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W.S. Currell papers

This records series consists of the correspondence of President W.S. Currell. The bulk of the material is from 1915-1918. Topics include academics, faculty matters, speaking engagements, and military training for students.

Roll # 0672 (1914-1919)


Bacteriology: Correspondence re: new bacteriology course.

Bible Courses: Debate as to whether a state university should have a Chair of Bible Studies

Commerce and Finance, School of: Efforts to establish School of Commerce and Finance at USC.

Education, School of: Correspondence re: status of School of Education, including report on finances and course of study.

Engineering, School of: Correspondence re: bill to establish engineering schools at Land Grant Colleges.

Mathematics, Department of: Applications for position in Math Dept.

Medical College: Discussion of establishing a Dept of Public Health and Preventive Medicine as joint effort of USC and Medical College.

Modern Languages, Department of: Correspondence re: continued teaching of German Language and Literature during WWI;applications for vacancy.

Physics, Department of: Applications for vacancies.

Physical Education: Correspondence re: bill to establish physical education programs in SC schools.

Psychology and Philosophy: Applications for vacancies; Correspondence from National Committee for Mental Hygiene.

Standards: Correspondence from faculty to Currell re: the raising of academic standards; includes

Oscar Keith, Josiah Morse, Stephen Taber, Patterson Wardlaw.

Summer School: Includes inquiries from students as to courses offered during summer school; applications for vacancy; dorm room availability.

Summer School for Enlisted Men: Correspondence re: Army enlisted men allowed to attend USC summer school.

Accreditation for West Point Nominees: Correspondence with West Point Superintendent on allowing USC students to enter West Point on certificate instead of taking entrance examinations.

Information on advertisements placed by USC in various publications, including newspapers, magazines, and yearbooks.

Information on various alumni activities, including efforts to produce alumni directory. Alumni Scholarship Class of 1888: Establishment of scholarship fund by Class of 1888.

Roll # 0673 (1914-1919)

Athletics, Baker: Correspondence between Dean L.T. Baker and the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association, President Currell, and Prof. C.G. Gunter (USC Graduate Manager) re: SIAA membership, regulations, and eligibility of players.

Athletics, Currell:
Correspondence between Currell and SIAA and Dean Baker re: SIAA membership, regulations, and eligibility of players; National Collegiate Athletic Association; USC Athletic Field; and Carolina Clemson games, including contract for 1916 game.

Bulletins, Requests for:
Requests for bulletins produced by USC.

Camden Public Library:
Correspondence re: assistance given to Camden Public Library by USC Library.

Chamber of Commerce:
Plans to include USC material in educational folder produced by the Chamber of Commerce.

Child Labor:
Correspondence with National Child Labor Committee on education and child workers.

Coker, David R.:
Awarding of McMaster Medal to Coker.

Colleges and Universities, Out-of-State:

Correspondence with presidents of various universities, including topics on academic requirements and commencements.

Davidson College


New York University

Peabody College

University of Alabama

University of Chicago

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

University of North Dakota

Vanderbilt College

Washington and Lee University

Colleges and Universities, South Carolina:

Correspondence with presidents of South Carolina colleges and universities on various topics, including academic standards and commencements.

Clemson University

Converse College


South Carolina Medical College

Winthrop Normal and Industrial College

Wofford College

Commencement: Plans for USC commencements in 1916 & 1918.

Correspondence with state/national committees and organizations.

Bureau of Education:
Primarily correspondence re: an "examination" of USC by the Bureau of Education; also re: surveys and course suggestions.

Correspondence with various organizations, including National University Extension Association and American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Laymen's Missionary Movement:
Information on efforts to enlist Christian laymen in missionary movement.

Ministerial Relief:
Raising money for Presbyterian Church Endowments.

National Association of State Universities: Primarily plans for conferences and issues facing state universities.

National Economic League:
Membership correspondence.

National Education Association:
Information on membership drive and "national emergency in education."

National Institute for Moral Instruction:
Information on the purpose of NIMI.

National Research Council:
Information on project in Psychology.

National Security League:
Correspondence re: membership and national preparedness.

Roll # 0674 (1914-1919)

Peace Committee: Background information on Peace Committee and the League to Enforce Peace.

Southern Conference for Education and Industry:
Background and membership information.

Southern Education Society:
Plans for annual conference.

State Teachers' Association:
Information on annual meeting program and membership.

YMCA, General:
Correspondence with Edward King, YMCA General Secretary, re: extension courses, meetings, prospective students; W.D. Weatherford re: a regional YMCA Army camp; other information on meetings and projects.

YMCA, National War Work Council:
Information on meetings and projects, primarily on educational services abroad during the war and social hygiene lectures.

YMCA, Secretary, 1914:
Correspondence by General Secretary Will U. Guerrant including reports on projects and the resignation of Guerrant.

Report on the work accomplished 1914-1915.

Debates: Correspondence re: intercollegiate debates.

Exchange Lectures:
Correspondence with University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill re: establishment of exchange lectures series.

Extension Department:
Primarily correspondence between Currell and Reed Smith re: work of the Extension Dept.


Correspondence between Currell and members of faculty on various topics, inc.: planned courses, students, applications, leaves of absence, resignations.


Keith, Oscar L.

McCutchen, George

Mills, J.E.

Moore, A.C.

Morse, Josiah

Rector, Victor

Rowe, W.E.

Smith, Reed

Snowden, Yates

Taber, Stephen

Thomas, J.P.

Wardlaw, Patterson

Wauchope, George

Wright, M.A.

Fire Protection: Information on fire protection systems for schools.

Flinn Legacy:
Correspondence re: receipt donation after Mrs. Flinn's death.

Founders' Day 1915:
Invitations/acceptances/declinations to speak/attend Founders' Day.

Founders' Day 1916:
Invitations/acceptances/declinations to speak/attend Founders' Day.

Fraternities: Inquiries re:
existence of fraternities at USC.

Garnet and Black 1914:
Correspondence re: overdue account of 1914 Garnet and Black.

Roll # 0675 (1914-1919)

General Correspondence 1915: Topics include admissions, meetings, expenses, the legislature, appropriations, students, and the war's effect on USC.

General Correspondence 1916:

General Correspondence 1917:

General Correspondence 1918:

General Correspondence 1919:

Hand, W.H.:
State High School Inspector. Includes reports on his work and correspondence on salary.

Correspondence and signed agreement between SC colleges banning hazing.

High Schools: Correspondence between Currell and high school prinicipals.

Honorary Degrees:
Correspondence re: nominations for and acceptances of honory degrees awarded by USC.

Hunter-Holsey Incident (1817):
Correspondence with Gaylord L. Clark re: an incident with his grandfather at SCC that caused his expulsion.

Kohn, August:
Correspondence between Kohn and Currell on various topics, including expenses, committee meetings, and proposed extension of Pickens St.

Legislative Committee:
Correspondence with Senator D. Reese Williams re: an inspection tour of USC.

Topics include salaries and condition of library & collections.

Manning, Governor Richard:
Correspondence between Manning and Currell on various topics, including proposed bills in legislature, faculty hirings and resignations, appointments to committees/organizations and personal subjects.

Migratory Bird Treaty:
Support of proposed treaty.

Ministers Conducting Chapel Exercises:
Currell's invitations to ministers to conduct chapel exercises (not commencement).

National City Bank of New York:
Information on a training program for college students.

Newlands Bill:
Opposition to the bill.

Applications for and appointments as nightwatchmen.

Passailaigue, Edward "Dutch":
Correspondence between Currell and Passailaigue re: recommendations for coaching job at Wofford and wartime correspondence.

Peabody Fund:
Information on distribution of Peabdoy Funds at USC.

Physical Plant:

Various correspondence re: needed repairs and planned construction at USC.



Heating Plant


Luginbill Building

Marshal's Office (Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds)

Perry-Mann Electric Company

Planned Office Building

Steward's Hall

Wilson and Sompayrac

Women's Building

Playground: Efforts by Robert Moorman to obtain empty USC lot for playground.

Post Office Substation:
Efforts to establish a postal sub-station near USC.

Roll # 0679 (1914-1919)

Reports, Miscellaneous: Includes reports from: Organization Committee, academic departments, and Law School.

Scholarships and Free Tuition:
Topics include establishment and discontinuation of scholarships, scholarship examinations and requirements, and efforts by some private colleges to abolish free tuition.

Scholarships, Bills to Establish:
Copies of bills to establish scholarships.

Shakespearean Pageant, 1916.
Documentation regarding.

Simplified Spelling:
Information on a drive to simplify spelling, in which Currell participated.

Sinking Fund:
Correspondence re: insurance.

Speaking Engagements:

Invitations by Currell: Invitations to speak at USC.

Invitations to Currell 1915: Invitations for Currell to speak at various events.

Invitations to Currell 1916-1919: Ibid.

Spencer, C.E.:
Correspondence re: committees, reports, School of Commerce and Finance, and other topics.


Correspondence with students and parents re: expenses, tuition, grades, discipline, and illnesses.


Fees Due


Infirmary Board Due/Student Illnesses

Law Students

McDow-Burnett Controversy

Room Reservations

Swearingen, J.E.: Correspondence with Swearingen, State Supt. of Education, on various topics, including construction, committee meetings and reports, academics, expenses and personnel matters.

Roll # 0680 (1914-1919)

Swearingen, J.E. (continued)

Sylvan Trophy Cup:
Efforts to track down a missing trophy cup.

Treasurer's Statements:
Includes monthly reports from 1916.

University Press:
Correspondence re: the purchase of printing press and training of students in typesetting and journalism.

Women's Education:
Efforts to construct a Women's Building and inquiries into educational opportunities for women at USC.

World War I:

Military Training: Correspondence re: the surge of interest in military training at colleges and universities due to WWI.

Musical Instruments for Soldiers: Letter from wife of John Philip Sousa asking for donations of military instruments.

National War Savings Committee: Information on war-savings campaign and speaking engagements.

Naval Unit at USC: Efforts to establish a naval training unit at USC.

Plattsburg Training Camp, May-June 1918: Information on the location and requirements of the sixty day training camp for students and professors. The professors were expected to assist in the military training of the students at the University when they returned. Includes recommendations and appointments conferred for students and faculty to attend the camp.

Plattsburg Training Camp, July 1918: Ibid.

Plattsburg Training Camp, August 1918: Ibid.

Recommendations for Accoutink, VA: Information and recommendations for a military training camp for graduate engineering students.

ROTC: Establishment of Reserve Officer Training Corps at USC.

SATC (Student Army Training Corps), Nov-Dec 1917; June-Aug 1918: All boys over the age of eighteen enrolled in collegiate level schools were given the opportunity to enlist in the SATC; those enlisted were subject to be called to active duty at any time, but it was the policy to keep the members of the SATC in college until their draft age is reached or longer. Illustrated importance placed on "college men"in the war effort. Includes background information, requirements,
policies, recommendations for students to join.

SATC, Sept 1918: Ibid.

SATC, Oct-Nov 1918: Ibid.

SATC, Dec 1918-Jan 1919: Ibid.

Service Flag: Plans to unfurl the USC service flag, which displayed a star for each USC alumnus serving in WWI.

State Council of Defense: Information on campaign to improve public health.

Student Enlistment Campaign: Drive to increase enrollment in SATC.

Uniforms: Information on company supplying SATC uniforms.

War Camp Community Service: Organization to involve communities in welcoming soldiers in training camps and providing entertainment.

War Committee (Board of Trustees): July 29, 1918 meeting regarding military service at USC.

War Department: Correspondence from War Dept. regarding regulations and plans for military instruction at educational institutions.

War Prohibition: Campaign to reduce liquor production during WWI so the grain could be used to feed the soldiers. Forerunner of 18th Amendment.

Women's War Work: Organization provided information on work abroad for college women.

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