Ex Libris

These articles, spanning 1994 to 1999, appeared in Ex Libris, the annual publication of the Division of Libraries and Information Systems of the University of South Carolina (1994 to 2000). The publication was devoted to showcasing the University's Library collections and presenting the activities of the Libraries' two support groups, the University South Caroliniana Society and the Thomas Cooper Society.

Political Past
By Diana Blackwell. EL, 1994

Decades of Change
By Herbert J. Hartsook. EL, 1995

John West: Elect a Good Man Governor
By Herbert J. Hartsook. EL, 1996

Library Societies Honor Senator Isadore Lourie
By Herbert J. Hartsook. EL, 1996

Performance is Better than Promise
By Herbert J. Hartsook. EL, 1998-1999


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