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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1967-68)

Vice President for Academic Affairs:

Dr. H. W. Davis. Correspondence includes faculty matters, geography department, Benedict College students in USC ROTC.

Admissions & Registration. Includes admissions statistics, regulations.

College of Arts and Science:

Dean Nelson. Correspondence includes lab facilities, psychology department, regional campuses, music accreditation.

Air Force Aerospace Studies. Includes correspondence re: complaint of cadets blocking traffic.

Anthropology & Sociology. Correspondence re: faculty, director's resignation, student proposal on civil disobedience.

Band. Includes Victory March, concert, band director.

Biology. Correspondence includes equipment needs, departmental needs, research proposals.

Chemistry. Includes correspondence re: grants, space needs, equipment needs.

Computer Science. Includes proposal for expansion.

English. Includes correspondence re: Walter Scott collection, library, appointment of James Dickey.

Fine Arts. Includes master of arts proposal, summer art school, progress in department.

Foreign Languages & Literature. Includes library budget, honors program, MA in German.

Geography. Includes correspondence re: department head, Ph.D. program, department goals.

Geology. Includes correspondence re: lecture series, proposal for Ph.D. program.

History. Primarily re: Brazilian history seminar.

International Studies. Includes correspondence re: ad campaign, grants.

Mathematics. Correspondence re: grants, seminars, lecture series.

Music. Correspondence includes Concert Choir, community arts projects, accreditation, USC Artist Series.

Naval Science & NROTC. Correspondence includes honor students, speakers, campus demonstrations, commissioning ceremonies.

Philosophy. Re: course loads.

Physics & Astronomy. Correspondence includes grants, seminars, equipment.

Political Science. Includes correspondence re: University goals.

Psychology. Includes faculty retirements and promotions, behavioral science survey.

BOX 2 (1967-68)

College of Business Administration:

Dean Kane. Includes report on facilities needs, faculty, scholarships.

Community Service Seminars. Arrangements for.

Dewey H. Johnson Chair of Economics. Biography on Johnson.

Real Estate, Chair of. Establishment of.

School of Education:

Committee on Educational Research. Re: projects with SC Department of Education.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes workshops, curriculum, scholarships.

Physical Education. Includes correspondence re: inadequate facilities.

College of Engineering:

Chemical. Includes grants, scholarships, faculty.

Civil. Primarily re: grants.

Mechanical. Re: grants, donations.

Miscellaneous. Re: accreditation, organization of department, research.

College of General Studies:

Head Start Program. Newsletter, correspondence re: funding.

Let's Find Out TV Program. Re: scheduling.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes vacancies, coursework, Navy program, evening division.

Graduate School:

Charleston. Reports and correspondence re: USC graduate programs in Charleston.

Fellowships. Awarding of.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes graduate assistantships, MA programs, minutes.

Registrar's Office. Includes complaints re: registration process.

School of Journalism. Includes progress of Audio Tape Network Project, student attitude survey.

School of Law. Correspondence includes grants, donations, Negro legal education project.

School of Nursing. Includes correspondence re: new facilities, enrollment, faculty needs, graduate program.

School of Pharmacy. Includes grants.

BOX 3 (1967-68)

Advanced Studies & Research:


Bureau of Governmental Research & Service. Includes correspondence re: seminar, resolution honoring professor.

Bureau of Urban & Regional Affairs. Includes annual report, series of forums.


Institute for Senior Scholars. Proposal for.

Institute of Archaeology & Anthropology. Correspondence re: statute, historical sites.

Transportation Center. Includes staffing needs, annual report.

Research Studies:

Human Resources Research Center. Proposal for.

School of Social Work. Re: selection of new dean for new graduate school in social work.

Armed Services:

Army. Letter re: statistical information on mental tests.

Department of Defense. Contract for enrollment in USC classes.

Associations & Boards:

American Association of University Professors. Includes report on salaries, resolution on Orangeburg shooting, sabbatical leave.

American Council on Education:

Commission on Administrative Affairs. Primarily minutes.

Correspondence. Includes report on student for a Democratic Society.

American Legion. Re: awards program.

Association of American Colleges. Correspondence and reports re: student rights, college libraries, resolutions.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Includes correspondence re: TV appearances, USC probation, minutes.

Atomic Energy Commission. Re: annual report, research funding.

College Entrance Examination Board. Correspondence re: meetings, conference.

Institute of International Education. Re: conference in Guatemala.

National Association of State Universities & Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC):

Committee on Education for Engineering Profession. Re: computer legislation.

Committee on Safety Research & Education. Re: meeting.

Committee on Telecommunications. Re: meetings.

Jones's Statement. Testimony re: educational television.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Correspondence includes television coverage, USC probation, regulations.

National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Evaluation. Re: visitation to USC.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Correspondence re: new Education

Committee, Council representative.

Regional Education Lab for the Carolinas and Virginia. Minutes.

Southern Association of Colleges & Schools:

Correspondence. Includes regional campuses, visiting committee.

Miscellaneous materials. Drafts of reports, newsletters.

BOX 4 (1967-68)

Athletic Affairs:

Athletic Director. Correspondence includes finances, stadium needs, purchase of airplane.

Basketball. Includes special arrangements for Duke game, Field House fire.

Budget and Financial Statements.

Football. Includes correspondence re: Youth Night, Silver Anniversary All- American awards.

Miscellaneous. Includes report on intramurals, regional campus tickets, Field House.

Scholarships. Re: funding from campus shops.

Stadium, Parking, Etc. Includes correspondence re: stadium maintenance and expansion, consultant report.

Tennis. Re: dedication of varsity tennis courts.

Track. Re: Carolina-State-Record Relay.

Board of Trustees:

Athletic Committee. Correspondence includes expansion of stadium, land acquisition, football game parking.

Building & Grounds Committee. Re: status of construction projects.

Meetings & Minutes. Notes and drafts of minutes.

Members. Correspondence with board members, includes athletics, committees, regional campuses.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes naming of buildings,

Tidwell/Westmoreland incident, regional campuses.

Secretary. Correspondence includes committee meetings and resolutions.

Board of Women Visitors. Re: membership, minutes.

BOX 5 (1967-68)

Business Affairs:

Vice President Brunton. Correspondence includes credit union, physical plant, use of facilities, fees, policies.

Audit Report. On operation of campus shops.

Bonds. Correspondence re: USC bond indebtedness, legislation, retirement funding.

Budget 1967-68. Justification of appropriations request.

Budget 1968-69. Correspondence and reports.

Financial Report. Correspondence and statements re: finances.

Building Program:

Coliseum. Includes correspondence re: operational policies, use of, financing.

Coliseum Utility Tunnel. Proposal for pedestrian tunnel.


Athletic Dorm. Re: bids.

Capstone House. Correspondence includes opening of Top of Carolina restaurant, guest cards for legislators, use as conference center.

Humanities Building. Re: progress of construction.

Law School. Correspondence and reports re: plans.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes coliseum, selection of architects, law school, progress report.

Physical Sciences Building. Primarily re: dedication of.

Buildings & Grounds:

Campus Planning. Correspondence includes improvements to South Caroliniana

Library, list of modification projects, equipment.

Campus Police. Re: handling media requests, need for another investigator.

Food Service. Includes correspondence re: Faculty Club facilities, complaint re: food.

Housing. Correspondence includes college housing loans, proposal for privately financed dorms.

Institutional Research and Parking. Includes correspondence re: space utilization, need for garage.

Miscellaneous. Includes attempt to close section of Devine Street, land acquisition, Wheeler Hill development, fire safety inspection.

Repairs & Renovations. Re: need for fitness center.

Stadium. Re: expansion of.

Urban Renewal. Re: Wheeler Hill and Glencoe projects.

City of Columbia:

City Schools. Letter re: Booker T. Washington High School.

Columbia Urban League. Re: Jones's service on.

Housing Authority. Re: USC land acquisition.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: Assembly Street tunnel, loss of fire equipment.

Urban Renewal. Re: Wheeler Hill and Glencoe projects.

BOX 6 (1967-68)

Colleges & Universities:

Council of Presidents. Re: meetings, minutes, legislation.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence with other administrators, including cooperative projects, policies, seminars.

Regional Education Lab for the Mid-South. Minutes.

South Carolina Colleges. Includes correspondence re: transfer credits, exams, evening courses.


June 1967. Arrangements for.

June 1968. Arrangements for.

Presidential Greeting. Letter from President Lyndon Johnston to Class of 1967.

Speakers. Student nominations for.

Summer. Arrangements for.


Admissions. Re: admissions policies.

Discipline. Rules of.

Faculty Advisory. Includes minutes, surveys on regulations.

General. Includes nominations to committees, list of committees & membership.

Honorary Degrees. Nominations for.

Library. Correspondence includes proposed change to Library of Congress classification.

Transportation Center, Advisory Committee. Reports, presentations before Governor's Conference.


Academic Advisory Council. Includes minutes, correspondence re: admissions, attendance, & academic regulations.

Administrative Advisory Council. Primarily reports re: status of research proposals.

Development Advisory Council. List of members.

Council of Presidents – Subcommittee of Academic Deans. Includes minutes, statistics on grades.


Vice President for Development. Correspondence includes fundraising activities, legislation.

Alumni Association. Correspondence includes fundraising activities, new director.

Carolina Research & Development Foundation. Correspondence and reports re: land acquisitions, finances.

Insurance Bequests. Re: USC named as beneficiary in insurance policies.

Sounds of Carolina. Compliments and suggestions re: USC promotional recording.

BOX 7 (1967-68)

University Associates. Correspondence re: membership, purpose of organization.

USC Educational Foundation:

Chair Club. Correspondence re: donations.

General. Correspondence re: donations, 10th anniversary dinner.

USC Placement Bureau. Includes report on recruiting visits.

Faculty and Staff:


Miscellaneous. Includes list of new faculty, nepotism policy.

Organizations. Re: activities of Administrative Employees Club, Faculty Club.

Retirements. Notices of.

Tidwell, Thomas T. Correspondence and reports re: Tidwell's protest at Westmoreland convocation.

Faculty Committees:

Admissions. Minutes re: policies.

Board of Student Publications & Communications. Minutes.

Cafeteria. Includes complaints, report of committee.

Curricula & New Courses. Correspondence and minutes re: proposed changes.

Discipline. Procedure in marijuana cases.

Faculty Advisory. Appraisal of deans and departments heads.

Faculty Welfare. Correspondence re: fringe benefits.

Graduate School Council. Minutes.

Honorary Degrees. Re: nominees.

Insurance & Annuity. Reports on insurance plans, fringe benefits.

Libraries. Includes correspondence re: science library, departmental library budgets, classification system.

Miscellaneous. Re: committees' memberships.

Naming of New Buildings. Committee report.

Orientation. Minutes.

Research & Productive Scholarship. Recommendations for funding.

Scholastic Standing & Petitions. Minutes.

Special Committee on Campus Disturbance. Report on disturbance between USC police and students on May 9, 1986.

Special Committee on Peaceable Assembly & Freedom of Speech. Minutes and reports re: policies.

Student Affairs. Minutes.

Student Information System. Establishment of.

Fool's File. Odd correspondence.

Foundations. Correspondence re: funding from.

BOX 8 (1967-68)

Gifts. Correspondence re: gifts to the University, including Sol Blatt memorabilia, Howard gem collection.


Health, Education and Welfare. Correspondence and status reports on various projects, including physical sciences building.

Miscellaneous. Primarily notices of awards.

National Science Foundation. Notices of awards.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes author of Poor Student's Almanac, Congaree Forest, portrait of S. C. Mitchell.

President's Office:

Administrative Assistant. Includes speech for football banquet, hiring of assistant.

Assistant for the President for Special Projects:

“First Chance” & “Speed Up.” Correspondence and report re: education in penal institutions.
Institute for Senior Scholars. Proposal for.

“Into the Mainstream.” Comments re: booklet.

“Let's Talk About Carolina” & “The Last Five Years.” Draft of reports.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence and reports on confidentiality of student records, leadership program, Educational Foundation.

Drafts for President. Letter for Jones's signature.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: parental complaint re: inconsistent admissions policies.

President's Annual Report. For 1966-67,

Presidential Memos. Includes budget request submissions regional campuses, salaries.

Presidential Newsletters. Copies of, responses to.

Research Associate. Includes reports on higher education in Horry County,
Upward Bound.

Senior Vice President:

Regional Campuses:

Aiken. Re: requirements for new campus site.

Coastal Carolina. Correspondence includes nursing program, case study of Horry County.

Florence. Includes correspondence re: maintenance of grounds, hiring of director, finances.

Georgetown. Statistics for proposed site.

Lancaster. Includes construction, inquiry re: operation of, academic standards.

BOX 9 (1967-68)

Miscellaneous. Includes SACS report on visits to regional campuses.

Salkehatchie. Proposal for remedial instruction.

Spartanburg. Correspondence re: planning, construction, report by Spartanburg County

Commission for Higher Education, site appraisal.

Union. Includes concerns over establishment of.

Associate VP for Learning Resources:

Computer Science Center. Report on expected future of center.

Educational Television. Includes proposal for Institute on Educational Television.

Regional Campus Libraries. Re: budgets.

University Press. Re: publications.

Public Relations:

Abeel, David. Resignation.

Knauss, Zane. Primarily hiring as director.

SC Associations, Boards and Departments:

Attorney General's Office. Correspondence re: cafeterias, freedom of assembly.

Auditor's Office. Correspondence re: budget.

Board of Education. Includes correspondence re: Textbook Evaluating Committee, review team.

Budget and Control Board. Includes budget requests, permanent improvement, bonds, fees.

Education, Department of. Includes correspondence re: enrollment, Horry County Study.

Governor of SC:

General. Correspondence includes coordination of statistical data, proposals for traffic safety research, coliseum.

Moody Report. Jones's comments on draft of report on South Carolina education.

State Advisory Commission on Higher Education. Correspondence includes budgets for higher
education institutions, policies, regional campuses.

State Advisory Commission on Higher Education Facilities. Re: funding for coliseum, regional campuses.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: blood drive, marine biology, State Archives.

Richland County Board of Administrators. Correspondence re: taxes.

SC Association of Colleges. Minutes.

SC Association of School Boards. Re: meetings, Jones's service on committee.

SC General Assembly:

Richland County Delegation. Correspondence re: legislation, funding.

General. Correspondence with legislators, including funding fur libraries, social work program, old field house, nursing program.

Legislative Committees. Correspondence re: finance committee, bonds.

BOX 10 (1967-68)

Student Affairs:

Vice President for Student Affairs. Correspondence includes Fulbright program, complaint re:

AFROTC, use of University facilities.

Campus Speakers. Inquiries and complaints re: speakers, regulations.

Counseling Bureau. Re: Upward Bound.

Dean of Men. Year-end report on Interfraternity Council.

Dean of Women. Re: nominee for honorary degree, McClintock influence.

Director of Student Aid:

College Work-Study Program. Re: federal funding.

NDEA Loans, Fellowships, Scholarships. Funding.

Rhodes Scholarships. Re: service on committee, competition.

Scholarships, Miscellaneous. Primarily re: funding of.

Student Loans. Correspondence includes funding, legislation.

Drugs on Campus. USC policy.

Health Services. Correspondence includes funding for new building, new director.

Student Activities:

Fraternities & Sororities. Includes correspondence re: public service projects, Greek housing, hazing.

Honor Societies. Re: Merit Scholars, Phi Beta Kappa.


Association for Afro-American Students. Includes constitution, petition for changes in various aspects of University operations.

Miscellaneous. Re: Euphrosyneans, journalism fraternity.

Publications and Communications. Re: WUSC antenna, campus shop, yearbook advisor.

Religious Centers and Affairs. Correspondence includes lectures, chaplains.

Student Government. Includes correspondence re: need for better communication with administration.

Student Rights and Responsibilities. Includes policy, permissions for assembly.

Student Unrest. Includes correspondence re: student protests, policies.

Students, Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes Girls' State, tennis court project, profane publication.

Television. Includes equipment for journalism school.

US Government:

Health, Education and Welfare. Correspondence re: federal funding for program,

House of Representatives. Correspondence re: legislation affecting university funding, housing.

Senate. Correspondence re: college housing legislation, Congaree Swamp.

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BOX 11 (1967-68)

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