Selected Internet Subject Resources


Anthropology Biography Web

Brief biographies of over 500 people who have influenced anthropology.

Anthropology Tutorials

Introductory tutorials on subjects in physical and cultural anthropology. Each tutorial includes a set of related Internet links.

ArchNet-Archaelolgocial Research Institute

Access to archaeological resources available on the Internet categorized by geographic region and subject.

Glossarist / Anthropology

Collection of glossaries for anthropology terms

Glossarist / Archaeology

Collection of glossaries for concepts in archaeology

National Archaeological Databases

Sponsored by the National Park Service. Citation database to reports on archeological planning and investigation and GIS maps of distributions of cultural and environmental resources across the United States.

National Park Service Southeast Archeological Center

Basic information on archeological projects in the southeast. Links to professional and educational Internet sites.

Virtual Anthropology Library

Collection of links to the fields of anthropology.


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