Scottish Literature at the University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina prides itself on its reputation as one of the foremost institutions in the United States for the study of Scottish literature. The Thomas Cooper Library is fortunate to have one of the foremost collections of Scottish literature anywhere outside of Scotland. Many of its valuable holdings are part of the G. Ross Roy Collection of Scottish Literature and the Rodger L. Tarr Collection of Thomas Carlyle. Professor Roy, Emeritus Professor of English at the University of South Carolina, is editor of Studies in Scottish Literature, the premier journal in its field.

The University of South Carolina is one of four institutions participating in the Scottish Chapbook Project.

Individuals with interests in Scottish literature may wish to explore the following links: The Thomas Cooper Library contains notable editions of texts by the following Scottish authors:

All materials listed are held in the Thomas Cooper Library and are indexed in USCAN (the University of South Carolina Access Network), USC's online library catalog. Texts in the Rare Books collections are identified as "Spec Coll." Texts in the G. Ross Roy Collection are identified as "Spec Coll Scot Lit." (Note: USCAN requires a TN3270 connection. Please ensure that your web browser is configured with an appropriate helper application.)

The Stirling / South Carolina Research Edition of
The Collected Works of James Hogg

General Editor: Douglas S. Mack

Published by Edinburgh University Press. Distributed in the U.S. by Columbia University Press.

Volumes are numbered in the order of their publication
in the Stirling / South Carolina Research Edition.

#   Title Editor(s) Year
1 The Shepherd's Calendar Douglas S. Mack 1995
2   The Three Perils of Woman David Groves, Anthony Hasler, & Douglas S. Mack 1995
3 A Queer Book P. D. Garside 1995
4   Tales of the Wars of Montrose Gillian Hughes & Douglas S. Mack 1996
5 A Series of Lay Sermons Gillian Hughes with Douglas S. Mack 1997
6   Queen Hynde Suzanne Gilbert & Douglas S. Mack 1998
7 Anecdotes of Scott Jill Rubenstein 1999

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