plant (Henderson). Complimentary letters.

Post Office (Lawrence). Self-service postal equipment.

University-City Parking. Installation and vandalism of parking meters.

Student Affairs:

Vice President Witten. Includes program reports on project IDEA, proposed summer camp, student unrest, petitions, flyers.

Beer. Reaction from faculty and public re: student resolution asking that beer be sold on campus.

Campus Speakers. Includes policy for inviting speakers.

Counseling Bureau (Swanson). Includes departmental reports.

Dean of Men (Cooper). Includes pep rally, Horseshoe Residence Area.

Dean of Women (Clotworthy). Re: convention of American Association of University Women.

“Dixie” – Confederate Flag. Responses to burning of Confederate Flag and request that “Dixie” be banned at USC.

Foreign and Exchange Students. Includes description of student rioting at university in Afghanistan.

Health Service. Re: licensing, staff.

Orientation. Value of.

Religious Centers. Personnel appointments.

Residence Halls. Organization of residence hall management, summer use.

Short Courses. Complaints about offerings in witchcraft, lovemaking, bartending.

Student Activities:

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes resolutions re: law and order, discrimination.

Miscellaneous. Includes guidelines for allocation of funds.


AWARE. Constitution, flyers, reports on meetings, protests, complaints, efforts to revoke charter.

Association of Afro-American Students. Includes flyers, newsletters, black student conference.

Miscellaneous. Charter guidelines, request for new women's dorm, offensive joke memo re: “white Christmas.”

Publications and Communications:

Gamecock. Includes awards received.

Garnet and Black. Complaints re: photos of students drinking alcohol, disrespect shown toward highway patrol.

WUSC. Includes editorials.

Student Government. Primarily minutes and resolutions.

Student Aid:

Jeeter. Includes Carolina Scholars, work-study funding.

Loans. Federal funding.

Scholarships. Primarily funding of.

BOX 6 (1968-69)

Student Rights and Responsibilities. Statement on.

Student Union. Includes evaluation of.

Student Unrest. Student protests, policies, underground publications.

Students, Miscellaneous.

Upward Bound Program. Includes project proposal, grant funding, administrative problems.


Vice President Martin. Monetary gifts, Olin D. Johnston Memorial Room, use of USC plane.

Blatt Scholarship Fund. Contributions to.

Carolina Research and Development Foundation. Minutes, property acquisition.

University Placement Service (Johnson). Includes statistical report on services.

USC Alumni Association. Fundraising, desire for alumni house, Alumni Clubs, Homecoming.

USC Educational Foundation:

Chair Club. Chair of Banking agreement, contributions, membership, minutes.

Memorial Funds. Contributions.

Miscellaneous. Contributions, minutes.

University Associates. Statement of purpose, membership, surveys.

Information Services (Knauss). Includes coliseum opening, Czech refugees, Confederate flag, open board meetings, Concert Choir tour.

Armed Services.
Includes proposal for graduate education at sea.

Associations and Boards:

American Council on Education:

Commission on Administrative Affairs. Minutes, meetings.

Policy and Planning Committee. Includes membership, campus unrest.

American Legion. Awards program, resolutions re: ROTC, opposing anarchy.

Association of American Colleges. Pension system.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Primarily bulletins.

Atomic Energy Commission:

Southern Interstate Nuclear Board. Kentucky conference.

Southern Interstate Nuclear Board Conference. Includes transcript.

BOX 7 (1968-69)

College Entrance Exam Board. Student statistics, membership, budget.

Institute for International Education. Education funding, conference information, Jones's remarks at conference.

NASA. Invitations to Apollo launches.


Commission on Education for the Engineering Profession. Minutes.

Committee on Telecommunications. Membership, conference.

Correspondence. Includes meetings, court cases re: student suspensions.

Questionnaire re: Negroes. Survey report on USC involvement in projects for Negro community.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Report to the membership, USC probation, televising football.

National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Evaluation. Evaluation visit, annual update.
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Conference, self study, enrollment figures.

Southern Regional Education Board. Social Welfare Project, institutional representative, conference.

Board of Trustees:


Athletic. Minutes.

Buildings and Grounds. Minutes.

Executive. Minutes.

Faculty-Board Liaison. Minutes, membership.

Meetings and Minutes. Reports, minutes.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence with board members, including law school building, athletics,
coliseum, Homecoming, student unrest.

Board of Women Visitors. Minutes, membership.

City of Columbia:

City Schools. Project Upward Bound, use of Benson School, Booker T. Washington high school.

Community Relations Council. Includes report on student unrest.

Metropolitan Education Fund. Includes fundraising, volunteer awards.

Miscellaneous. Includes land acquisition, development plan, Coliseum, USC streets.

Colleges and Universities:

Council of Presidents. Recommendations, membership, meetings.

Regional Education Lab for the Carolinas and Virginia. Membership, meetings.

South Carolina Colleges. Correspondence with administrators, including assistance from Clemson band, inaugurations, speaking engagements.

BOX 8 (1968-69)


Summer 1968. Arrangements for.

January 1969. Arrangements for.

May 1969. Arrangements for.

Faculty and Staff:


Admissions. Minutes.

Board of Student Publications and Communications. Minutes.

Discipline. Policy statements re: drugs, discipline.

Education for the Disadvantaged Student. Establishment of, minutes.

Honorary Degrees. Suggestions and selections.

Insurance and Annuity Programs. Minutes, USC policy.

Miscellaneous. Includes libraries, registration, orientation, naming of buildings.

Presidential Opportunity Scholars. Statistics, guidelines.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Regulations, minutes.

Student Academic Responsibility. Recommendations, membership.

Student Affairs. Minutes.

Meetings and Minutes.

Promotions. List of, complaint.

Fool's File. Odd correspondence.

Primarily monetary gifts.


Health, Education and Welfare. Awarding of.

Miscellaneous. Awarding of.

National Science Foundation. Awarding of.

SC Associations, Boards and Departments:

Auditor's Office. USC finances.

Budget and Control Board. Includes permanent improvements, complaint re: reduced budget, increase in security expenses.

Commission on Higher Education:

DAPS Correspondence. Development of an educational institution planning and reporting system.

DAPS System Manual. Copy of.

Miscellaneous. Includes program proposals, Moody report, regional campuses, policies.

Education Department. Early childhood education, training institute, textbook committee.

Governor of South Carolina. Includes teacher education, highway safety plan, space utilization,
Moody Report.

Miscellaneous. Includes SC Council on Human Relations, Palmetto Boys State, thank-you to SC Law Enforcement Division.

BOX 9 (1968-69)

SC Association of School Boards. Conferences.

SC Broadcaster's Association. Meeting, donation.

SC Education Association. Conferences.

SC Educational Television Commission. Developing special programs for colleges, request to broadcast athletic events over ETV, complaint re: foul language on program.

SC Legislature:

Blatt, Sol Sr. Includes scholarships, gifts, USC liaison for the legislature, Medical College.

Miscellaneous. Includes tickets, budget, Constitutional Revision Committee.

Richland County Delegation to General Assembly. Legislation, tickets, complaint against professor, dispute with Green Street Methodist Church.

SC Wildlife Resources Commission. Establishment of advisory committee.

US Government:


House of Representatives. Higher education legislation, dedication of

Olin D. Johnston memorial room.

Miscellaneous. Higher education legislation.


Hollings. Grants, higher education legislation.

Thurmond. Includes higher education legislation, immigration case of USC professor, efforts to obtain NASA speaker for coliseum dedication.

Office of Economic Opportunity. Grants, federal funding and programs, Civil

Rights compliance.

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BOX 10 (1968-69)

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