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Davison M. Douglas

BOX 1 (1927-29)


Biology, Dept. of. Search for A.C. Moore's replacement.

Education, Dept. of. Proposed catalog of School of Education Library and professor's reports.

Extension Dept. Correspondence re: Parkinson (director of) and abolishment of.

Law School. Search for replacement for Aycock.

Memos on Professors' Reports. Memos requesting submission of reports.

Night School at USC. One letter re: trying to have a night school.

Pharmacy, School of. Correspondence re: efforts to move dept. from USC to Medical University.

' Reports Feb. 1929. Reports from heads of departments, including English, Chemistry and Graduate School.

Professors’ Reports April 1929. Ibid.

Summer School. Correspondence re: appropriations, reports.


Boxing. Correspondence re: collegiate boxing contests.

Football. Includes correspondence re: Clemson-Carolina game.

General. Correspondence includes State Fair, athletic organization, expenses.

Beattie, A.J. Comptroller General of SC. Correspondence re: debt owed by USC.

Bell, R.G. YMCA Secretary. Correspondence includes leave of absence, vocational counseling.

Board of Trustees. Correspondence re: meetings and appropriations.

Bond, Col. O.J. The Citadel. Correspondence re: tuition and commencement.

Brimm, Henry. Assistant Librarian. Correspondence re: salary.

Budget 1928 & 1929. Correspondence with Board of Trustees and State Budget Committee.

Chase, J.A. Registrar. Correspondence and various reports on students, courses, professors.

Coker, David R. Trustee. Correspondence re: salaries, faculty.

Commencement 1927. Correspondence re: arrangements, invitations to speakers.

Commencement 1928. Ibid.


Association of the Blind. Use of USC buildings for conference.

Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Correspondence re: Ph.D.s given at USC.

Association of South Carolina Colleges. Correspondence and meeting minutes.

Committee on Honorary Degrees. Correspondence re: nominations.

Conservation Society of South Carolina. Membership information.

Faculty Housing Committee. Correspondence re: faculty housing.

Food Commission. Correspondence re: establishment of, meeting minutes, chemical work done by colleges for the state.

South Carolina Teachers Association. Speaking engagements.

Sullivan Award Committee. Shipment of medallions.

Synod Committee. Report on educational funding by the Synod of South Carolina.

YMCA, USC. Primarily term reports.

Debating Council. 1927 report of activities.

Driver, James G. Director of Student Activities. Correspondence and report on student activities.

BOX 2 (1927-29)


Aycock, William. Prof. of Law. Correspondence re: death and possible replacements.

Babcock, Havilah. Prof. of English. Correspondence inc. speaking engagements, academic standards.

Baker, Leonard T. Dean of University. Report on instructor's conduct.

Ball, Thomas F. Prof. of Electrical Engineering. Correspondence inc. job reference.

Ball, W.W. Dean of Journalism. Correspondence re: Legislature.

Bradley, F.W. Request for repairs to residence.

Brode, Malcolm. Correspondence re: Biology Dept.

Burney, W.B. Prof. of Chemistry. Correspondence re: scholarship.

Calcott, W.H. Primarily personal correspondence with Douglas.

Carson, A.C. Correspondence re: salary, lab equipment and Green Street traffic.

Coleman, J.B. Primarily correspondence re: leave of absence and progress on master's degree.

Crow, Orin. Recommendations for Crow.

Currell, W.S. Correspondence re: advanced degrees.

Douglas, Philip E. Asso. Prof. of Romance Languages. Hiring of.

Edmunds, Harry. Prof. of Law. Correspondence re: legal matters on USC property, students, law school.

General. Includes faculty directory and lists of salaries by department.

Frierson, J.N. Dean of Law School. Correspondence re: students.

Harris, David. Asso. Prof. of History. Hiring of.

Heyward, Katherine. Prof. of Fine Arts. Correspondence re: salaries.

Hoy, William. Prof. of Biology. Letter inquiring as to possibility of hire.

Memorial Services, Aycock and Moore. Correspondence and copies of eulogies.

Moore, A.C. Prof. of Biology. Correspondence re: job offer and memorial publication.

Morse, Josiah. Prof. of Psychology and Philosophy. Correspondence re: conference and part of speech on race relations.

Motley, E.T. Dean of Pharmacy. Correspondence re: School of Pharmacy.

Petty, Julian J. Asso. Prof. of Geography. Hiring of. (one letter)

Rowe, Walter. Dean of Engineering. Correspondence re: equipment, residence and faculty.

Smith, Helen L. Director of Physical Education for Women. Correspondence re: faculty and gymnasium.

Stoddard, J.A. Prof. of Secondary Education. Primarily re: summer school.

Strother, W.D. Asso. Prof. of Pharmacy. Salary.

Taber, Stephen. Prof. of Geology. Correspondence re: classroom space and firing of associate professor.

Wardlaw, Patterson. Dean of School of Education. Request for furniture.

Wauchope, George. Prof. of English. Correspondence re: hiring of associate professor.

White, Elizabeth. Instructor of Fine Arts. Recommendation.

Wilgus, A.C. Asso. Prof. of History. Correspondence re: postgraduate work.

Fogle, A.W. & Co. Letter re: lease of Green St. property.

Fraternities and Sororities, 1927-28. Correspondence re: repeal of ban and establishing chapters at USC.

Fraternities and Sororities, 1928-29. Correspondence re: repeal of ban and establishing chapters at USC.

Governor's Office. Notification to Douglas of hire, statement by Douglas re: accusations by Gov. Richards.

Graham, Mrs. W.D. Matron of Women's Dorms. Hiring of.

Huggins, G.H. Treasurer. Various financial statements & reports, 1927-29.

Lectures and Lecturers. Correspondence re: arrangements for guest lecturers at USC.

Library. Reports and correspondence by R.M. Kennedy, Librarian.

BOX 3 (1927-29)

Mail Delivery at USC. List of problems and suggestions for improvement.

McSween, John. President, Presbyterian College. Primarily correspondence re: Col. Leroy Springs and dedication of PC facilities in his name.

Melton, Mrs. W.D. Hiring of to assist Prof. Taber and re: Frigidaire.

Middleton, Mrs. M.E. Dormitory Matron. Dissolution of position.

Miscellaneous 1927-28. Correspondence on various university-related topics, including alumni and expense and policy inquiries.

Miscellaneous 1929. Ibid.

National Fire Protection Week. Correspondence and flyers.


Finances. Correspondence re: taxes, expenses, property.

General 1927. Correspondence re: family and friends, travel, etc.

General Jan - July 1928. Ibid.

General Aug - Dec 1928. Ibid.

General 1929. Ibid.

Politics. Correspondence re: local and national politics, personal views.

Presbyterian College. Correspondence with friends and PC personnel about the school.

Salary Dispute. Personal correspondence re: dispute with Gov. Richards over Douglas
' salary.

Springs, Col. Leroy. Includes correspondence on personal news and Springs’ connection to Presbyterian College.

BOX 4 (1927-29

Physical Plant:

Cantey, J.M. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Correspondence re: repairs, theft in Women's Dorm.

Coal. Correspondence and orders.

Coker, E.C. Feb-Dec 1928. Primarily correspondence as chairman of Committee on Buildings and Grounds.

Coker, E.C. Jan-June 1929. Ibid.

Frigidaire. Proposals for providing equipment to USC.

General. Correspondence includes electricity, street lamps and appropriations for permanent improvements.

Leavitt, Charles Wellford and Sons. Correspondence re: improvements to campus.

Library. Estimates for roofing and sheet metal work.

Observatory Exercises. Correspondence and speech re: dedication of Melton Memorial Observatory.

Presidential Election 1928. Correspondence re: support of Alfred Smith for presidency.

President's Reports to BOT. Reports from 1927-29.

's Reports to Legislature. Reports from 1927-29.

President's Salary, 1928. Correspondence re: controversy over Douglas' salary & report to Legislature on the matter.


General. List of scholarship recipients, eligibility of women to receive normal scholarships.

Rhodes Scholarship. Correspondence re: applicants.

Roddey Medal. Discontinuance of.

Sinking Fund. Reports on use of Sinking Fund for permanent improvements.

Speaking Engagements. Correspondence re: arrangements for Douglas to speak at various events.

Students. Inquiries on requirements and expenses at USC.

' Insurance Annuity. Correspondence on insurance and retirement for professors.

Tharin, Whitney. Correspondence re: publishing a comic magazine at USC.

University Staff. Report on staff salaries and departmental reports including infirmary.

Wade Hampton Memorial Fund. Correspondence re: USC's contribution.

Washington and Lee University. Correspondence re: offer of W&L presidency to Douglas.

White, Mrs. M.E. Matron of Women's Dorms. Correspondence re: salary.

Winter, Charles W. and Son. Correspondence with Douglas' tailor.

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Film. Correspondence with Woodrow Wilson Memorial Society re: showing & possible purchase of film by USC.
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