Grose, Philip G.


Biographical Note:

Philip Gibbs Grose, Jr., was a journalist, government administrator, speechwriter, public affairs aficionado, and author. Grose devoted his life to writing about and serving the government of South Carolina. Throughout his life, Grose’s words and actions documented South Carolina’s move to become a modern state, but his name and words were hidden behind the guise of a political journalist and government bureaucrat until late in his life when he became a published author. His papers span his time as a government administrator to his later career as biographer of governors Robert McNair and John West.


Papers, 1966-2011, 12 ft

Collection Finding Aid (pdf, 18 pages)

(Finding aid includes an extended biographical note)

Video of Philip G. Grose Book Signing Reception
"Looking for Utopia: The Life and Times of John C. West," 2011





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