Oral History

Supplementing the Documentary Record

Oral History has become an important component of South Carolina Political Collections' effort to document contemporary government and politics. Often, we seek to interview the donors of collections to ensure that their careers are documented as fully as possible. For major collections, or in unusual circumstances, staff, family, and associates are interviewed. Interviews may last an hour, or occur over a period of days or years and cover dozens of hours.

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All interviews are transcribed and edited and, eventually, will be made available in electronic format on the South Carolina Political Collections web site. Adding the interviews to the site is a time-consuming process and will occur over the coming few years.

Narrators are always offered the opportunity to close their transcripts for a period of time. This assures that they may speak freely.

The Growing Importance of Oral History

The Interview Experience
(An Insider's View by Herb Hartsook)

South Carolina Political Collections Oral Histories

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