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The University and the Great War

On exhibit Autumn 1997.

Liberty and soldier
Liberty lends her strength to a son of Carolina.
from Garnet and Black (1919)

I long to stand today
where life and death
Are met as one,
where from the boundless sky
On unseen wings war’s eagles
scream and sweep

from April - 1917

H.C. Brearley

Class of 1920
Veteran of World War I

On Armistice Day, 11 Nov. 1997, the University will host a symposium commemorating the First World War and its impact. In honor of this special occasion, the University Archives is sponsoring an exhibit, "The University and the Great War" currently on display in the main lobby of the Thomas Cooper Library. The exhibit runs from Nov. 1-Dec. 31, 1997, and includes photographs, publications, and other documents illustrating the immediate and prolonged effects of the Great War on the University of South Carolina, its students and faculty, and the campus itself. One highlight is the life of John S. Reynolds (’07), a respected news editor and journalist for The State newspaper, which published his reports from the front. Reynolds died in one of the last actions of the war.
Frontispiece, Garnet and Black (1919)

Garnet and Black (1918)

As the shadows of war touched America in 1917, patriotic fervor raced through the University and swept aside President William S. Currell’s previously strong opposition to the establishment of a military unit on campus. The establishment of a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at USC had a greater impact than anyone anticipated. At the beginning of the academic year 1917-18, three-fourths of the student body enlisted in the ROTC program. War-related articles, editorials, and poems filled the student publications. USC enrollment declined substantially as a steady stream of students left school to enlist. Maintaining a sufficient number of faculty was a problem as many took leaves of absence to enlist or perform war work for the government. USC’s physical plant also suffered due to lack of funds for repairs and improvements.
The University Archives exhibit is presented in conjunction with two other exhibits on the Great War. Rare Books and Special Collections of Thomas Cooper Library will display books and posters loaned from the University of Virginia’s Joseph M. Bruccoli Collection and the South Caroliniana Library will mount a display on South Carolina and her citizens during World War I, on exhibit during Nov. 1997.

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