Life in the Mansion

Governor David M. Beasley (1995-1999)

Governor David M. Beasley focused on economic development, welfare reform, crime, prison reform, and education, but is particularly proud of his pro-business initiatives, including the Enterprise Zone Act of 1995, which resulted in more than $11 billion in capital investments and the addition of 50,000 jobs in South Carolina.   We used the Governor's Mansion probably as effectively as it could be used.  When I list out the projects that we landed, right here in the Governor's Mansion... Michelin, a billion- dollar deal, we negotiated that in the Governor's Mansion... BMW, Nucor Steel, Bridgestone, Firestone... Billions and billions of dollars of economic development projects were landed in South Carolina because we were more effectively able to use the Governor's Mansion.”  

When David and Mary Wood Beasley moved into the Mansion, they brought with them three young children, two still in diapers. Beasley emphasized the Mansion as a home, noting, “We played more hide and go seek back here.  Oh, my goodness.  I had so much fun in these gardens.  With little kids, these gardens are wonderful.  We probably had hundreds of kids over here every month, playing with our kids.  This was just Columbia's playground.”   

Beasley family

Beasley also spoke of playing hooky from a formal state occasion, I was worn out.  I snuck out, snuck upstairs, got with the kids, took my black tie and everything off, put my blue jeans on, watched an hour and a half of TV with the kids, ate some popcorn, put my black tie back on, went back downstairs, nobody ever knew.  [laughter]  They thought I was in that room, or that room, or this room.”


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