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Davison M. Douglas

BOX 1 (1930-31)

Addresses. Speeches on various topics, including sermons


Football. Correspondence re: complimentary season passes including passes from Wofford and Furman.

Foster, Ralph. Director of Student Activities. Includes financial reports on football games and other student activities.

General. Includes order for 1930 football team to report for training and status of athletics program.


Alumni Association. Primarily minutes of meetings with some correspondence.

Associations (University Membership). List of associations to which USC belongs?

Association of International Patentees. Includes Douglas accepting chair of SC chapter.

Association for the Recognition of Merit. Acceptance of seat on board.

Food Research Commission. Correspondence re: amount of canned goods used at USC.

General Education Board. Telegrams re: transfer of funds to meet USC payroll.

National Education Association. Information on organization.

South Carolina Council. Correspondence re: funding of the council.

South Carolina Natural Resources Commission. Correspondence re: tracking amount of SC canned goods used by USC.

Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Includes list of publications by USC faculty.

Southern Conference. Report on 1/1/30 Southern Conference charity football game for Shriner’s Hospitals. First Shrine Bowl?

Bell, R.G. Secretary of YMCA. Includes correspondence on student employment.

Board of Trustees, Correspondence. Correspondence includes Education Building, Pharmacy School and library.

Board of Trustees, Reports. Reports on work of USC including appropriations and status of Education Building.

Books, Periodicals, Etc. Correspondence re: gifts, purchases and subscriptions

. Efforts to continue salaries of staff cut by governor

Butler, Thomas B. Trustee. Biography and resolutions following death

BOX 2 (1930-31)

Campbell, Maurice. Student and football player trying to transfer to USC

Chase, J.A. Registrar. Reports on students, grades and faculty

Clark, Washington A. Trustee. Biography

Coker, D.R. Trustee. Primarily correspondence on appropriations

Colleges and Universities:

In-state. Correspondence re: conferences and policies.

Out-of-state. Primarily policies, including faculty and academics.

Kinard, James, Winthrop College. Includes correspondence on appropriations.

Sikes, Enoch W., Clemson College. Correspondence includes legislation.

Snyder, Henry N., Wofford College. Correspondence re: economy.

University of Georgia. Correspondence with several administrators re: tuition and expenses.

Wilson, Robert W., Dean of School of Medicine. Primarily legislation and appropriations

Columbia Theological Seminary. Correspondence re: death of its president and replacement
Commencement 1931. Efforts to arrange speakers; also invitations to special guests


Bulletin Committee. Forming of committee to produce promotional bulletin.

Committee on University and State Education. Creation of and report by committee.

Committees, USC. Plan for abolishing and merging certain university committees.

Employment Committee. Letter appointing members.

Faculty Committees. List of standing committees.

Faculty Council. Includes petition for changes in student fees and curriculum.

Finance Committee of SC. Re: approval of fund transfers.

Honor Committee. Announcement of plan to reestablish Honor Committee.

Honorary Degree Committee. Nominations for honorary degrees.

Joint Committee on Printing. Correspondence re: bill for printing catalogs.

Reorganization Committee. Includes recommendations.

Rhodes Scholarship Committee. Correspondence re: selection process and candidates.

Student Activities Committee. Meeting minutes and report on fees.

University Research Commission. Report

Engagements, Pending. Invitations and acceptances


Alexander, Ethel. Instructor of Physical Education for Women. Hiring of.

Babcock, Havilah. Prof. of English. Correspondence includes students and hunting.

Baker, Leonard T. Dean of University. Correspondence includes curriculum, students and Palmetto Players.

Ball, Thomas F. Prof. of Electrical Engineering. Correspondence re: engineering conference.

Bradley, F.W. Prof. of German. Includes reviving the Honor Principle.

Burney, William B. Prof. of Chemistry. Biography and report of death.

Carson, A.C. Prof. of Physics. Correspondence re: cafeteria.

Clark, Burton. Asso. Prof. of Geology. Reference.

Coleman, Bruce. Prof. of Mathematics. Includes statistics on preparation of freshmen in Algebra.

Cook, Vernon. Prof. of Ancient Languages. Letter telling him he is no longer faculty secretary.

Crow, Olin F. Dean of School of Education. Primarily re: Education library, new building and School of

Education Gazette, Vol.1 Nos. 1-8 & 10-11.

Currell, W.S. Prof. of English. Correspondence on travel and home repairs

BOX 3 (1930-31)


Davis, Henry C. Prof. of English Language and Rhetoric. Correspondence re: furnace repairs and English fellowship.

Dean, William. Instructor of Dramatic Arts. Information on Palmetto Players.

Derrick, Samuel M. Request for house and correspondence on county surveys.

Dillard, Irene. Dean of Women. Includes requests for staff promotions.

Frierson, J. Nelson. Dean of Law School. Correspondence re: appropriations and reports on law school activities.

General. Includes lists of new faculty members and office locations.

Green, Edwin L. Prof. of Ancient Languages. Hiring request.

Heyward, Katherine. MISSING.

Hodges, Bob S. Instructor of Bible. Reference.

Hoy, W. E. Prof. of Biology. Correspondence re: testing of pre-med students and theft of equipment.

Keith, Oscar L. Prof. of Romance Languages. Includes correspondence re: salaries for his department.

Lipscomb, G.F. Prof. of Chemistry. Request for an assistant.

Matteson, Maurice. Instructor of Music. Correspondence re: Glee Club and Matteson’s debts.

McKissick, J. Rion. Prof. of Journalism. Petition by Carolinian staff; expenses.

Meriwether, R.L. Prof. of History. Hiring of Drs. Achorn and Bonn; expenditures.

Mills, James E. Prof. of Chemistry. Hiring of and report of University Research Commission.

Morse, Josiah. Prof. of Psychology and Philosophy. Includes request for leave for assistant.

Motley, E.T. Dean of Pharmacy School. Correspondence and reports on controversy over location of
Pharmacy School.

Norwood, Joseph. Asso. Prof. of English. Retirement fund.

Olson, George E. Dean of School of Commerce. Correspondence re: debts and University Band.

Patterson, Paul M. Asso. Prof. of Biology. Hiring of.

Penney, James T. Asso. Prof. of Biology. Awarding of grant.

Pope, Nancy H. Director of Physical Education for Women. Salary.

Professors’ Reports to Board of Trustees. Oct. 1930 through Feb. 1931.

Professors’ Reports to Board of Trustees. March 1931 through June 1931.

Rowe, Walter E. Dean of Engineering. Includes scheduling classes during chapel and budget.

Smith, Helen L. Director of Physical Education for Women. Primarily re: leave of absence.

Smith, Reed. Dean of Graduate School. Includes letter re: criticism of USC.

Snowden, Yates. Prof. of History and Political Science. Library manuscript.

Stoddard, J.A. Prof. of Secondary Education. Correspondence re: Summer School.

Stokes, Joe M. Adjunct Prof. of English. Hiring of.

Sumwalt, Robert L. Prof. of Civil Engineering. Correspondence re: highway engineering and
vocational guidance.

Taber, Stephen. Prof. of Geology and Mineralogy. Correspondence including awarding of grant to Taber.

Wauchope, George A. Hiring of assistants.

Williams, G. Croft. Prof. of Sociology. Inquiry into using radios and “talkies” in classes

Fees, Disposition of. Correspondence with legislators and other college presidents re: controversy over tuition fees

Fraternities and Sororities. Correspondence with fraternities re: initiations and other events

Heyward, Dr. N.B. One letter stating Heyward is physician of USC infirmary

History Department. Resignation of David Harris and pay raise of Ewing Bonn

Infirmary. Reports on patients seen and fire safety at infirmary

Insurance. Douglas’ personal insurance

Lectures and Lecturers. Correspondence re: lecture tours, including Admiral Byrd

Legislature. Correspondence re: appropriations

Library. Includes report of the Special Library Committee

BOX 4 (1930-31)

Map Display. Correspondence on exhibit of Kendall map collection

McDow, Thomas. Correspondence re: appropriations

Miller, Bessie. Correspondence re: dismissal

Miscellaneous: July - Dec 1930. Correspondence on various university-related topics, including request for establishment of Chair of Astrology

Miscellaneous: Jan - Aug 1931.
Correspondence on various university-related topics, including policies and appropriations


Finances. Correspondence re: personal accounts.

General, Apr. - Sept. 1930. Primarily family news with some information on USC.

General, Oct. - Dec. 1930. Ibid.

General, Jan. - Mar. 1931. Ibid.

General, Apr. - May 1931. Ibid.

Herbert, Rep. R. Beverly. Correspondence re: politics, appropriations.

Politics. Correspondence with and about various political figures.

Springs, Col. Leroy. Primarily death of, including eulogy by Douglas

Personnel Bureau. Correspondence re: proposed program for vocational counseling for students

Physical Plant:

Cantey, J.M. Supt. of Buildings and Grounds. Requests for repairs and response to student’s complaints.

Coker, E.C. Prof. of Astronomy. Primarily re: duties as chairman of Committee on Buildings and

General. Includes inspections on sanitary conditions, termites and fire safety.

Johnson, J. Carroll. Architect. Correspondence re: Education Building and bankruptcy

Radio Broadcast. Request for USC to participate in education week radio broadcasts

Report to Legislature. 1930-31 report and correspondence

Scholarships/Financial Aid. Inquiries re: scholarships and free tuition

Seismological Research Station. Includes efforts to establish the station at USC

Students. Inquiries on requirements and expenses at USC

Summer School. Arrangements for commencement and reports on status of session

Teacher’s Insurance and Annuity Association of America. Correspondence re: faculty members’ retirement benefits

Testing Program. Includes correspondence on state-wide testing of high school seniors

University Payroll. Schedule of salaries Oct. 4, 1930

University Post Office. Mail delivery policies

University Staff. List of staff/faculty and salaries

Victor Monaghan Co. Correspondence re: cotton textile industry

Winter, Charles W. & Son. Correspondence with tailor

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Film. Correspondence and print of poem.
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