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The following is a list of links to oral history interview transcripts in the Southern Oral History Program Collection, part of the Southern Historical Collection at the Wilson Library at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  These interviews, conducted by Jack Bass, were transcribed as a courtesy by SCPC staff.

The preferred method of citation for material used from any of these interviews is:
Interview with [Interviewee] by [Interviewer], [Date], in the Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007), Southern Historical Collection, Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Baggett, Julius: Legislator (Interview A-0263)

Bessinger, Maurice: Former chair, state Independent Party (Interview A-0264)

Cain, C. Marshall: Republican Minority leader, South Carolina House (Aiken County) Interview Transcript (5 pages)

Dennis, Rembert: State senator (Interview A-0265)

Edens, J. Drake: Former chair, state Republican Party (Interview A-0149)

Fowler, Donald: Chair, state Democratic Party (Interview A-0266, A-0267)

Glenn, K. Terrell: Former United States attorney (Interview A-0277)

Harvey, W. Brantley: Lieutenant governor (Interview A-0268)

Howe, Gedney: Prominent Charleston attorney and local political power (Interview A-0157, A-0269)

Johnson, I. S. Leevy (Interview A-0270)

McNair, Robert E.: Former governor; South Carolina (Interview A-0271)

Morris, Earle: Former lieutenant governor (Interview A-0272)

Redfern, James: President, Black-on-Nation (Interview A-0273)

Rone, William and Wickenburg, Charles: Editorial writers, The State newspaper (Interview A-0274)

Sapp, Joseph: Political strategist (Interview A-0275)

Stoudemire, Robert H.: Director, University of South Carolina Bureau of Government Research (Interview A-0276)

Waring, Thomas: News & Courier newspaper editor (Interview A-0278)

West, John C.: Former governor (Interview A-0279, A-0280)

Workman, W. D.: Editorial analyst, The State newspaper (Interview A-0281)

Zeigler, E. N. “Nick”: 1972 United States Senate Democratic Party candidate (Interview A-0282)

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