Selected Internet Subject Resources


General Religion
Statistics on a large number of World religions.
Finding God in Cyberspace
Well organized gateways for religious traditions and related academic disciplines as well as links to online resources.
The Religious Movements Page. University of Virginia
Descriptions of over 200 religious movements including new and emerging religions, cult controversies, and the history of religious broadcasting.
Religions of the World
The information provided on Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Animism, Christianity, and Hinduism includes history, basic beliefs, terms, and links to other sites.
Religious Studies Electronic Journals
Organized according to religious grouping with brief annotations.
Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning
Organized by subject area or material type.
Virtual Religion Index
Categorized and annotated links from the Rutgers University Religion Department.

Religious Text Sites

The Internet Sacred Text Archive
Nonprofit site is the single largest religious text archive on the Internet. hits a day.
Sacred and Other Religious Texts
Internet Public Library Collection


Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
Resources for the Study of Buddhism


Bible Gateway
Search by keyword or passage in a variety of translations.
The Catholic Encyclopedia. New Advent
A comprehensive A-Z on-line guide to Catholic facts and information.
Christian Origins. Internet History Sourcebook. Fordham University
Informative site that combines historical analysis about the growth of Christianity with links to Biblical passages and early Christian scholarly writings in translation.


The Hindu Universe


The Islam Page
Islamic Studies - University of Buffalo


Jainism: Jain Principles, Tradition, and Practices


The Jewish Encyclopedia
A comprehensive A-Z online guide to Jewish facts and information.
Judaism and Jewish Resources
The Jewish History Resource Center. Hebrew University. Articles that discuss Jewish history from ancient to modern plus links to on-line texts, maps, websites, and discussion groups.


Gateway to Sikhism

Religion in America

American Religion Data Archive
Quantitative data on American Religions.
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
Library of Congress sites that traces the roots of religious freedom in the United States.


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