Safety Policy

Welcome to the University of South Carolina Libraries. Please use common sense and caution while studying in the library. We are very grateful to have the advice, cooperation, and logistical support of the University Police Department. We would like to offer a few safety tips to help you protect yourself.


Personal Safety:

Be Alert
Pay attention to your surroundings. Know who is around you; know where exits are located. Keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior that might pose a security threat. Things to look for include:

Safety in Numbers

Study with friends if possible, or in an area of the library where other people are studying.

Theft Prevention
Keep your belongings with you at all times. It might seem annoying to carry your bags, coats, and books around with you, but it is a minor inconvenience compared to their disappearance! Textbook theft attempts occur frequently, usually because of their resale value. Do not leave them alone for any reason.

Reporting Incidents in the Library
If you see something suspicious, or have been victimized in any way, we want to know. Please see individual libraries for a contact list.

Fire Safety and Prevention:

If the fire alarm sounds, LEAVE THE BUILDING.

There are fire exit stairs on the east and west wall on each floor. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. Please shut all doors behind you.

Do not assume that it is a drill. Even if it is a drill, you are required by South Carolina law to leave the building. If you fail to do so, then you may be fined or arrested.

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