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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1963-64)

Advisory Councils:

Academic. Correspondence and meeting minutes re: academic standards and policies.

Development. Correspondence re: fundraising.

Associations and Boards:

Association of American Colleges. Correspondence includes annual meeting, higher education legislation.

Atlantic Council of the United States. Correspondence re: Jones' membership, fighting communism.

Health, Education and Welfare, Dept. of. Primarily re: student loan program.

Institute of International Education. Correspondence re: conferences, committees, newsletters.

Institute of International Education, Panel Discussion #7. Correspondence re: Jones chairing panel on “Training of Personnel for National Development.”

National Collegiate Athletic Association. Memoranda re: regulations.

National Science Foundation. Primarily re: status of various grants and proposals.

SC Association of Colleges. Minutes, correspondence re: meetings, SC higher education.

SC Association of Colleges, ETV Committee. Correspondence and reports re: development and use of educational television, legislation.

SC Association of School Boards. Information on the Governor's Conference on Business, Education, Industry and Agriculture.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes self-study report on USC.

Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges & State Universities. Re: meetings.

Southern Regional Education Board. Correspondence re: conference on educational TV.

Southern University Conference. Re: conference and constitution.

State Universities Association. Re: legislation, conferences.

Board of Trustees:

Athletic Committee. Re: meetings and minutes.

Buildings and Grounds Committee. Correspondence re: building projects.

Executive Committee. Correspondence includes organization of faculty, policy on employee political participation, budget.

General. Correspondence re: various board matters, including integration, buildings and land.

Board of Women Visitors. Correspondence re: schedule of visit.

BOX 2 (1963-64)


Budget 1963-64. Includes justification of appropriation request, detail of expenditure increases.

Budget 1964-65. Correspondence and reports re: appropriation requests.

General. Correspondence and reports re: budget needs, proposals.

Special Audit. Correspondence and statements re: special audit of USC.

Surplus Funds. Statement of.

Building Program:

Administrative Building Addition. Correspondence re: proposal and funding.

Dormitories. Correspondence and reports re: plans for construction, financing, justification.

Field House. Correspondence re: proposed basketball arena.

General. Includes 1964-70 report on building program goals.


Booker T. Washington High School. Justification of acquisition.

General. Correspondence, reports and justification for acquisitions.

Urban Renewal Area. Acquisition of land through urban renewal.

Neutron Generator Building Addition. Re: bids.

Physical Sciences Building. Proposal for.

Buildings and Grounds:

President's Home. Detailed invoice for decoration of.

Traffic Problems. Correspondence re: parking at stadium, complaint about lack of guest parking.

Use by Others. Arrangements for other organizations to use University facilities.

Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence re: USC's participation in events and meetings.

Colleges and Universities:

Council of Presidents. Correspondence and meeting minutes re: higher education issues, including junior colleges, legislation, student-teacher ratio.

General. Correspondence includes policies, organizations, budgets.

Junior College Committee. Correspondence re: establishment of.

South Carolina Colleges. Correspondence includes curricula, personal.


June. Arrangements for.

Law School. Arrangements for.

Summer School. Arrangements for.

BOX 3 (1963-64)

Departments and Schools:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence re: faculty, plaque honoring John H. Gary, Governor's Review.

Anthropology and Sociology. Re: faculty.

Arts and Science. Re: visiting professor.

Athletics. Correspondence includes finances, resignation of basketball coach, complaints of student behavior at games.

Athletics, Carolina State-Record Relay. Arraignments for luncheon.

Band. Correspondence re: finances, scholarships, equipment needs.

Bible and Religion. Includes correspondence re: theological students.

Biology. Correspondence re: conferences, faculty, building needs, grant.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Correspondence re: research publications, conference.

Business Administration. Includes correspondence re: faculty, forum, fellowships.

Chemistry. Re: research and financial aid.


Computer Center. Correspondence re: expansion and activities of center, personnel.

General. Parking complaint.

Motor Pool. Includes correspondence re: use policies, assignment of vehicles.

University Cafeteria and Stores. Audit of University Campus Shop.

Dean of Administration:

Associate Dean Hal Brunton. Correspondence re: administrative policies, registration, traffic, physical plant.

Dean of Students:

Dean of Men. Policy on confidential records.

Dean of Women. Correspondence re: professional association, dean's apartment.

General. Includes correspondence re: orientation, financial aid.

Infirmary. Re: licensing of.

Placement. Correspondence re: placement services for alumni.

YMCA & YWCA. Includes correspondence re: Bell Camp use and regulations, Y activities.

Dean of the University. Includes duties of.

Education. Includes correspondence re: faculty, coursework at regional campuses, research reports, department of physical education.

BOX 4 (1963-64)


General. Correspondence includes Ph.D. program, curriculum, faculty, research.

Georgia-South Carolina Cooperative Savannah River Project.

Correspondence re: proposed research program.

NASA Program. Correspondence re: need for science Ph.D.s, project proposal.

Transportation. Includes correspondence re: Transportation Research Institute, degree in transportation engineering.

Environmental Research Institute. Correspondence re: establishment of to study pollution, conflict with program at Clemson.

English. Primarily re: search for new department head.

English, Simms' works. Project to reissue works of William Gilmore Simms.

Extension Division. Correspondence includes entrance exams, graduate courses, request to rename Spigner House.

Extension Division, Coastal Carolina. Primarily re: dedication of new center.

Fine Arts. Re: art auction, bulletin cover art.

Foreign Languages. Re: faculty, publications, defect in booth in language lab.

General. Re: electrical disruption to buildings, GPR statistics.

Geology and Geography. Includes faculty matters, conferences, equipment, retirement of L. L. Smith.

Graduate School:

Coordination with Clemson. Correspondence and reports re: duplication and coordination of programs at Clemson and Carolina.

General. Includes faculty, graduate assistants.

Graduate Courses for Teachers. Correspondence and reports on a study of graduate courses available for teachers.

History. Includes correspondence re: Currell portrait, Callcott in England, publications.

International Studies. Includes correspondence re: research funding, foreign policy, lecture series, faculty.

International Studies, Democracy and Communism in World Affairs.

Controversy over the project which was cosponsored by American Bar Association.

BOX 5 (1963-64)

Journalism. Includes correspondence on faculty, writing clinic, SC Press Association.

Law School. Correspondence re: SC Bar Association meeting, report on visit by law deans of Duke University and University of Virginia.


General. Includes annual report.

McKissick. Correspondence re: exhibit, request for faculty to return books.

South Caroliniana. Correspondence re: donation of Civil War letters from Ursuline Convent.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes faculty, curriculum for teachers, lecture series.

Music. Includes correspondence re: SC Band Camp, summer music camp, efforts to acquire Camp Parker.

Naval ROTC. Correspondence includes integration, faculty reviews, request for NESEP unit.

Nursing. Includes report of Governor's Special Committee on Nursing, conferences, budget.

Pharmacy. Includes reports on USC Pharmacy School by American Council on Pharmaceutical Education.

Physics. Correspondence includes new department head, new faculty members.

Political Science. Correspondence re: new department head, summer intern program, conference, death of Professor Sherrill.

Psychology and Philosophy. Re: televised courses, social sciences institute.

Registrar's Office. Includes enrollment statistics, registration information.

Summer School. Re: enrollment.


Alumni Association. Correspondence includes fundraising, homecoming, meetings, officers.

Director. Includes memo re: improving USC academics and graduate studies.

Fundraising Campaign. Includes correspondence re: donations, corporate giving, scholarships.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Primarily re: administrative holidays.

Assistant to the President. Correspondence re: various subjects relating to USC administration, including public relations, academics, physical plant, faculty and staff.

General. Includes proposal for faculty club on Pendleton Street.

New Appointments. List of new hires.

President. Includes statement to Ways and Means Committee for more funding.

Promotions. Notifications of.

Research. Lists of departmental and faculty research projects.

Retirement. List of retirees.

Salaries. Correspondence re: policies on salary adjustments, statistical data.

Teas and Receptions. Guest lists.

Tenure. Re: policy.

BOX 6 (1963-64)

Faculty Committees:

Admissions. Re: regulations.

Alumni. Membership.

Awards. Membership.

Board of Student Publications. Membership.

Cafeteria. Membership.

Civil Defense. Membership.

Curricula and New Courses. Membership and recommendations re: curriculum changes.

Discipline. Membership.

ETV. Membership.

Faculty Advisory. Recommendations on faculty membership and voting rights.

Faculty Publications Display. Exhibit of faculty publications.

Faculty Welfare. Correspondence re: responsibility for preparing resolutions on deaths of faculty members.

Fringe Benefits. Membership and statement of policy on group life insurance plan.

Graduate School Admissions. Membership.

Graduate School Council. Membership.

Honor System. Report on alternatives to abolishment of system.

Honorary Degrees. Suggestions for recipients.

Institute of Science and Technology. Membership.

Insurance Plan. Membership, recommendations on group life insurance plan.

Libraries. Report on library hours, staffing during exams.

Miscellaneous. Primarily membership lists.

Orientation. Membership.

Outstanding Students. Report on need for honors program.

Parking. Membership, parking permits.

Political Activity. Membership.

Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental. Report on advisement activities, granting of degrees.

Research and Productive Scholarship. Membership.

Russell Awards. Membership, candidates for awards.

Scholarships and Loans. Membership.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Correspondence re: membership, scholastic eligibility standards.

Student Affairs. Membership.

Student-Faculty Relations. Membership, library hours during exams.

Student Fellowship Nominations. Change to ad hoc committee.

University High Day. Membership.

Faculty Meetings. Primarily meeting minutes.

Faculty Organization.
Correspondence and report on changes in.


Clemson. Includes broadcast contract, postponement due to Kennedy assassination.

General. Re: complimentary season tickets.

Maryland. Includes apology for USC fan throwing beverage in Maryland player's face.

North Carolina State. Complimentary tickets.

Tulane. Complimentary tickets.

University of North Carolina. Complimentary tickets for homecoming game and activities.

Foundations. Correspondence re: grants.

BOX 7 (1963-64)

Gifts. Includes correspondence re: Torchbearer statue, LeConte memorial tablets.

Institute of Science and Technology. Includes correspondence re: transportation institute, satellite tracking program proposal, grants, coursework.

Institutional Research, Director of. Includes hiring of, USC dropout statistics, enrollment trends, academic standards.


Final Plan for Integration. Internal plans for peaceful integration.

General. Includes court documents, public relations plan, statements to media.

Press Coverage Plan. Notification to media of press conference re: fall registration.

Special Committee on Integration. Primarily meeting minutes re: race relations.

Invitations. Primarily speaking engagements for Jones.

Miscellaneous Correspondence. Includes correspondence with high school students re: recommended reading.

Organization and Management. Consultant reports on USC electrical distribution system, Department of English.

President's Annual Report. Includes notes and distribution list.

SC Boards and Departments:

Budget and Control Board. Correspondence re: budgetary needs and requests.

Governor's Office. Includes correspondence re: proposed new dorms, campus development plan.

SC Legislative Committees. Re: establishing liaisons between public schools and higher education institutions.

SC Legislature. Correspondence includes funding, student counseling services, Rutledge Chapel.

SC Representatives in Congress. Primarily re: conference of Institute of International Education.

SC State Development Board. Correspondence re: grants, luncheon, tour for donors.

BOX 8 (1963-64)


Awards Day. Includes recipient of Algernon Sydney Sullivan award.

Fees. Distribution of.

General. Correspondence includes alcohol consumption, high school college day, blood drive,
Young Democrats.


Debating Society. Includes team expenses.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes Inter-Fraternity Council constitution and by-laws.

WUSC Radio Station. Includes information on broadcast workshop.


Board of Publications and Communications. Primarily re: changes in rules and control of student publications, especially the Gamecock.

Gamecock. Correspondence re: Gamecock constitution, editorials, complaints.

General. Includes correspondence re: revision of publications policy.

Receptions and Teas. Re: senior class reception.

Religious Emphasis Week. Arrangements for.


General. Re: awarding of and contributions to.

Rhodes. Correspondence re: candidates, luncheon.

United Student Aid Funds. Re: funding.

Student Council. Correspondence includes parking on campus, graduation.


Educational Television. Correspondence re: equipment, classes, status reports.

ETV Equipment. Re: purchases.

Savannah River Science Seminar. Proposal for transmission on ETV circuits.

Williams, Payne. Head of Instructional Services Department. Re: status of program.

USC Educational Foundation. Correspondence re: meetings, fundraising activities donations.

USC Educational Foundation, Chair Club. Correspondence re: fundraising activities, donations.

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BOX 9 (1963-64)

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