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Business Library 803-777-6032 The Moore School of Business - 2nd Floor Houses specialized holdings in the fields of business and economics including reference materials, periodicals, books, annual reports, stock/bond guides, and other loose leaf financial services.
Government Information
803-777-4841 Thomas Cooper Library - Level 5 Functions as a depository for U.S. Federal publications and documents for the European Community and United Nations. Also houses the Libraries' entire microform collection of some thee million volumes. The collection includes newspapers, periodicals, and other collections of historical importance in many fields of study.
Library Annex and 
Conservation Facility
803-896-0780 /
State Park 8500 Farrow Rd Columbia, SC 29203 The Annex houses infrequently used materials and materials needing special care. Items housed at the Annex will be identified in the library catalog with a direct web link to a request form. Materials will be delivered to campus twice a day.

The Preservation Services and Conservation Department is also located in this building with the state-of-the-art Arthur E. Holman, Jr. Conservation Laboratory.

Map Library 803-777-2802 Thomas Cooper Library - Level 5 Worldwide coverage of road and city maps, national and state maps, topographical maps, and travel and guidebooks is included in this collection. All U.S. Geological Survey maps are collected as well as S.C. aerial photographs.
Math Library 803-777-4741 LeConte College, 3rd Floor Houses the USC Columbia campus' collection of materials on pure mathematics and most works on applied mathematics.
Moving Image Research Collections 803-777-6841 707 Catawba St. Preserves the unique Twentieth Century Fox Movietonews and other South Carolina collections and home movies, making these collections available to researchers in the University community and throughout the world.
Music Library 803-777-5139 Music Building - 2nd Floor The Library's collection includes scores, books, periodicals, microforms, compact discs, LP recordings, video cassettes, laser discs, reel-to-reels, cassette tapes, and audio-visual materials.
Rare Books and Special Collections 803-777-3847 Thomas Cooper Library - Mezzanine This collection holds old and rare editions including material in the areas of natural history, literature, early science, American history, Scottish Literature, and the history of books and printing.
South Carolina Political Collections 803-777-0577 720 College Street Houses private papers documenting South Carolinians and their government at the national and state levels in the post-World War II era.
South Caroliniana Library 803-777-3131 USC Horseshoe The collection of books, serials, manuscripts, maps, visual images, and other materials documents the history, literature, and culture of South Carolina from the colonial period to present times.
Thomas Cooper Library
(Main Library)
803-777-3142 1322 Greene Street Serves as the main library on the USC Columbia campus. Over 2 million books, 3 million microform items, and 10,000 current serials are housed here.
University Archives 803-777-5158 720 College Street Houses official records and other historical items documenting the University's history.


Acquisitions 803-777-3147 Thomas Cooper Library - Main Floor The Acquisitions Department is responsible for acquiring materials which have been selected for addition to the library collection in all format types,: books, periodicals, serials, music scores, sound recordings, videos, films, manuscripts, microforms, computer files, and electronic resources. A web-based product eRequest allows any individual to suggest material for the library to purchase.
Cataloging 803-777-3146 Thomas Cooper Library - Main Floor The Cataloging Department is responsible for the creation and maintenance of records in the USC online library catalog, and for the organization of the collections. These records provide a means of locating information in all formats, including books, periodicals, serials, videos, maps, films, sound recordings, manuscripts, music scores, microforms, computer files, and electronic resources. Annually, the Department adds over 40,000 catalog records for titles acquired for the collections. With over 6 million items, the library catalog is a significant source of information for research communities, both at the University and worldwide.

In order to ensure integrity in the catalog the cataloging staff applies controlled vocabulary using Library of Congress Subject Headings and other internationally accepted standards.

The Binding and Preparations Unit handles binding of serials and paper-back books as well as the rebinding of damaged books.

Circulation 803-777-3145 Thomas Cooper Library - Main Floor The Circulation Department allows library users to remove materials from the building by charging the materials to the user’s account. In addition to checking out materials, users may pay fines, place holds on books, pick up and return Interlibrary Loan materials, and check out study rooms. Faculty and graduate students may apply for study carrels. The Lost and Found Service for the library is also located there.

Proxy Cards are made available to allow graduate assistants to check out library materials for faculty.

Collection Development 803-777-7667 Thomas Cooper Library - Level 5 The Collection Development Department coordinates the work of librarians and teaching faculty in building library collections which support the research and teaching programs of the University.

Many Librarians serve as selectors for specific subject areas. They choose materials to purchase and work closely with teaching faculty to develop a comprehensive collection.

Collection Development and subject librarians work with the colleges/schools/departments in preparing official documentation for new program requests or for reaccreditation of current programs.

Cooper Technology Lounge 803-777-0244 Thomas Cooper Library - Level 5 The Cooper Technology Lounge is open to all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of departmental affiliation.

There are 126 Windows 2000 and Macintosh desktops available. There are also 15 Windows and Macintosh notebooks that can be borrowed. The notebooks can access the wireless LAN in the library, to use the Internet or to print. The Lab provides printing, CD creation, audio and video access, and scanning services. Each workstation houses current software for word processing, spreadsheet, database, slide presentation, and web page development to support the academic community. Faculty can request that specific classroom applications be installed for their students to use in the lab during a given semester, and there are specific areas in the lab for image development and publication tools. In addition to general computing services such as scanning and printing, there are always consultants available to help with computer questions.

Distance Education Services 803-777-4877   Distance Education students have access to the library’s catalog, and the library's campus-wide electronic databases through a proxy server. Interlibrary loan service is available electronically. Reference librarians are available for library instruction during on-site visits and can go to studio classrooms for televised library sessions. An e-mail reference service is available. The Circulation Department provides Distance Education borrowing cards and e-mail service for renewal and recall of borrowed materials.
Educational Film Collection 803-777-2858 Thomas Cooper Library - Level 3 A wide variety of documentaries, training films, biographies, and feature films is available to USC faculty, staff and students.

Viewing equipment is available at Thomas Cooper Library for faculty, staff, and students who wish to view or preview films from the Educational Films Collection.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) 803-777-2805 Thomas Cooper Library - Level 5 Interlibrary loan is a service through which books or journal articles not owned by the University Libraries may be obtained from other libraries or commercial document suppliers. This service is available at no cost to University faculty members, currently enrolled students, current members of the Thomas Cooper Society and current members of the Alumni Association. The Department mediates the purchase of dissertations from UMI for patrons.

Faculty Express is a service that allows faculty members working under a deadline to designate their requests as priority. These items are handled by the Faculty Express Librarian, usually as soon as they are placed.

Library Instruction     Faculty may request that librarians meet with classes to provide instruction regarding information resources and research techniques specific to class projects. Librarians assist faculty to create effective library assignments and to develop resource guides. Tours of the library are offered on a continual basis throughout the year.

The Thomas Cooper Library has two Multimedia Classrooms. These classrooms contain 30 workstations with multimedia projection capabilities from the instructor's station. These classrooms can be reserved for classes, workshops, meetings or conferences. The Library provides on-site training prior to classroom use and assistance during the use of the facility.

Photoduplication 803-777-3145 Thomas Cooper Library - Main Floor, Circulation Dept. The Library offers mediated copying of library materials, faxing services and production of overhead transparencies.
The Government Document/Microforms Department, located on level 5, provides copying resources for microform materials.
In Thomas Cooper Library self-service copiers are located on Mezzanine, Main, Level 5, and Level 4.

The South Caroliniana Library offers duplicating and digitizing services for the books, manuscripts, photographs and other media found in its collections.

Publications 803-777-2166 Thomas Cooper Library - Level 4 The University Libraries produce a wide array of newsletters, user guides, bibliographies and other handouts intended to provide information regarding the libraries, services, and current events. Some of these publications include Electronic Resources, Links, Reflections and the Libraries' Annual report.

The South Caroliniana Library has an endowed fund for publication of books relating to its collections.

Reference Services   All Libraries The Libraries provide in person, telephone and email assistance from service centers located at the Main Level Reference Desk, and Government Information Center in the Thomas Cooper Library. In addition, reference services are available in the Business, Mathematics, Film, Music and South Caroliniana Libraries.

Thomas Cooper Library Reference Staff can conduct librarian-mediated searching of various fee-based database systems through their Fee-Based Online Search Service. Reference librarians offer Reference-by-Appointment sessions for those in need of extensive research assistance.

Research Collections and Services   Thomas Cooper Library,
South Caroliniana Library
The University's Libraries Rare Books and Special Collections Department acquires and conserves unique collections and makes them available to appropriate constituencies for research, instruction and public education.

The South Caroliniana Library's microfilming department films newspapers from across the state in all eras of its history. In this format these materials are available for study at the Library and, through interlibrary loan, worldwide. The unit also films delicate manuscript collections and other materials as a preservation measure and to provide broader access to the materials.

The South Caroliniana Library offers endowment-funded research fellowships each summer to support projects utilizing its collections.

The Newsfilm Library preserves the unique Twentieth Century Fox Movietonews and other South Carolina collections and home movies, making these collections available to researchers in the University community and throughout the world.

Reserves 803-777-4175 Thomas Cooper Library - Main Floor Professors may place materials on reserve to facilitate access for a greater number of students. Current issues of some high-use periodicals and magazines are located here.
Shuttle Service 803-777-0612 Thomas Cooper Library The Libraries maintain the USC Campus Shuttle Service, which transports newly processed library materials, Interlibrary Loan materials, films, and campus mail to the USC Campuses each week.
Wireless Access Services   Thomas Cooper Library Wireless network access throughout the Thomas Cooper Library provides untethered network access for faculty, staff and students using their personal computers or PDA’s to access electronic resources and materials in the library. Wireless network connectivity is also available in the library student carrels and faculty offices.
USC Regional and Senior Campus Services     The University Libraries provide Acquisitions, Cataloging, Database Management, and Interlibrary Loan Services to the USC Regional and Senior Campus Libraries. Collection Management distributes to the campuses lists of materials available to them from gifts and withdrawals from the collections of the Columbia Campus libraries.


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