Life in the Mansion

Governor George B. Timmerman (1955-1959)

Timmerman and wife

In 1954, George Bell Timmerman was elected governor after defeating Lester Bates in a dramatic campaign. Timmerman’s term witnessed major capital improvements in the State hospitals, the building of new schools, the expansion of the State Law Enforcement Division, and an extensive highway construction program.

As reported in the Christian Science Monitor, Helen Timmerman oversaw a major redecorating project with the Mansion, “choosing colors and fabrics for the reupholstering of the furniture, for floor and wall coverings, also rearrangement of furniture, selection of pictures, and decorative pieces.”  [3 Sept. 1958]

In July, 1955, The Charlotte Observer had a feature on Mrs. Timmerman and life in the mansion.  It noted “Mrs. Timmerman has plenty of servants - - all prisoners. . . In the house, Mrs. Timmerman has a staff of four servants - - butler, cook and two maids.  On the grounds, two gardeners work under the guidance of the state gardener.”

Timmerman and wife

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