Summer Internships

South Carolina Political Collections (SCPC) is a nationally recognized repository collecting the papers of individuals and organizations impacting on government, politics and society, chiefly in the post-World War II era.  Holdings include personal papers, the archives of organizations such as the state Democratic and Republican parties, visual materials, audio and video recordings, and electronic records.  For more information, contactHerb Hartsook.

SCPC offers an annual summer internship which carries a stipend of $2,250 and will be awarded to a qualified graduate student enrolled in an archival education program outside of South Carolina.  Intern projects usually require a minimum of 135 hours of labor and will vary depending on current SCPC needs and the interests of the intern.  Typical internships require arranging and describing a smaller collection or a series within a major collection, analyzing preservation needs within a collection and performing simple conservation work, outreach efforts such as helping to create actual and/or virtual exhibits, and the transcription of oral history interviews. 

The internship is made possible through the Schuyler L. and Yvonne Moore Endowment.

Application deadline is the 1st of May.  Applications should be addressed to:  

Summer Internship Program
South Carolina Political Collections
University of South Carolina Libraries
1322 Greene St.
Columbia, S.C. 29208

and should include: 

  • Statement not exceeding 500 words explaining how an internship with SCPC fits the applicant’s educational program and career goals;
  • Current résumé; and
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the archival program in which the applicant is enrolled.  That letter should clearly state the program’s internship requirements, including the number of hours required to successfully complete the internship. 


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Please note: Housing is not provided as part of the award and must be arranged by the successful candidate.






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