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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1965-66)

Accreditation. Correspondence re: speaker ban law in North Carolina and affect on accreditation.

Academic Advisory Council. Includes correspondence and minutes re: associate degree program, class scheduling, registration, commencement.

Associations and Boards:

American Association of University Professors. Correspondence includes faculty political activity and workloads, student bill of rights.

American Council on Education. Re: Jones serving on Commission on

Administrative Affairs, convention.

American Legion. Re: Palmetto Boys' and Girls' States.

Association of American Colleges. Includes speeches from convention, salary questionnaire, student academic freedom.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Correspondence includes televising games, membership, rules violations.

Atomic Energy Commission:

National Accelerator Project. Correspondence and reports re: USC proposal for.

Savannah River Laboratories. Correspondence re: status of, staffing.

College Entrance Examination Board. Re: USC representatives.

Institute of International Education. Correspondence includes meeting, foreign students, IIE services.

International Association of Universities. Correspondence and bulletin re: Tokyo conference.

NASA. Correspondence includes research, visiting professor.

National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges:

Correspondence. Includes meetings, radio and TV committee, minutes.

Commission on Education for Engineering Profession. Includes revised by-laws, meetings.

Committee on Safety Research and Education. Includes report.

International Rural Development Office. Re: USC representatives.

Office of Institutional Research. Includes report on community campuses of state universities.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Correspondence includes changes in rules, televised games, legislation.

National Council of Accreditations of Teacher Education. Re: status of USC accreditation.

Oak Ridge Association Universities:

Miscellaneous. Includes recommendations on focus of ORAU projects.

ORINS Meeting, Atlanta, Aug. 4, 1965. Arrangements for.

ORINS Meeting, Atlanta, Dec. 20, 1965. Includes correspondence re: arrangements, agenda, minutes.

Report of Special Presidents' Committee, Dec. 20, 1965.

Recommendations on purpose of ORAU.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes correspondence re: speaker ban, enrollment.

Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities. Minutes.

Southern Regional Education Board. Correspondence includes educational television, mental health training.

United Fund Torch Drive, 1966. Re: fundraising efforts at USC.

University Associates. Formation of, list of charter members.

BOX 2 (1965-66)

Board of Trustees:

Athletic Committee. Correspondence includes finances, minutes, coaching staff.

Buildings and Grounds Committee. Minutes, reports, correspondence re: current and future projects.

Executive Committee. Correspondence, minutes re: budget, honorary degrees, masters of music education.

Individual Members. Correspondence with individual trustees, divided by name.

Includes athletics, physical plant.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes legislation, proposed dorm.

Board of Women Visitors. Meeting arrangements, resolutions.


Budget, 1965-66. Includes operating budget, deficiency request.

Budget, 1966-67. Budget requests and justification.

USC Financial Statements. Correspondence re: monthly reports.

Building Program:

Athletic Dormitory. Correspondence re: need for, plans for.

Capstone House. Correspondence re: proposal for, complaints of neighborhood residents.

Dormitories. Correspondence re: housing shortage.

Humanities Building. Notes on basic needs.


Booker T. Washington School. Efforts by USC to acquire.

Miscellaneous. Re: prospective land acquisitions.

Urban Renewal Area. Re: tennis courts, status reports.

Law School. Proposal for new building.

Memorial Hall. (Carolina Coliseum) Correspondence re: location, plans for, funding.

Miscellaneous. Includes status of construction projects.

Physical Science Building. Primarily re: funding.

Buildings and Grounds:

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes campus improvements, library reflecting pool, vandalism of Robert E. Lee memorial magnolia tree.

Stadium. Includes drainage problems, repairs and improvements.

Traffic Problems. Complaints re: lighting, safety.

Use by Others. Arrangements for use of facilities by various organizations.

City of Columbia:

Housing Authority. Primarily re: urban renewal projects.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes Memorial Hall joint advisory committee, traffic problems.

Colleges and Universities:

Community Colleges. Correspondence re: need for, statistics on.

Cooperative Program on Humanities. Re: conference.

Council of Presidents. Correspondence re: meetings, salary adjustments.

Medical School Study. Correspondence and report re: need for USC medical school.

Miscellaneous. Includes queries re: faculty housing, regional campuses, foreign policy.

Regional Education Laboratory for the Mid-South. Proposal for.

School of Social Work Study. Correspondence re: lack of qualified social workers, need for school of social work.

BOX 3 (1965-66)

South Carolina Colleges:

Citadel. Primarily arrangements for Jones as commencement speaker, copy of speech.

Clemson. Chart of student origins.

Erskine. Includes letter re: Civil Rights compliance.

Furman. Re: dispute over accepting federal aid.

Inter-School Comparisons. Statistics.

Lander College. Re: possible affiliation as state institution.

Medical College of SC. Correspondence includes possible faculty exchanges.

SC State College. Includes correspondence re: part-time USC faculty helping at SC State.

Voorhees. Correspondence re: cooperative program with USC to build up faculty.


Guest Lists and Invitations. Guests for commencement activities.

June, 1966. Arrangements for.

Law School. Arrangements for.

Speakers. Arrangements for.

Summer School. Arrangements for.

Departments and Schools:

Dean of Administration:

Budget Director. Correspondence re: financial statements, budget.

Computer Center. Includes monthly equipment costs.

Director of Institutional Research. Correspondence includes higher education funding, salaries, academic suspensions.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes air conditioning, construction, budget, traffic, housing, enrollment, food services.

Personnel. Policy re: overtime.

Post Office. Re: contract with USC.

University Café and Store. Correspondence re: status of food services, complaint of unsanitary conditions.

Dean of Students:

Campus Speakers. Includes possibility of visit by Rev. Billy Graham.

Dean of Men. Re: homecoming, fraternities.

Dean of Women. Re: fraternities, speakers.

Director of Student Aid:

Miscellaneous. Inquiries into student aid, funding for aid programs.

National Defense Student Loans. Re: funding and administration of funds.

Student Fellowships. Re: administration of funds.

Student Loans. Funding for.

BOX 4 (1965-66)

Foreign Student Advisor. Includes correspondence re: Latin American scholarship program.

Housing. Includes inquiries into married housing, room assignments, policies.

Men's Tower. Re: naming lounge after deceased student.

Miscellaneous. Includes complaint of alcohol at games, student government, Upward Bound.

Student Religious Centers. Primarily re: chaplain, staff.

YMCA-YWCA. Correspondence re: need for the Y program, weekend seminar, board members.

Dean of the University:

Associate Dean for Learning Resources & Extension. Includes correspondence re: science library, university mace design.

Associate Dean for Research (Dr. Pike). Correspondence and reports re: research proposals and grants.

Air Force ROTC. Includes correspondence re: faculty, Governor's Review of troops, policy changes.

Anthropology. Re: faculty, lectures.

Arts and Science. Includes proposal for honors program, Sullivan Awards.


Athletic Scholarships. List of by team.

Basketball. Complaints of student behavior, progress report, complaint about Coach McGuire.

Budget. Reports on salaries, scholarships, etc.

Confidential File. Re: reorganization of Athletic Department.

Dietzel. Hiring of as Athletic Director and Football Coach.

Financial Statements. Monthly reports.

Football. Correspondence includes coaches, tickets, parking, complaints about over-selling of tickets and lack of crowd control at Clemson game.

Gamecock Club. Includes correspondence re: new Athletic

Director, new dues structure.

Miscellaneous. Re: business activities, reorganization of Athletic Department.

Professional Games in Stadium. Proposal to host NFL game at stadium.

Recommendations for McGuire. Letters and telegrams urging hiring of McGuire as Athletic Director.

Television. Correspondence re: televising games, complaints by media of unfair treatment.
Track. Arrangements for track meets.

Transition between Bass and Dietzel. Correspondence re: Bass resignation, Dietzel reorganization.

Band. Includes correspondence re: expansion of band, uniform selection.

Bible and Religion. Correspondence re: ministers' workshop on college student needs.

Biology. Correspondence re: AMA-sponsored lectures, faculty achievements.

Bureau of Urban and Regional Affairs. Includes report on activities, discontinuation of department.

Business Administration. Includes proposal for reorganization, personnel matters.

Business and Economic Research. Correspondence includes interest in Graduate Educational Research Program.

Chemistry. Primarily re: research and grants.


Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: internships, complaint re: faculty, Graduate

Educational Research Training program, closing of University High School.

New Dean. Recommendations and selection of.

BOX 5 (1965-66)


Chemical. Correspondence re: research and grants, Environmental Research Institute, scholarships.

Civil. Includes research and grants, scholarships, faculty.

Electrical. Re: faculty, research.

Mechanical. Re: research, seminars, faculty.

Mechanical Engineering Energy Conversion Institute. Proposal.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: curriculum revision, scholarships, salary caps.

Transportation. Includes establishment of and publicity for Advisory Committee.

English. Correspondence includes lecture series, grants, Simms project.

Extension Division:

Beaufort Center. Re: new facilities & funding of.

Coastal Carolina Center. Primarily re: construction and funding.

Florence Center. Includes academic standards, new buildingneeds.

Graduate Programs in Charleston. Re: status and expansion of.

Lancaster Center. Correspondence includes new building, faculty, computer system.

“Let's Find Out” (Mrs. Alice Wyman). Final yearly report.

Salkehatchie Center. Re: open house, grants.

School of General Studies & Extension, Misc. Includes correspondence re: Project Head Start, enrollment report, fee schedule.

Two-Year Secretarial Training Certificate Program.

Commencement address.

Union Center. Correspondence includes open house, grants, McKissick portrait.

Foreign Languages. Includes enrollment report, faculty.

Geography. Re: Geography institute, visiting professor.

Geology. Correspondence re: research and grants, geological tour of

South Carolina, new dean.

Graduate School:

Graduate Educational Research Training Program. Re: efforts to establish and fund.

Miscellaneous. Includes Jones article on growth of graduate studies, traineeships, enrollment report.

History. Includes correspondence re: exchange program with University of Warwick, faculty, lectures.

International Studies:

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes space needs, research, complaints re: faculty articles.

Otto Suhr Institute of International Relations & Asiatic Research Center. Correspondence and copies of agreements re: research cooperation and exchange.

Richard L. Walker, Head of International Studies. Re: research,Walker's travels in Europe, faculty.

Journalism. Correspondence includes accreditation, grants, radio and TV courses, scholarships.

Law School. Includes complaint re: guest speaker.


Miscellaneous. Includes joint venture with University of Hawaii and Library of Congress.

South Caroliniana. Correspondence re: genealogy, criticism of library catalogue, acquisitions.

Undergraduate. Acquisitions policy.

Mathematics. Correspondence re: grants, complaint against faculty member, seminars.

Miscellaneous. Includes analysis of faculty retirement systems, complaint re: lack of response from Registrar's Office.

Music. Correspondence includes conductors' conference, security for band, hiring of Arpad Darazs.

Naval ROTC. Policies re: candidate selection and admission.

Nursing. Correspondence includes grants, student loan funds.

BOX 6 (1965-66)

Pharmacy. Correspondence includes faculty, equipment, grants.

Physics. Correspondence includes faculty, grants, seminar.

Political Science. Correspondence includes fellowships, faculty.

Psychology. Re: grants.

Registrar's Office. Includes correspondence re: computer registration, enrollment data.

Departmental Goals. Reports by academic departments on goals and plans for next five to ten years.

Director for Development:

Alumni Association:

Carolina Research and Development Foundation. Correspondence includes board of directors, assets report.

Chair Club. Correspondence re: fundraising activities, administration of funds.

E. Smythe Gambrell. Correspondence re: reunion activities, fundraising efforts.

USC Educational Foundation. Correspondence includes gifts, investment report, guidelines for telephone campaign.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: fundraising and public relations.

Public Relations. Primarily complaints, including student and faculty behavior.

Special University Presentations. Arrangements for.

Director of University Publications:

Miscellaneous. Hiring and termination of director.

USC Perspective. Draft of letter from Jones.

USC Magazine. Drafts of letters from Jones.

University Press. Correspondence re: status of various projects.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Thank-you letters to staff for help in school opening.

Faculty Manual. Re: changes in.

Insurance. Re: changes in.

Miscellaneous. Includes memos re: procedures in absence of president, holiday schedules, list of new faculty.

Promotions. List of.

Salaries and Teaching Loads. Correspondence re: state policies on faculty salaries.

Teas and Receptions. Guest lists.

BOX 7 (1965-66)

Faculty Committees:

Admissions. Correspondence re: changes in policies and standards.

Board of Student Publications and Communications. Correspondence includes yearbook budget problems, Gamecock editorial on McGuire, minutes.

Cafeteria. Includes year-end report, recommendations.

Campus Traffic and Appellate Court. Membership, tally of cases.

Computer Science. Minutes re: computer use, coursework.

Curriculum and New Courses. Recommendations re: new and revised courses.

Discipline. Year-end report.

Faculty Advisory Committee. Report on the honor system.

Honor Board. Re: new constitution.

Honorary Degrees. Selection of recipients.

Humanities and Social Sciences Building. Establishment of advisory committee.

Insurance and Annuity Programs. Correspondence and reports re: insurance options for faculty and staff.

Libraries. Year-end report on committee activities and recommendations.

Miscellaneous. Committee lists.

Non-academic Counseling Service. Establishment of.

Research and Creative Production. Instructions re: submissions to committee.

Russell Awards. Re: administration of, recipients.

Scholarships & Loans. Minutes, correspondence re: funding of student aid.

Student-Faculty Relations. Minutes.

Upward Bound Academic Policy Group. Correspondence re: establishment of.

Fool's File. Various odd correspondence.


Ford Foundation. Renewal of grant.

National Science Foundation:

Division Committee for Engineering. Correspondence re: Savannah River Labs, notes from November meeting.

Engineering Advisory Council. Includes statement on accomplishments of NSF, research needs.

Grants. Correspondence re: advisory committee, Foreign Scientist Fellowship program.

Miscellaneous. Includes Danforth fellowships, Belle W. Baruch foundation.

Science Development Evaluation Group:

Miscellaneous. Includes visit arrangements, Fellers' report on University of Texas.

Site Visits to Hampton, Morehouse, & Tuskegee. Reports on visits to science departments of institutions.

Site Visits to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Report on visit to science departments.

Science Information Council. Primarily correspondence re: copyright legislation, “fair use.”



OEG-2-6-000167 Dr. Curry and Dr. Rouse. Notice of award.

SC 4-1881. Award for construction of athletic building.

Beaufort Center Project. Grant funding for new facility.

Coastal Carolina Campus Project. Re: academic building.

College Work-Study. Re: federal funding.

Cuban Students. Loan program.

Graduate Educational Research Training Program. Proposal and funding.

NDEA Fellowships. Awarding of.

National Defense Student Loan. Funding of.

Rehabilitation Counseling. Awarding of.

Physical Science Building Project. Funding for construction.

Nursing Student Loan Fund. Awarding of.

Grants for Library Material. Notice of funding to each campus.

Miscellaneous. Primarily notifications of grant awards.

National Science Foundation. Notices of awards.

BOX 8 (1965-66)

Integration. Includes inquiry into black enrollment statistics.

Reports. Correspondence re: publication of President's annual report.

SC Boards & Departments:

Advisory Commission on Higher Education.

Community College Hearings. Includes report on North Carolina system, meeting notes.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: reactivation of, visit to USC.

USC Visitation. Notes, agenda, presentations.

Budget & Control Board. Correspondence and reports re: appropriations, justifications for budget requests.

Budget & Control Board, Appropriations Materials. Notes and statistics.

Commission on Higher Education Facilities. Correspondence re: legislation, grant funding for new facilities.

Department of Education. Correspondence includes enrollment statistics, training for teachers.

Governor's Office. Correspondence includes grant projects, enrollment, physical plant.


Blatt. Correspondence between Blatt and Jones, including appropriations,

USC public relations, physical plant.

General. Includes correspondence re: tennis court construction, student volunteer firefighters,

Field House parking problems.

House Ways and Means Committee. Correspondence re: deficiency appropriations requests.

Joint Legislative Committee on Junior Colleges:

General. Correspondence re: feasibility of establishing junior college system in South Carolina.

Statement to Committee. Notes and drafts of Jones' statement to committee about junior colleges.

SC Association of Colleges. Correspondence includes fall meeting, decision to admit Negro colleges.

SC Association of School Boards. Includes meetings, resolutions.

SC Education Association. Includes correspondence re: foreign language department, Education dean, College Day.

SC Press Association. Correspondence re: meeting of at USC, Jones' welcome address.

State Development Board. Includes correspondence re: National Accelerator, transportation committee.

State Development Board, State Technical Services Program. Re: establishment of, Development Research Center.

State Employees Association. Includes correspondence re: salaries, forty-hour work week, by-laws.

Student Activities:

Blood Drive. Re: student participation in.

Honors Program. Establishment of.

Religious Emphasis Week. Arrangements and schedule for.

Student Organizations:

Debating Society. Re: national tournament.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes establishment of Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter.

Honor Societies. Correspondence re: Chi Delta Phi honorary literary society.

Student Government. Resolutions on compulsory education, parking.

Student Union Board of Governors. Includes correspondence re: faculty representatives, programs, hiring of director and assistant director.

Student Publications:

Gamecock. Includes complaints re: editorials.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: Board of Student Publications, role of WUSC.

Student Scholarships:

Miscellaneous. Correspondence re: funding & awarding of.

Olin D. Johnson Fund. Re: establishment of.

Rhodes Scholarship. Re: committee membership, candidates.

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowships. Information on categories of fellowships.


Exchange. Correspondence re: student exchange programs.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence from students and parents re: admissions, grades, financial aid.


Campus ETV (Payne Williams). Correspondence includes opening of USC TV Center, budget, programming.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes broadcasting games, TV and radio courses.

BOX 9 (1965-66)

US Government:

Miscellaneous. Correspondence includes Peace Corps, manpower research and education programs, public service opportunities.

OEO, Headstart. Correspondence re: USC serving as evaluation and research center.

OEO, Upward Bound. Correspondence re: grant to USC to conduct Upward Bound program.

SC Representatives in Congress:

Ashmore. Correspondence re: legislation on higher education, student loans.

Dorn. Correspondence re: legislation on higher education, unemployment compensation.

Gettys. Correspondence re: legislation on higher education, unemployment compensation.

HR8282. Correspondence re: legislation on unemployment compensation legislation.

McMillian. Correspondence re: legislation on higher education.

Rivers. Correspondence re: legislation on higher education, complaint re: professor's lectures on communism.

Watson. Correspondence re: legislation on higher education, graduate research training program.

Senator Russell. Correspondence re: legislation, education research proposal.

Senator Thurmond. Correspondence re: legislation, education research proposal, efforts by USC to obtain Thurmond's papers.

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BOX 10 (1965-66)

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