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Davison M. Douglas

BOX 1 (1929-30)


Aeronautics Chair at USC. Efforts to establish.

Books, Periodicals, Etc. Correspondence re: books given to and purchased by USC; also periodicals.

Civil Contingent Fund Committee. Requests for transfer of funds to cover summer school expenses.

Curriculum. List of suggested courses for A.B. and B.S. degrees.

Economics, Dept of. Request for changes in department courses.

Education, School of. Reports on High Schools Survey and School of Education program.

Engineering. Includes celebration of 50th anniversary of Edison bulb.

Extension Dept. Inquiry re: abolishment of department.

General. Primarily inquiries about courses.

Law School. Application for Law School admission to Texas Bar; list of law students.

Music. Primarily inquiries on possible vacancy.

Professors' Reports to the Board of Trustees. Nov. 1929 – Feb. 1930.

' Reports to the Board of Trustees. March – June 1930.

Political Science. Search for professor.

Alumni Secretary. Primarily correspondence re: funding cut for position.


General. Correspondence and reports re: finances and tickets.

Boxing. Correspondence re: legality of USC boxing matches.

Football. Mainly re: complimentary season tickets for 1929 sent to state dignitaries.

Football Stadium. Correspondence re: proposal to build stands at Fair Grounds Stadium.

Board of Trustees. Letter from trustee John Hughes re: statement to be issued by Douglas.

Budget 1930. Correspondence and reports on budget requests and needs.

Canteen, USC. Financial information.

Chase, J.A. Registrar. Correspondence and various reports re: student, statistics, regulations.

Clark, Harry. Professor at Furman University. Includes correspondence on summer school.

Co-ed Follies. Correspondence re: complaints and disbanding of follies.

Coker, D.R. Correspondence re: budget, president’s salary dispute, faculty and staff.

Colleges and Universities. Correspondence with officials of other institutions.

Commencement 1930.
Correspondence re: speakers and arrangements.


Alumni Association. Primarily re: football tickets and membership.

Association of American Colleges. Primarily conference information.

Discipline Committee. Minutes of June 5, 1930.

Food Commission. Correspondence re: joint committee on graduate study.

Gamecock Pressing Club. Correspondence re: possible abolishment.

Honor Committee. Appointees to committee.

Honorary Degree Committee. Requests for honorary degrees.

Library Committee. Report on finances.

National Association of Separated State Universities. Primarily correspondence on legislation affecting higher education.

Organization Committee. List of members.

Sinking Fund Commission. Correspondence re: loan for remodeling of LeConte.

South Carolina Teachers Association. Publication, South Carolina Education Sept. 1929.

Stage Society. (Town Theatre) Invitations for Douglas family to become members.

Student Activities Committee. Drafts of report on student activities fund.

BOX 2 (1929-30)

Driver, James G. University of Va. Former USC Director of Student Activities.Correspondence re: salary dispute at USC.

Edmunds, S.H. Includes son’s attendance at USC and record of a student.

Engagements. Invitations to various events as guest or speaker.


Babock, Havilah. Letter re: post office.

Baker, Leonard T. Two exams from Education courses.

Bradley, F.W. Correspondence re: South Atlantic Modern Language Association; list of proverbs.

Campbell, A.L. Resignation of.

Clark, Burton. Correspondence with and about Clark’s job performance; student petition.

Currell, W.S. Withdrawal from Graduate Committee.

Davis, Henry C. Report on First Year English courses.

Dean, William. Includes list of drama courses.

Derrick, S.M. Includes plans for departmental research.

Dillard, Irene. Dean of Women. Correspondence re: office space and students.

Faculty, Increase in Pay. Notifications of pay increases.

Faculty, New. Lists of new faculty members for 1928-29 and 1929-30.

General. Includes sabbatical leave policies, salaries, and faculty research.

Heyward, Katherine B. Includes list of department faculty and courses.

Hodges, B.D. Correspondence while on medical leave.

Hooker, J.T. Instructor in English. Correspondence re: possibility of replacing Hodges.

Hoy, W.E. Jr. Includes correspondence re: equipment.

Jackson, J.B. Correspondence re: instructors and classrooms.

Keith, Oscar L. Correspondence re: teaching assistants/instructors and budgets.

King, Max O. Recommendation for job.

Matteson, Maurice. Includes arrangement of classes and salary.

Meriweather, R.L. Includes correspondence on staff.

Morse, Josiah. Request for repairs to house and dispute with Cole Blease.

Motley, E.T. Includes Report of Visitation to School of Pharmacy.

Olson, G.E. Dean of Commerce. Correspondence re: courses, staff, funding.

Patterson, Paul M. Assoc. Prof. of Biology. Hiring of.

Penny, James T. Primarily hiring of.

Rowe, Walter E. Includes staff, courses.

Schayer, Isadore. One letter re: moving class locations.

Smith, Helen L. Includes resignation.

Smith, Reed. Correspondence re: funding, students, departmental organization.

Snowden, Yates. Resignation.

Stoddard, J.A. Correspondence and reports on summer school.

Sumwalt, Robert L. Correspondence re: conference.

Timmons, R.K. Hiring of.

Wagner, Yeaton. Hiring of.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Includes faculty housing and scholarships.

Wauchope, George. Search for instructors and assistants.

Fees, Disposition of. Correspondence re: what fees the University can charge (tuition, student, etc.)

Form letters. Form letters used in response to student inquiries re: admission, expenses.

Foster, R.K. Director of Student Activities. C re: prospective football players and improvements to office and athletic field.

Fraternities and Sororities. Includes installation of fraternities and sororities, regulations, and inquiry into disappearance of coed from frat house.

BOX 3 (1929-30)

Glee Club. Correspondence re: performances.

Hentz, Lois. Includes salary increase.

Heyward, Dr. N.B. Report on health of students.

Hope, J.H. State Superintendent of Education. Correspondence re: budget and enrollment.

Huggins, George H. Treasurer. Includes financial reports and announcement of death.

Jacobs & Co. Correspondence re: bulletins made through USC art department.

Keith, W.H. Chairman, Legislative Committee on Education. Correspondence re: free tuition policies.

Kennedy, R.M. Librarian. Correspondence re: book order, salaries and condition of library.

Kinard, James C. Dean of Newberry College. Correspondence on Newberry’s admission to Association of American Colleges.

Lee’s Birthday. Includes arrangements for celebration.

Legislature 1930. Report on how legislators, especially USC alumni, voted for budget cuts.

Library. Correspondence with Douglas primarily on salaries and funding cuts.

Miscellaneous. Various correspondence including job referrals and hitchhiking by students.

Parker, Mrs. Lou. Notification of job loss due to abolishment of Extension Dept.


Atkinson, Rev. George H. Correspondence with and about Atkinson re: controversy over his charitable work.

Columbia Theological Seminary. Correspondence includes guest lecturer.

Congaree Presbytery. Ordination of pastor.

Converse College. Correspondence re: daughter Margaret’s attendance.

Finances. Primarily investments and purchases.

General, July - Sept. 1929. Primarily regarding family news, also politics and information about USC.

General, Oct. - Dec. 1929. Ibid.

General, Jan. - Mar. 1930. Ibid.

General, Apr. - June 1930. Ibid.


McSween, John. President of Presbyterian College. Primarily events at PC.

Politics. Includes correspondence on Democratic party and gubernatorial race.

Presbyterian College. Primarily re: indebtedness of PC.

Winter, Charles & Son. Correspondence with Douglas’ tailor.

BOX 4 (1929-30)

Physical Plant:

Cantey, J.M. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Correspondence re: janitor, USC assets, repairs.

Coker, E.C. Primarily correspondence re: work as chairman of Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Dormitories. Sale of property to Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and break-in at women’s sorority house.

Education Building. Correspondence re: erection of building, selection of architect and site.

General. Includes requests for repairs and inquiries on campus development.

Inventory. Letter requesting departments to conduct inventories.

Johnson, J. Carrol. Architect. Correspondence and contracts re: Education Building.

Publicity. Includes copies of news releases.

Questionnaires. Re: faculty and university health care.

Report to Legislature. Report for session 1929-30 and draft of Graduate School section.

Scarborough, Julian H. State Treasurer. Statement of tuition and other fees.


Lincoln Scholarship Fund. Douglas accepting position on advisory committee.

Reamer Scholarship. Acknowledgment of monetary gift to establish scholarship.

Rhodes Scholarship. Correspondence on scholarship system and candidates.

Scholarships at USC. Correspondence re: approval of scholarships for USC and
suggestion to abolish normal scholarships.

Student Personnel Bureau. Suggestions for establishment of.

Students. Inquiries on requirements and expenses at USC.

Supplies. Orders for office supplies.

Timmerman, George Bell. Alumni Association President. Letter re: land for new stadium.

U.S. Marine Band. Correspondence re: bringing band to USC.

Welbourne, Frank F. Treasurer. Various financial reports, including salaries and student fees.
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