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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1964-65) 

Advisory Councils:

Academic. Topics include tenure, academic calendar, General Studies program, transfer requirements.

Administrative. Minutes, including infirmary, holidays, budget and student fees.

Associations and Boards:

American Association of University Professors. Includes salary survey date, resolution re: free speech.

American Association of University Women. Rock Hill branch’s protest against proposed speaker ban.

Association for Higher Education. Re: conference.

Atlantic Coast Conference. Correspondence and minutes including football and basketball statistics, regulations.

Atomic Energy Commission. Correspondence re: nuclear education and training program.

College Entrance Examination Board. Correspondence re: testing program.

Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Correspondence, reports and proposals re: grants.

Institute of International Education. Correspondence re: membership and conference.

International Association of Universities. Correspondence re: USC becoming member.

International Association of University Presidents. Re: Jones becoming member.

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Report to members re: activities, regulations.

National Commission on Accrediting. Re: accreditation standards.

National Science Foundation. Correspondence re: grants.

Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies. Correspondence re: meeting to discuss changes in organization.

SC Association of Colleges. Correspondence re: meetings, recruiting, College Day program.

SC Association of School Boards. Correspondence re: dues, convention.

SC Commission on Higher Education. Correspondence includes Lancaster Center, campus expansion.

SC Education Association. Correspondence re: convention, Education Week.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes accreditation of USC.

Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities. Re: conferences, extension programs.

Southern Regional Education Board. Re: institutes and conferences.

Southern University Conference. Re: annual meeting. 

BOX 2 (1964-65) 

Board of Trustees:

Athletic Committee. Correspondence includes coaching changes, “Carolina Confidential” publication, scholarships, proposed Memorial Hall.

Buildings and Grounds Committee. Progress report on women’s dorm, Urban Renewal projects.

Miscellaneous 1964. Correspondence includes grading system, football coaches, new dorms, finances.

Miscellaneous 1965. Correspondence includes problems from enrollment increases, statement of needs new coaches, budget information.

Board of Women Visitors. Re: membership, USC finances, visit to USC.


Budget, 1964-65. Financial statements.

Budget 1965-66. Notes, reports, and financial date on budget requests.

Financial Statements. Re: University operations.

Building Program:

Dormitories. Re: funding, construction costs, bids.

General. Report on acquisitions and construction projects.

Memorial Hall. Proposal and correspondence re: multi-purpose facility.

Physical Education Building. Re: delay due to death of architect.

Physical Science Building. Re: financing, status report.


General. Re: acquisitions.

Urban Renewal. Correspondence includes condemnation of private property by USC, transfer of titles, relocation of families.

Buildings and Grounds:

General. Re: parking, inspection of construction projects.

President’s Home. Inquiry re: use of.

Use by Others. Arrangements for use by non-University organizations.

Use of Russell House. Includes utilization reports. 

BOX 3 (1964-65) 

Chamber of Commerce:

General. Re: Chamber-sponsored events.

Higher Education Committee. Re: projects, including Higher Education Week, seminars.

University Associates. Establishment of.

City of Columbia. Efforts to have Columbia named and “All-America City,” spring festival.

Colleges and Universities:

South Carolina Colleges. Includes transfer credits, teacher-student ratios, enrollment, faculty.

Council of Presidents. Includes policies on salaries, importance of scientific education.

Council of Presidents, Junior College Committee. Correspondence, minutes, reports re: potential 
establishment of junior college system.

Medical School Study. Re: efforts to establish USC medical school.

Proposed Community College System. Correspondence and reports re: possible establishment of.


June. Arrangements for.

Law School. Arrangements for.

Summer. Arrangements for.

Departments and Schools:

Dean of Administration:

Comptroller. Re: student fees.

Computer Center. Includes hiring of director, acquisition of computer system.

Director of Institutional Research. Includes correspondence re: property usage, student and enrollment data.

Miscellaneous. Includes purchasing procedures, budget and finances, physical plant, parking, registration, fee structure, SAT scores. 

BOX 4 (1964-65) 

Personnel. Memos, including holidays, football games, annual leave.

Police. Letter re : protection for President Johnson.

Purchasing Office. Re: furniture from prison industries.

University Cafeteria and Stores. Includes annual report for campus shop, dispute over sale of 
Encyclopaedia Britannica, boycott of shop.

Dean of Students:

Campus Speakers. Correspondence, reports, clippings re: controversy over Communist speaker and proposed speaker ban.

Dean of Men. Includes residence hall counselor’s handbook, Interfraternity Council.

Foreign Student Advisor. Includes report on training for working with foreign students.

Housing. Includes correspondence re: housing policy for married students, residence hall assignment report.

Infirmary. Correspondence re: staffing needs, annual summary of services.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: student aid, housing, student discipline, staff, student employment.

Placement. Correspondence re: interviewing students, recruitment.

Student Religious Center. Resignation of Episcopal chaplain.

Student Speakers Bureau. Includes speakers list and schedule.

University Guidance Service. Hiring of counselor.

YMCA and YWCA. Correspondence includes R. G. Bell Camp,

Freshman Y Camp, board minutes.

Dean of the University:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence includes scholarships, governor’s review.

Anthropology. Re: new department head, visiting lecturer.

Arts and Science. Includes founding of Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Americas.

Athletics. Correspondence includes proposed football highlights television program, finances, coaches, broadcasting.

Athletics, Carolina State-Record Relay. Arrangements for luncheon.

Bible and Religion. Primarily re: ministers’ workshops.

Biology. Includes research and grants, faculty, publications, dating of a log cabin by Dr. Batson.

Bureau of Public Administration. List of Bureau activities for 1963-65.

Bureau of Urban and Regional Affairs. Correspondence includes research proposals, relationship to Economic Opportunity Act.

Business Administration. Correspondence includes seminars, lectures, faculty exchange program. 

BOX 5 (1964-65) 

Chemistry. Correspondence includes space needs, departmental concerns, faculty, grants.

Education. Correspondence and reports re: research, closing of University

High School, curricula, integration.

Education, Manpower Development. Research proposal.

Education, Reading Clinic. Re: applicants.


Environmental Research Institute. Re: graduate students, fellowships, grants.

General. Includes correspondence re: engineering exposition, curriculum changes, faculty, transportation center.

NASA Program. Re: conference.

Transportation. Primarily curriculum for transportation engineering degree.

English. Includes enrollment figures, graduate curriculum.

English, Visitation Committee. Committee’s report on the department.

Extension Division: 

Aiken Center. Includes complain re: political science instructor’s remarks on communism.

Audiovisual Instruction. Re: legislation.

Beaufort Center. Includes type of student at Beaufort, need for dictionaries.

Coastal Carolina Center. Includes issues of The Chaunticleer.

Florence Center. Includes fire safety, educational television.

General. Correspondence includes two-year certificates, educational needs of Parris Island, proposal for Youth Opportunity Program.

Lancaster Center. Primarily re: grant proposal.

Let’s Find Out. Includes correspondence and schedule for TV program.

Salkehatchie Center. Re: luncheon.

Union Center. Re: proposed establishment of extension center. 

BOX 6 (1964-65) 

Fine Arts. Includes recommendations for improving department.

Foreign Languages. Correspondence includes language lab equipment needs, enrollment.

Geography. Re: grant award.

Geology. Includes faculty, electron microscope.

Graduate School. Includes report on plan to offer graduate courses at extension centers.

History. Correspondence includes faculty, symposium, lecture reception.

International Studies. Includes proposal for Ph.D. program, nuclear science institute, faculty.

Journalism. Correspondence includes hiring of dean, faculty, educational radio.

Journalism, Gonzales Chair. Establishment of.

Law School. Correspondence includes SC Bar Association meeting, Free

Press-Fair Trial Committee proposal.


General. Includes library annual report, consultant’s report.

McKissick. Re: exhibits.

South Caroliniana. Includes description of Bonham gun.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes faculty, Mathematics Institute, lecture series.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence re: faculty, Beaufort students, interns.

Music. Correspondence re: USC orchestra, budget, Band Clinic.

Naval ROTC. Correspondence includes faculty reviews, scholarships, request for NESEP program.

Nursing. Includes report on associate degree program, faculty, relationship with Columbia 

Hospital, proposed new building.

Pharmacy. Re: seminar, good publicity for school, use of lab.

Physical Education. Includes swimming program for cerebral palsy patients, faculty kids program.

Physics. Primarily re: physics seminars, equipment.

Political Science. Correspondence includes lectures, conferences.

Psychology. Re: grant, Project Headstart, school psychologist requirements. 

BOX 7 (1964-65) 

Registrar’s Office. Primarily re: computer registration, enrollment statistics.

Sociology. Primarily search for department head.

University Press. Includes correspondence re: William G. Simms’ works, publication of Henry 
Laurens’ papers.

Director for Development:

Alumni Association. Correspondence includes fundraising, reunions, goals for 1964-65.

Alumni Placement. Correspondence re: job placement for alumni.

Alumni Congratulatory Letters. Congratulations on promotions, appointments, honors.

Fund-Raising Campaign. Correspondence re: brochure, donations.

Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: gift to Nursing School.

Public Relations. Includes correspondence re: media coverage of USC, integration, enrollment, model United Nations.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Correspondence includes formation of Administration Employees Club.

Miscellaneous. Includes statistics on graduate assistants.

New Appointments. Includes list of new faculty members.

Political Activities. Policy regarding.

President. Memo re: work-study program.

Promotions. Primarily notifications of promotions.

Resignations and Dismissals. Notices of.

Retirement. Notices of plans to retire.

Salaries. Correspondence includes comparison with other schools, raises.

Faculty Committees:

Admissions. Minutes, correspondence re: curricula.

Board of Student Publications. Includes correspondence re: policies, statement of principles, minutes.

Cafeteria. Includes final report of 1964-65.

Civil Defense. Includes status report on USC Disaster Plan.

Curricula and New Courses. Correspondence re: approval of new courses, changes in curricula.

Discipline. Summary report of 1964-65.

Distinguished Teaching Award. Recipients of.

ETV Committee. Meeting report.

Faculty Advisory Committee. Resolution for procedural changes in meetings.

Faculty Welfare Committee. Correspondence re: faculty deaths.

Fringe Benefits Committee. Correspondence re: insurance and expansion of benefits.

Honor System. Correspondence, reports, recommendations re: whether to change or abolish system.

Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: candidates for.

Libraries. Re: no librarian on committee.

Miscellaneous. Primarily committee and membership lists.

Russell Awards. Correspondence re: nominees, recipients.

Scholarships and Loans. Includes minutes, correspondence re: Campus Shop funds.

Student Affairs. Minutes, requests for funding.

Student-Faculty Relations. Includes minutes of traffic subcommittee.

Traffic Appellate Court. Establishment of.

Faculty Meetings. Primarily minutes. 

BOX 8 (1964-65) 


The Citadel. Homecoming. Primarily complimentary tickets and luncheon.

Clemson. Re: complimentary tickets, abuse of Carolina band members and theft of equipment.

Duke. Complimentary tickets.

Maryland. Complimentary tickets.

General 1964-65. Primarily re: complimentary season tickets.

Georgia. Complimentary tickets.

Nebraska. Trustees traveling with team.

Wake Forest. Complimentary tickets.


Carolina Research and Development Foundation. Establishment of, minutes.

Miscellaneous. Correspondence re: donations to USC.

USC Education Foundation. Correspondence re: donations, fellowships, minutes.

USC Education Foundation, Chair Club. Primarily re: donations.

Guignard Lectures. Schedule for.

Institute of Science and Technology. Includes correspondence re: research, symposium, will of Belle W. Baruch, conference report.

Integration. Correspondence re: compliance with Civil Rights Act.

Miscellaneous Correspondence. Includes correspondence re: media criticism of USC, communism.

President’s Annual Report. Includes draft of.

Radio. Correspondence re: use of educational radio.

Self-Study. Arrangements for.

South Carolina Boards and Departments:

American Legion. Resolution calling for more funding for higher education.

Budget and Control Board. Correspondence and reports re: budget requests and justification.

Commission on Higher Education. Includes correspondence re: Education Opportunity Act.

Governor’s Office. Correspondence includes Governors’ Conference, blood donations, proposed National Accelerator Lab.

Miscellaneous. Re: legislation, conferences, workshops.

SC Legislative Committees:

Committee to Investigate Communist Activities in SC. Correspondence re: report.

State Committee for Technical Education. Re: trip to California.

SC Legislative Entertainment. Re: legislative dinners and luncheons. 

BOX 9 (1964-65) 

SC Legislature. Correspondence includes elections, funding, nursing program, media coverage.

SC Legislature, Proposed School. Correspondence re: proposed legislative training institute.

SC Representatives in Congress. Correspondence includes higher education legislation, political activities of USC staff.

SC State Development Board. Includes conference with USC.


Awards Day. Correspondence re: American Legion awards.

Fees. Correspondence re: housing, tuition, and student activities fees.

Honor Council. Correspondence re: Gamecock editorial on cheating.

Miscellaneous. Includes Student Union newsletters and handbooks, complaints re: bad behavior by students, including booing during Lady Bird Johnson’s visit.

Orientation. Includes freshmen orientation schedule and guidebook.

Student Council. Includes report by president of student body for 1963-64.

Student Activities:

General. Includes rules for solicitation of student funds.

Religious Emphasis Week. Arrangements for.

World University Service. Re: fundraising campaign.

Student Organizations:

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence re: booklet on rushing, fraternity activities.

General. Correspondence re: donations to John F. Kennedy Library.

Honor Societies. Correspondence re: joint meeting of literary societies, Jones declining honorary membership in Clariosophic Society.

Student Union. Includes minutes.

University Players. Jones statement re: reviving the group.

Student Publications:

Board of Publications and Communications. Re: minimum GPR requirements for student participation.

Crucible. Correspondence re: status of.

Gamecock. Primarily responses to editorials.

WUSC. Correspondence includes minimum GPR, budget.

Student Scholarships:

Rhodes Scholarship. Primarily re: Jones’ service as South Carolina chairman.

Special Scholarships. Correspondence re: establishment of, contributions to.

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. Arrangements for award presentation.

Work-Study Program. Re: establishment of at USC.


Educational. Correspondence includes cooperation with ETV and WIS, programming.

Williams, Payne. Correspondence re: design of new television center, programming, equipment. 

BOX 10 (1964-65) 

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March 1965 

BOX 11 (1964-65) 

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April 1965 
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June 1965 



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