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W.S. Currell papers

This series consists of the correspondence of President W.S. Currell from 1919 through 1922. Topics include academics, faculty matters, military training for students and fraternities.

Roll # 0681 (1919-22)


Correspondence of the academic departments re: vacancies, salaries, coursework and students

Engineering, Dept of

Extension, Dept of


Law School

Modern Languages, Dept of

Rural Social Science Dept: USC proposal to conduct county surveys in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce

Salaries of Faculty

Summer School 1920

Summer School 1921


Correspondence re: Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association rules, player eligibility, stricter regulations and letter protesting gambling and drinking at a game

Budget: 1922 budget plan and related correspondence

Colleges and Universities, In-State:

Clemson: Correspondence re: scholarships, lectures, State College President Association

General: Includes the Citadel and Furman re: various topics, such as academics and discipline

Winthrop: Correspondence re: faculty salaries and appropriations

Wofford: Primarily correspondence re: admissions and meeting of the Association of SC Colleges

Colleges and Universities, Out-of-State:

General: Includes Nebraska, Kentucky and Iowa re: various topics

Washington and Lee: Correspondence includes salaries and athletic eligibility

Commencement 1921: Primarily invitations to and arrangements for commencement speakers


Economy and Consolidation, Committee on: 1921 report on status of USC and improvements to be made

General Education Board: Primarily correspondence on faculty salaries and annual reports

League to Enforce Peace: Correspondence re: League of Nations and peace treaty

Library Commission: Legislation to establish commission

National Association of State Universities: Primarily correspondence re: conference and its topics for speakers

National Conference on Education: Plans for the conference

National Education Association: Correspondence re: membership information, legislation and convention

National Research Council: Correspondence arranging lectures

Near-East Relief Society: Efforts to help war victims in the Near East (Armenia and Syria)

Organization Committee of the Board of Trustees: Report by the committee on USC academics, physical plant and commencement

Road Institute: Copy of Currell's speech and related correspondence

Rural Education Conference: Correspondence re: plans for the conference, speakers and subjects

Rural Life Conference: Correspondence re: holding a conference with Clemson and Winthrop

Separated State Universities: Correspondence re: efforts to increase federal funding

South Atlantic States Association: Correspondence re: conference for development of foreign trade and curricula for preparing US students for foreign trade

South Carolina Intercollegiate Oratorical Association: Meeting minutes from 1/28/22 regarding arrangements for contests

Southern Educational Society: Correspondence re: meetings and plans to promote science education

State Certification of Teachers Committee: Correspondence discussing plans for developing state certification process

State Teachers' Association: Arrangements for conference on SC's educational needs

Teachers Insurance Annuity Association: Information on retirement funds for USC faculty and possible changes

Tuberculosis Association: Information on tuberculosis and the association

War Camp Community Service: Minutes in 1919 on the planned dissolution of the WCCS to become

Community Service Inc. Also projects and budgets

World Cotton Conference: Constitution and plans for the conference, information on topics

YMCA: Primarily correspondence re: search for secretary, hiring of R.G. Bell, and 1919 report on status of YMCA at USC

Roll # 0682 (1919-22)

Cooper Portrait: Correspondence re: portrait of Thomas Cooper for sale


Topics include leaves of absence, lectures, coursework, hirings

Keith, Oscar L.

Mills, J.E.

Moore, A.C.

Morse, Josiah

Riviere, Rev. W.T.

Saunders, E.W.

Smith, P.K.

Smith, Reed

Snowden, Yates

Stoddard, J.A.

Taber, Stephen

Wardlaw, Patterson

Founders' Day 1921:

Report on Founders' Day events, invitations to guests and speakers, copies of speeches

Fraternities: Inquiries from fraternities as to status at USC, correspondence with Attorney General's office and other institutions on bans and sub rosa frats, Board of Trustees resolutions, Currell speech to students re: sub rosa frats

Garnet and Black 1921: Correspondence regarding debt owed by the Garnet and Black staff.

General Correspondence 1919

General Correspondence 1920

Haile-Homes Incident: Correspondence re: Haile-Homes murder-suicide, including suicide note and Currell's statement

Hardin, A.T.: Correspondence re: bequeathment to USC

Honorary Degrees 1921: Correspondence with recipients of honorary degrees

Honorary Degrees 1922: Ibid.

Kennedy, R.M.: Primarily correspondence with Kennedy re: book orders

Kohn, August: Correspondence re: physical plant repairs and expenses, faculty, appropriations, fraternities

Maxcy-Gregg Lot: Correspondence re: burial location of Rev. Jonathan Maxcy

McGowan, F.P.: Correspondence re: his recruiting trip throughout the state


Camp Jackson: Correspondence re: lectures and loan of equipment

Military Training: Correspondence re: legislation on establishing universal military training at educational institutions

Navy, Dept of: Correspondence with Franklin D. Roosevelt (Asst. Secretary of Navy) re: establishing college naval education program

ROTC June-July 1919: Topics include assignment of officer, admissions, equipment, finances, and administration of program

ROTC Aug-Dec 1919: Ibid.

ROTC 1920: Ibid.

ROTC 1921: Includes correspondence re: the Board of Trustees' decision to abolish ROTC at USC

War Dept: Topics include employment of veterans and scholarships

Roll #0683 (1919-22)

National City Bank of New York: Correspondence re: training courses offered in domestic and foreign banking

Per Capita Cost of Education 1921-22: Correspondence regarding calculations of per capita costs at USC and other institutions.

Peterson, Verd: State Supervisor of Agricultural Instruction; arrangements for lectures

Petigru Portrait: Correspondence re: the loan of James L. Petigru portrait to USC; includes loan receipt

Physical Plant:

Coal: Placement of orders

General: Various repairs around the campus

Griffenhagen Report: 1920 or 1921 report on the status of the campus

Haile, Ben: Correspondence re: repairs and maintenance of campus

Homes, M. Goode: Correspondence with Prof. Homes regarding repairs and inspections of campus buildings; investigation into charges of fraud and corruption; memorial plaque after his murder

Houses for Faculty: Applications for and assignments of faculty housing; renovations and plans for construction

Infirmary: Correspondence re: increasing fees

Jackson Construction Company: Correspondence re: contracts for repairs and construction, including

Rutledge College and Chapel

Jones School Supply: Correspondence regarding orders

Lafaye and Lafaye Architects: Correspondence with architects regarding renovation of dormitories and Rutledge College and Chapel

Steward's Hall: Correspondence with Mrs. Latimer (Hall Matron)

Women's Building: Efforts to build women's dormitory

Printing of Catalog: Correspondence re: catalog and university press

Roddey Debate and Medal: Correspondence re: preparations for 1920 and 1921 debates and inscribing of medal


Includes establishment of, contributions to and awarding of scholarships


Keitt Scholarship and Medal

Normal Scholarship

United Daughters of the Confederacy Scholarship and Medal

YMCA Scholarship

Speaking Engagements:

Invitations by Currell 1919: Invitations to speak at USC

Invitations by Currell 1920: Invitations to speak at USC

Invitations to Currell: Invitations for Currell to speak at various events

Swearingen, J.E.: State Superintendent of Education; correspondence re: conferences, meetings, personnel matters, copies of reports

Telescope: Correspondence regarding the purchase of a telescope for an observatory at USC.

Treasurer's Statements: Statements for 1921 and 1922

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