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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1966-67)

President's Office:

Assistant to the President for Special Projects (Dr. Flaum). Correspondence re: hiring of Flaum, Aiken graduate program, faculty orientation.

Senior Officers Pro Tem. Correspondence re: creation of hierarchy of authority in absence of the president.

Senior Vice President:

Patterson, Dr. William H. Correspondence includes government-sponsored research, self-study, budgets.

University Press. Correspondence includes status of projects, search for director.


Academic. Correspondence includes minutes, reports, academic eligibility requirements, registration and orientation.

Administrative. Primarily reports on grants proposals.

Development. Re: membership.

Athletic Affairs:

Athletic Director Paul Dietzel. Correspondence includes use of stadium by non University organizations, athlete eligibility, need for stadium expansion.

Athletic Scholarships. Awarding of NCAA scholarship.

Basketball. Correspondence includes NCAA and ACC hearings, complaints re: student behavior at games.

Business Manager of Athletics:

Budget. Copy of.

Financial Statements. Monthly statements.

Football. Primarily correspondence re: guests of president at games, homecoming activities, tickets.

Gamecock Club. Re: meeting.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: proposed USC Athletic Hall of Fame, athletic facilities, recruiting, rules violations.

Rules Violations:

Letters Relating to ACC & NCAA Rulings. Correspondence re: dissatisfaction with rulings against USC.

Press Releases Concerning Rulings. Clippings.

Stadium. Correspondence includes repairs, need for addition, use by others.

Track. Re: guests for State-Record Relay.

Academic Affairs, Vice President of:

Vice President H. Willard Davis. Includes correspondence re: transfer credits, faculty political activities, graduate school.

Arts and Science, College of:

Dean Bruce Nelson. Includes correspondence re: grants, seminar, visiting speaker policy.

Air Force Aerospace Studies. Correspondence includes change in commandant, student awards.

Anthropology and Sociology. Primarily re: organization and status of

Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Band. Correspondence includes concerts, budget, arrangements for game performances.

Bible and Religion. Re: faculty discussion groups, ministers' workshop.

Biology. Re: grants, professional meetings, seminar, publications.

Chemistry. Includes correspondence re: grants, Ph.D.s, equipment, awards.

BOX 2 (1966-67)


Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes faculty, salary inquiry, publications.

University Theatre. Re: productions.

Fine Arts. Includes status report and future plans, establishment of Summer School of the Arts.

Foreign Language and Literature. Includes newsletter, inquiry into texts.

Geography. Correspondence re: faculty activities.

Geology. Correspondence re: grants, seminar series.

History. Includes correspondence re: SC Historical Association meeting, faculty, History Institute.

International Studies. Correspondence includes War Memorial Building condition, faculty, National Defense Education Act.

Libraries. Includes acquisitions, annual report, regional campus libraries, advisory committee report.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes grants, Mathematics Institute, lecture series.

Music. Correspondence includes concerts, grants.

Naval Science and NROTC. Includes correspondence on naval combat art exhibit, enrollment, selection of candidates.

Physics and Astronomy. Primarily re: grants, seminar series.

Political Science. Re: faculty activities.

Psychology. Re: faculty activities.

Business Administration, College of (Dr. Kane). Correspondence includes seminars, grants, proposal for Ph.D. in Economics.

Education, School of:

Dr. Otts. Includes correspondence re: grants, graduates studies, conferences, faculty.

Physical Education. Correspondence includes grants, faculty, graduate program.

Engineering, College of:

Dr. Fellers. Includes accreditation, administrative hierarchy.

Chemical. Includes correspondence re: Ph.D. candidates, grants, conference report , scholarships.

Civil. Re: grants, lecture series.

Mechanical. Re: grants, faculty.

General Studies, College of:

Dean Mitchell. Correspondence includes self-study guide, academic regulations, workshop.

Aiken Regional Campus. Correspondence re: time capsule, facilities, teacher education.

Coastal Carolina. Re: expansion of.

Florence. Correspondence re: South Carolina history course, expanding to four-year program.

Head Start Program. Newsletter.

Lancaster. Correspondence re: grants, for equipment and construction.

Spartanburg. Correspondence and reports re: efforts to establish Spartanburg center.

TV Program “Let's Find Out.” Schedules.

Union. Letter re: grant.

BOX 3 (1966-67)

Journalism, School of (Dr. Scroggins). Correspondence includes proposal for broadcasting services, equipment, accreditation.

Law, School of (Dean Figg). Correspondence includes gifts to memorial funds and endowment, SC Bar Association meeting.

Nursing, School of (Dean Viglione). Includes grant, scholarships.

Pharmacy, School of (Dean Morrison). Correspondence re: technology research, grants, scholarships.

Registrar's Office. Correspondence and reports re: registration, enrollment statistics.

Registrar's Office Reports. Re: recruitment, freshman and transfer students, national merit scholar candidates.

Advanced Studies & Research, Vice President for:

Vice President James A. Morris. Correspondence and reports re: research proposals, grants.

Graduate School:

Miscellaneous. Includes proposals for new courses, changes in courses, new degree programs.

USC Graduate School at Charleston. Correspondence includes visiting committee, establishment of.

Woodrow Wilson Fellowships. Re: funding.


Bureau of Governmental Research & Service. Re: founding of SC

Association of Counties.

Bureau of Urban and Regional Affairs. Includes correspondence re: brochure, graduate fellowships.

Environmental Research Institute (Engineering). Correspondence re: fellowships, professional meeting, funding.

Institute of International Studies. Includes appointment of Faculty Associates, grants.

Transportation Center. Correspondence includes seminar, research proposals, report on activities.

Research Programs:

Medical School Study. Correspondence and reports re: efforts to establish

USC medical school.

Medical School Study, Articles. Reprints of series of articles on medical schooling in South Carolina.

Medical School Study, Columbia Hospital. Correspondence and reports on new hospital project.

School of Social Work Study. Correspondence and report on efforts to reestablish school of social work.

BOX 4 (1966-67)

Business Affairs, Vice President for:

Vice President Harold Brunton. Correspondence includes summer faculty work, physical plant, student fees, budget.

Budget Director:

Annual Financial Report. Year-end financial statement.

Financial Statements. Monthly statements and analysis.

Building Program:

Carolina Coliseum. Correspondence and reports re: construction costs, need for additional funding.


Athletic Dorm. Re: location of, architect.

Capstone House. Correspondence re: bids, parking, revolving restaurant.

Columbia Hotel. Correspondence re: purchase for use as a dorm.

Miscellaneous. Re: possibility of constructing another dorm.

Humanities Building. Correspondence re: location and acquisition of property, funding.

Law School. Request for new building.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes proposals, financing of projects, long-range development plans, property acquisition.

Physical Sciences Building. Budget summary.

Buildings & Grounds:

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes vandalism of tree, library reflecting pool, maintenance of war memorial building, property acquisition.

Repairs and Renovations. Correspondence re: improvement projects.

Stadium. Re: handrails.

Use by Others. Correspondence re: meeting of Columbia Ministers' Association.

Campus Police. Correspondence re: role of police in campus occurrences.

Campus Shop. Re: use of profits from store.

Computer Center. Includes usage statistics, proposals for Statistical Science Section, computer science department.

Facilities Coordinator (Mr. Herbert). Correspondence re: use of facilities for impromptu student sports.

Food Service. Correspondence includes Capstone restaurant, faculty dining room.

Housing (Mr. Barnes). Correspondence includes no-pet policy, married student housing.

Institutional Research (Mr. Tavenner). Includes correspondence re: enrollment statistics, classroom utilization.

Parking. Primarily complaints.

Personnel (Miss Durham). Correspondence re: procedures.

Physical Plant (Mr. Henderson). Re: power outage, broadcasting arrangements.

Student Affairs, Vice President for:

Vice President C. H. Witten. Correspondence re: student regulations and activities, YMCA, visiting scholars.

Dean of Men. Includes correspondence re: student survey, faculty.

Campus Speakers. Development of speaker policy.

Counseling Bureau:

Miscellaneous. Monthly activity reports.

Upward Bound Program. Arrangements for, statistics on.

BOX 5 (1966-67)

Director of Student Aid:

Miscellaneous. Correspondence re: loan and scholarship sources.

National Defense Student Loans. Correspondence re: workshop, funding.


Miscellaneous. Re: funding and awarding of.

Rhodes Scholarships. Primarily re: committee membership.

Student Loans, Miscellaneous. Correspondence re: funds for Cuban students, loan collections workshop.

United Student Aid Funds. Re: administration of.

Work-Study Program. Re: funding.

Director of Student Union:

R. G. Bell Camp. Re: membership.

Russell House. Re: bookstore, student night club.

Student Union. Includes correspondence re: faculty representatives, opening of nursery.

Foreign Student Advisor:

Mr. Ledeen. Correspondence includes foreign student orientation.

Exchange Students. Correspondence re: exchange program with University of Warwick.

YMCA-YWCA. Includes survey of other schools' “Y” programs.

Health Service. Correspondence re: inspection of facilities, hiring of assistant director.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes correspondence re: Mortar Board installation, Greek projects, rules violations.

Honor Societies. Re: seminar.

Student Activities:

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: Young Democrats, YMCA, Senior Class Project.

Student Government. Correspondence includes Student Senate bills and resolutions.

Student Organizations:

AWARE Group. Correspondence re: establishment of, demonstrations by, complaints about.

Academic Freedom. Correspondence and statements re: free speech, University policies.

Student Orientation. Arrangements for.

Student Publications & Communications:

The Gamecock. Correspondence includes banquet, faculty advisor.

Garnet and Black. Re: faculty advisor.

WUSC. Includes suggestions for improvement.

Student Religious Affairs. Correspondence re: Religious Emphasis Week, campus ministry.

Student Residence Halls. Includes survey results of Men's Towers' residents, committee reports.

Students, Miscellaneous. Includes poem about dispute with Legislature, complaint of staff and faculty rudeness, student and parent inquiries.

Development, Vice President for:

Vice President C. Wallace Martin. Primarily acknowledgements for donations to various funds.

Alumni Association. Includes correspondence re: fine arts program, minutes, donations.

Carolina Research and Development Foundation. Includes minutes, correspondence re: finances, campus development.

Educational Foundation:

Chair Club. Correspondence re: donations.

Insurance Bequests. Notices of bequests to USC.

Law School Endowment Fund. Donations.

Memorial Funds:

Jeff B. Bates Fund. Donations and establishment of.

Velma Hayden Fund. Establishment of.

Olin D. Johnston Fund. Donations.

Claude Stokes Fund. Donation.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence re: various donations.

Student Scholarships Fund. Donations to.

Public Relations, Director of (David Abeel). Correspondence includes scheduling media coverage, procedure for “clearing” stories.

BOX 6 (1966-67)

General Subjects:

Air Force. Re: symposium.

Associations and Boards:

American Association of University Professors. Correspondence and reports re: academic freedom, free speech, students' bill of rights.

American Council on Education. Includes report on Commission on Administrative Affairs.

American Legion. Re: awards program, war memorial.

Atlantic Coast Conference:

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: rules violations, students' eligibility, controversy over McGuire's comments re: ACC officials.

Commissioner Weaver. Correspondence and report on Grosso case.

Atomic Energy Commission. Correspondence re: annual report, equipment, proposal for cooperative efforts with USC.

College Entrance Examination Board. Includes correspondence re: visit to USC.

Institute of International Education. Includes correspondence re: foreign students, conference, activities update.

NASA. Re: visit to campus.

National Association of State Universities & Land Grant Colleges:

Annual Convention:

Council of Presidents. Correspondence re: meetings, topics for discussion, including student relationships, legal matters.

Miscellaneous. Committee reports.

Radio & Television Committee. Re: Ford Foundation proposal.

Commission on Education for the Engineering Profession. Includes minutes, correspondence re: membership, resolutions.

Committee on Safety Research & Education. Re: membership.


Committee on Educational Telecommunications:

Dr. Jones' Statement to Sub-Committee on Government

Research. Re: educational television.

Sub-Committee on Communications. Statements before

Senate committee re: educational television.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes computers in higher education, legislation, educational television.

National Collegiate Athletic Association:

Committee on Infractions. Materials relating to suspected USC infractions.

Miscellaneous. Includes inquiries into rules violations, Grosso case, scholarships.

New Orleans Meeting. Materials presented to NCAA officials re: infractions.

Reply. USC reply to NCAA inquiry.

Reply, Draft. Draft of USC reply.

National Commission on Accrediting. Includes correspondence re: academic credit from FBI Academy.

BOX 7 (1966-67)

Oak Ridge Associate Universities. Includes correspondence and committee reports re: annual meeting.

Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools. Includes correspondence re: self-studies.

Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges & Universities. Meeting minutes, article on academic freedom, correspondence re: legislation.

Southern Regional Education Board. Correspondence includes committee on statistics, internships.

State Universities Association. Minutes from meeting dissolving Association.

Board of Trustees:


Buildings and Grounds. Minutes and correspondence re: Coliseum and other projects.

Executive. Correspondence includes fraternity, budget, physical plant.

Miscellaneous. List of committees.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes Memorial Hall (Coliseum), Athletic

Department, resolutions re: Tidwell incident.

Board of Women Visitors. Correspondence includes organization and duties of, student bill of rights.

City of Columbia:

Housing Authority. Updates on urban renewal projects.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: schools, land acquisition, transportation plans.

Colleges and Universities:

Community Colleges. Drafts of letter to editor re: Jones' views on community colleges.

Council of Presidents:

Committee of Business Officers of State Institutions of Higher Learning. Minutes of.

Miscellaneous. Includes minutes, articles on Warwick exchange program, committee reports.

EPE 15-minute Report. Newsletter re: legislation, financing for higher education.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: self-study, faculty organization.

BOX 8 (1966-67)

Regional Education Lab for Mid-South. Correspondence, reports, updates and minutes re: development of Lab.

South Carolina Colleges. Correspondence includes grants, alumni organizations, cooperative efforts, student drug abuse.


June. Speaker arrangements, guest lists.

Law School. Arrangements for.

Summer School 1966. Speakers arrangements, guest lists.


Special Convocation, April 9, 1967. Arrangements for, with British ambassador, adoption of new University Mace.

Westmoreland Convocation. Arrangements for, clippings re: Tidwell's protest.

Faculty and Staff:

Faculty and Staff List. List of employees.

Faculty Club. Correspondence re: social activities.

Faculty Meetings. Primarily committee reports, including curricula, tenure.

Halsey, Ashley Jr:

Miscellaneous. Correspondence and clippings re: his firing.

“The Affair.” Includes correspondence with AAUP re: Halsey firing.

Miscellaneous. Includes memos re: administrative and personnel policies, list of new faculty.

Promotions. Notices of.

Tidwell, Thomas F. Includes correspondence, committee report, Tidwell apology re: his protest at Westmoreland convocation.

Faculty Committees:

Admissions. Minutes.

Alumni. Includes annual report.

Athletic. Correspondence and minutes re: Coliseum, stadium additions, ticket distribution, finances.

Board of Student Publications & Communications. Primarily minutes.

Committee for the Naming of New Buildings. Includes recommendations.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: suggestions for, selection of.

Insurance and Annuity Programs. Re: membership.

BOX 9 (1966-67)

Libraries. Includes correspondence re: need for new library building, library science program.

Merit Scholarship Visitation. Membership.

Memo from Ad Hoc Committee to Faculty Committee on Tidwell. Report on Tidwell protest.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: various ad hoc committees, recommendations for committee memberships.

Non-Academic Counseling Services. Membership.

Orientation. Membership.

Parking. Letter re: parking and traffic study.

Protection of Rights of Experimental Subjects. Establishment of.

Russell Awards. Correspondence re: selection of recipients.

Scholarships and Loans. Membership.

Student Academic Responsibility. Membership.

Student-Faculty Relations. Minutes.

Fool's File. Various odd correspondence, including Nazism, Communism, race.


Danforth Foundation. Correspondence includes award, problems facing universities.

Ford Foundation. Correspondence re: Upward Bound, experimental program.


Health, Education & Welfare. Correspondence re: status of various HEW grants.

Miscellaneous. Re: proposals, awarding of grants.

National Science Foundation. Correspondence re: status and funding of proposals.

Invitations. To USC functions.

Miscellaneous. Includes requests into motto, science projects, faculty government.

President's Annual Report. Draft of 1965-66 report.

South Carolina Associations, Boards and Departments:

Richland County Board of Administrators. Includes correspondence re: Coliseum construction.

SC Association of Colleges. Correspondence and minutes re: meeting.

SC Association of Counties. Re: relationship of USC to the Association.

SC Association of School Boards. Includes minutes, conferences.

SC Association of Secondary School Principles. Correspondence re: admissions standards.

SC Attorney Generals Office. Re: proceedings to condemn property for USC acquisition.

SC Budget and Control Board. Correspondence includes regional campuses, energy facility, Coliseum, appropriations.

SC Corrections, Department of. Re: prison bindery.

SC Education, Department of. Includes SC report to US House of Representatives on vocational education.

SC Education Association. Includes correspondence re: conference, article on science education center.

SC Governor's Office:

Commission on Higher Education Facilities. Correspondence re: efforts to obtain funding for new facilities at state schools.

State Advisory Commission on Higher Education. Correspondence includes regional campuses, proposed higher education commission, education round-tables.

SC Legislature:

Legislative Committees:

House Ways and Means Committee. Correspondence re: luncheon and appropriation request.

State Committee on Junior Colleges. Statement by Jones re: junior college system.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence re: athletics, appropriations, stadium use, Libraries.

BOX 10 (1966-67)

SC Press Association. Includes Jones' remarks for meeting.

SC Schools. Includes complaint against USC recruiter.

SC State Chamber of Commerce. Re: annual meeting, student tour of USC.

Television. Includes correspondence re: televised education round-table discussions.

US Government:


House of Representatives:

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: legislation on moving expenses, fellowship funding, Congaree Swamp preservation.

Hearing on Government Research. Includes Jones' statement to subcommittee on importance of government research at universities.


Hollings. Correspondence includes fellowship funding, Congaree

Swamp preservation, grants.

Thurmond. Correspondence includes fellowship funding,

Congaree Swamp preservation.

Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Re: student financial aid.

NDEA Fellowships. Jones' statement re: funding of fellowships.

Office of Economic Opportunity:

Operation Head Start. Includes newsletters, plan for early childhood education program.

Project T-Square. Re: establishment of program to reduce illiteracy.

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