Harrell, Flynn T., Collection on the Separation of Church and State

Biographical Note:

A native of Columbia, South Carolina and a lifetime advocate for religious liberty, Flynn Thomas Harrell was born in 1934. Raised as a Baptist, Harrell learned early on of the Baptist belief in the separation of church and state. Harrell became enamored with the idea and has dedicated his life to the study and promotion of religious liberty. While his formal education was in accounting and his official work in finance and government, Harrell maintained a robust and fulfilling connection to the cause of religious liberty.

Harrell's Baptist roots sprouted the seeds of religious liberty for all in his mind and have transformed him into an avid reader, speaker, and educator on such ideas. Harrell has spoken to over one hundred groups and authored numerous articles on the topic.


Papers, 1948-present, 17.5 ft + published works

Collection Finding Aid   (pdf, 14 pages)

(Finding aid includes an extended biographical note)

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