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Barley, Willis Bryant "Bill," Jr. (b. 1941)

Currently closed, this small collection documents the work of this Columbia photographer, particularly for Governor Robert McNair, c. 1965-1971.
Dell, Wayne Eric

Currently closed. Eric Dell served as chief of staff for Congressman Joe Wilson.
Ferillo, Charles T. "Bud" (b. 1945)
Papers, 1950-2010, 1.5 ft.

More Information about Ferillo, Charles T. "Bud"

This small collection consists primarily of papers and clippings concerning Ferillo's campaign work for Democrat candidates in the 1960s and 1970s, but includes material from the 1950s through 2010.

Glad, Betty (1927-2010)
Papers, 1966-2009, 4 ft.

More Information about Glad, Betty

University of South Carolina professor Betty Glad is remembered as a teacher, writer, political scientist, historian, researcher, and mentor. Her publications on political leaders Charles Evans Hughes, Key Pittman, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter gave her the reputation for being a top authority on American politics and leadership.

Grose, Philip G. (1938-2012)
Papers, 1966-2011, 12 ft

More Information about Grose, Philip G.

Philip Gibbs Grose, Jr., was a journalist, government administrator, speechwriter, public affairs aficionado, and author. Grose devoted his life to writing about and serving the government of South Carolina. Throughout his life, Grose’s words and actions documented South Carolina’s move to become a modern state, but his name and words were hidden behind the guise of a political journalist and government bureaucrat until late in his life when he became a published author. His papers span his time as a government administrator to his later career as biographer of governors Robert McNair and John West.

Harrell, Flynn T., Collection on the Separation of Church and State
Papers, 1948-present, 17.5 ft + published works

More Information about Harrell, Flynn T., Collection on the Separation of Church and State

A native of Columbia, South Carolina and a lifetime advocate for religious liberty, Flynn Thomas Harrell was born in 1934. Raised as a Baptist, Harrell learned early on of the Baptist belief in the separation of church and state. Harrell became enamored with the idea and has dedicated his life to the study and promotion of religious liberty. While his formal education was in accounting and his official work in finance and government, Harrell maintained a robust and fulfilling connection to the cause of religious liberty.

Hollings, Ernest F. "Fritz" (b. 1922)
Papers, 1943-2009, 800 ft.

More Information about Hollings, Ernest F. "Fritz"

This extensive collection documents Hollings' career, chiefly as Lt. Governor and Governor of South Carolina, 1955-1963, and as U.S. Senator, 1966-2005. Also included are records from his personal life, leadership in the Democratic Party, and campaigns for office, starting with his re-election campaign for S.C. House in 1950.
Hull, Edward Whaley Seabrook (1923-2007)
Papers, 1947-2007, 10 ft.

More Information about Hull, Edward Whaley Seabrook

Hull was a journalist and expert in marine science and rocketry. He published widely on a variety of subjects and was a skilled photographer and a poet.

Hunter, Thomas William "Bill" (1906-1979)
Papers, 1932-1992, .25 ft.

More Information about Hunter, Thomas William "Bill"

This small collection documents the work of this attorney, farmer, lumberman and oil distributor, who was a leader in promoting rural electrification in Newberry County and throughout the United States. In 1940, Hunter helped organize the Newberry Electric Cooperative, and served as its attorney,

Kelly, Mary T. (1923-2013)
Papers, 1970-2008, 18 ft.

More Information about Kelly, Mary T.

Mary Kelly spent more than 35 years as an active environmentalist. She joined the League of Women Voters of South Carolina in 1972. At various times during the following decades, she served as the State League President, Co-President, Director, Natural Resources Chair, Associate Director, Spokesperson, and Grant Administrator. Kelly also served on committees and task forces created by the South Carolina Governor's Office, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), and other state government divisions.

Marchant, T. Eston (1920-2006)
Papers, 1947-2000, 7.5 ft.

More Information about Marchant, T. Eston

The collection documents the life of this soldier; attorney; University of South Carolina Trustee, 1965-1978, Chair of the Board of Trustees, 1970-1978; and Adjutant General of South Carolina, 1979-1994.

Moore, Richter H., Jr. (1928-1996)
Papers, 1928, 1937-2003, 1.25 ft.

More Information about Moore, Richter H., Jr.

The collection chiefly relates to Moore's 1949 involvement in the States Rights Democrats Club of the University of South Carolina and the Young Democrat Club.

Peterson, Terry K. (b. c.1945)

Currently closed, this collection chiefly consists of material relating to Peterson's service as Counselor to Secretary Richard W. Riley at the U.S. Department of Education during the Clinton administration, 1993-2001.
Ravenel, Charles D. "Pug" (b. 1938)
Papers, 1973-1996, 5 ft.

More Information about Ravenel, Charles D. "Pug"

The collection contains campaign records, 1974, 1978, and 1980, but chiefly consists of clippings kept by Ravenel's 1974 campaign staff.

Riley, Ann Yarborough "Tunky" (1935-2008)
Papers, 1978-1988

More Information about Riley, Ann Yarborough "Tunky"

Ann Osteen Yarborough Riley served as South Carolina's First Lady from 1979 until 1987. She was known not only for her gracious hospitality and warmth, but for her work toward improving South Carolina's educational system and her active involvement in the Governor's Mansion renovations.

Roettinger, Ruth Locke
18 items

More Information about Roettinger, Ruth Locke

This very small collection provides insight into Ruth Locke Roettinger's service on the Committee to Study [the] Existing State Constitution, which was established to study South Carolina's 1895 Constitution and recommend necessary changes. Roettinger was appointed to the committee by Governor Strom Thurmond, and she served as its secretary.

Simkins, Modjeska (1899-1992)
Papers, 1909-1992, 6.25 ft.

More Information about Simkins, Modjeska

The collection consists of material chiefly relating to civil rights activist Simkins' work as the South Carolina State Secretary for the NAACP, 1941-1957; Campaign Director for the renovation of Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital, 1944-1950; Public Relations Director for the Richland County Citizens Committee, 1956-1988; and President of the Southern Conference Educational Fund, 1972-1974.

Walters, Johnnie M. (1919-2014)
Papers, 1918-2003, 7.5 ft.

More Information about Walters, Johnnie M.

The bulk of the collection covers Walters' career as Assistant Attorney General in the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, 1969-1971; the Chief Counsel's Office of the Internal Revenue Service, 1949-1953; and as Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 1971-1973. The papers also contain material concerning the Watergate investigations as well as Walters' legal career and Army Air Force service during World War II.


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