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Thomas F. Jones


BOX 1 (1962-1963)

Advisory Councils:

Academic. Minutes.

Development 1960-64. Formation of, minutes, fundraising activities

Associations and Boards:

American Association of University Professors. Re: USC faculty membership.

College Entrance Examination Board. Correspondence re: testing at SC State

Council for Financial Aid to Education, Inc. Correspondence re: Presidents’

Health, Education and Welfare, Dept. of. Includes correspondence re: federal

Institute of International Education. Correspondence re: USC affiliation with.

National Association of State Universities. Correspondence, program, notes re:
annual meeting.

National Commission on Accrediting. Correspondence re: teacher education

National Education Association. Correspondence re: Human Relations
Laboratory Training program.

National Science Foundation. Correspondence re: grants awarded to USC

SC Association of Colleges. Correspondence re: fall meeting, SCETV

SC Association of School Boards. Correspondence re: Governor’s Conference.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re:
adult education programs.

State Universities Association. Correspondence re: conference.

Board of Trustees:

Buildings and Grounds Committee. Minutes and committee report on needs of
University campus.

Executive Committee. Correspondence re: meetings, agenda, University finances,
appropriations requests.

General. Correspondence includes commencement, meetings, agenda,

Special Committees. Primarily re: trustee meeting at Wampee Plantation.


Audit 1962-63. Report on.Budget 1962-63. Includes appropriations requests justifications, reports.Engineering Comparisons 1962-63. Correspondence re: cost of engineering

Request for Deficiency Appropriations. For equipment purchases.

Building Program:

Addition to Russell House. Report on potential use of proposed RH addition.General. Reports on building and land acquisition program.Physical Sciences Building. Re: funding.Married Student Housing. Proposal for additional housing.Men’s Residence Halls. Correspondence and proposals re: installation of air

Women’s Residence Halls. Correspondence re: formal opening of new dorm
(now Patterson Hall).

BOX 2 (1962-63)

Building and Grounds:

General. Includes fire safety inspection report.

Stadium. Correspondence re: stadium parking.

Urban Renewal Area. Includes acquisition of Booker T. Washington High

Use by Others. Correspondence re: agencies renting space on campus.

Wales Garden Apartments. Correspondence re: purchase and renaming.

Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence re: television interview, Higher Education
Week.City of Columbia. Correspondence re: potential industrial research park, Elgin Watch
Company.Colleges and Universities:

Council of Presidents. Correspondence re: organizational meeting, membership,
naming of committees.

General. Correspondence includes integration at University of Mississippi,
recruiting, curricula.

SC Colleges. Correspondence re: academics, physical plants, faculty, football.


June. Arrangements for, including student protest over changing location from

Law School. Jones’ remarks.

Summer School. Arrangements for.


Computer Center. Correspondence re: purchase of computer system.General. Primarily re: parking complaints, tickets, policies.Personnel. Re: policies.

Campus Shop. Proposal for vending machines.Dean of Students:

Dean of Men. Report re: files of Dean of Students office.Dean of Women. Correspondence re: membership in American Association of
University Women.Housing. Primarily statements of revenue and expenses.Infirmary. Correspondence re: arrangements with consulting physicians.Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence re: job duties, proposed reorganization,
resignation of dean.Placement. Correspondence re: professional placement services, recruiting for
jobs.YMCA & YWCA. Correspondence re: personnel, church activities.

Dean of University. Includes correspondence re: Russell House ballroom addition,
professional organizations.Departments:

Air Force ROTC. Correspondence includes faculty, recruitment.Alumni Association. Includes meeting minutes, finances.Alumni Fund Raising Campaign. Re: monetary gifts.Anthropology and Sociology. Correspondence includes funding and
establishment of State Archeologist.

Athletics. Correspondence includes finances, reorganization of staff, medical
staff, grants-in-aid policy.

BOX 3 (1962-63)

Band. Letter re: 1963 Band Camp.

Biology. Correspondence re: faculty, grants, equipment needs.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Correspondence re: series of
magazines, publications.

Bureau of Public Administration. Includes plans for expansion.

Business Administration. Correspondence includes faculty, Dept of Economics,

Chemistry. Includes correspondence re: professor called to active duty, NASA

Development Director. Correspondence re: fundraising, establishment of position.

Education. Correspondence includes SC Education Week, Band Camp, Reading
Clinic, problems with field classes.

Educational Television. Correspondence re: plans to set up televised courses.


General. Includes proposed program with Navy, grants, proposed NASA

NASA Program. Correspondence re: NASA’s Midwest Research Institute
visit to USC re: science education.

Proposed Latin American Project. Re: exchange program.

English. Includes correspondence re: faculty publications, Babcock’s health.

Extension Division:

Aiken. Includes complaint re: class schedules.

Beaufort. Correspondence re: speaking engagement, renaming of.

Coastal Carolina. Primarily re: ground-breaking ceremonies.

Florence. Re: Jones’ visit to.

General. Correspondence includes possible branch in Camden, policy
changes, ETV.

Lancaster. Renaming of.

Fine Arts. Includes letter re: student Christmas art sale

Foreign Languages. Correspondence includes possible Institute for Foreign
Languages, program for languages in elementary schools.

Geology and Geography. Correspondence re: dividing the department, faculty,
visit by astrogeologist.

Graduate School. Correspondence re: accreditation, Institute of International

History. Includes faculty illnesses.

International Studies. Correspondence includes lectures and seminars on
political/diplomatic issues, including democracy and communism.

Journalism. Correspondence includes possible school of communications
(broadcasting), SC Press Association.

BOX 4 (1962-63)

Law School. Correspondence re: student complaints.


McKissick. Includes memo re: use policy.

South Caroliniana Library. Includes annual report, acquisitions.

Mathematics. Correspondence includes math institutes, seminars.

Music. Correspondence re: staffing, luncheon.

Naval ROTC. Correspondence includes flight training, staff retirement, science education.

Nursing. Correspondence re: accreditation, ETV training program.

Pharmacy. Correspondence re: grant, accreditation, enrollment.

Physical Education. Correspondence re: test scores, complaint re: Giese’s comments during speaking engagement, health education.

Physics. Primarily re: search for department head.

Political Science. Includes hiring of department head.

Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: training labs and joint programs.

Public Relations. Correspondence includes speaking engagements, tour by Soviets, inquiry into degrees awarded.

Registrar’s Office. Primarily re: enrollment data, test scores.Treasurer’s Office. Memo re: employment of consultants.

University Cafeterias and Stores. Complaint re: bookstore, correspondence with
Slater System.

University Press. Includes report on department’s activities, USC Press Book
Analysis 1945-62.

University Security Clearance. Report on security inspection.

Faculty and Staff:

Administrative. Correspondence re: policies.

Annual Leave. Includes policy on.

Faculty Manual. Correspondence re: USC request for manuals from other institutions.General. Correspondence re: Faculty Club, policies.Instructional. Correspondence and memos re: Faculty Club, administrative policies.Information on Faculty Organization. Correspondence re: gathering information from other institutions.President. Memos re: policies, special events.Promotions. Notices of promotions, information re: faculty publications.Research. Correspondence re: grants and funding for research.Retirement. Includes list of retirees.Salaries. Includes comparison with other institutions.Teas and Receptions. Guest lists.Tenure. Proposed changes in.

Travel. Lists of faculty and administrators’ travel plans.

Faculty Committees:

Admissions. Correspondence re: policies, requests for reconsideration.Board of Publications and Communications. Correspondence re: board membership, policies.Civil Defense. Re: USC Civil Defense Plan, buildings designated as fallout shelters.Curricula and New Courses. Committee reports on changes to curricula.

Discipline. Re: policy, police training.

BOX 5 (1962-63)

ETV Committees. Request for travel.

Faculty Advisory Committee. Report on organization of faculty.

Faculty Publication Display Committee. Notice of display of faculty publications.

Honorary Degrees. Selection of recipients.

Miscellaneous. Primarily re: membership of various committees.

Pre-Med and Pre-Dental. Correspondence re: advising students, proposed medical school.Proposed Medical School. Correspondence and reports re: need for and efforts to establish.

Research and Creative Production. Report on research and federally supported projects.

Russell Awards. Selection of recipients.

Scholastic Standing and Petitions. Includes requests for reconsideration.

Special Committees. Primarily re: appointments to special and ad hoc committees, including honor system, physical training requirements.

Faculty Meetings. Copy of Jones’ speech to faculty upon his arrival as President.Football:

Clemson. Re: complimentary tickets, football game contract.

General 1962-63. Correspondence re: complaints from state legislators re: seats, Clemson policy for ticket distribution to legislators.

NC State. Arrangements for luncheon.

Virginia. Tickets, arrangements for special guests, Homecoming.

Foundations. Re: donations from.

Gifts. Correspondence includes LeConte memorial, monetary and miscellaneous gifts.

Guignard Lectures. Selection of lecturer.

Institute of Science and Technology. Re: National Science Foundation, Unisearch, faculty.

Integration. Correspondence and documents re: lawsuit against Clemson, letters and
clippings protesting integration.

Integration, Monteith. Correspondence and documents re: USC integration court case,
information on how University of Georgia handled it.

BOX 6 (1962-63)

Kennedy, Attorney General Robert. Correspondence re: arrangements for, protests
against his appearing at meeting of American Assn of University Professors.National Defense Student Loans. Correspondence re: amount of funding.Organization and Management. Correspondence re: Cresap report on USC.SC Boards and Departments:

Budget and Control Board. Re: appropriations.

Education Dept. Report on Revising Standards for Accrediting Institutions for
Teacher Educator.

General. Correspondence includes Mental Health Commission, highway safety,
public librarian education.

Governor’s Office. Correspondence includes state’s need for medical training,
NASA visit.

SC Legislature. Includes correspondence re: legislative visit to USC,
appropriations.SC Legislature, Education and Public Works Committee. Re: out of state tuition.

SC Representatives in Congress. Correspondence includes research grants,

SC State Development Board:

Miscellaneous. Correspondence re: higher education system.Discipline. Membership.

Trotter’s Shoal Dam Project. Correspondence re: study of water pollution
from the project.


Awards Day. Re: Sullivan and American Legion School Awards.

Council. Includes resolutions re: campus housing, dean of students,
commencement, automobile use on campus.

Fees. Re: increase in, statistical data.

Student-Faculty Relations Committee. Correspondence re: meetings and agenda.


Debating Society. Letter re: advancement to national finals.Fraternities and Sororities. Includes constitution of Maxcy Brotherhood.

Honor Societies. Information on Phi Epsilon Nu.

Orientation. Correspondence re: participating faculty, outline of program.

Prospective Students. Inquiries from students re: admissions.


Gamecock. Primarily complaints about integration articles.Miscellaneous. Primarily statements for inclusion in various publications, including Garnet and Black and pamphlets.Receptions and Teas. Garden party for seniors.

Religious Organization Week. Arrangements for.Scholarships. Re: funding and awarding of.

Special Scholarships. Re: funding.

United States Air Fund, Inc. Correspondence re: funds for USC students.


College Courses. Correspondence re: how much they should be used/expanded.

ETV Equipment. Correspondence re: purchase of.

Torchbearer. Correspondence with artist Anna H. Huntingdon re: USC acquisition of

USC Education Foundation. Correspondence re: finances.

USC Education Foundation Chair Club. Re: meetings, pledges.

BOX 7 (1962-63)

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