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DEIS Artist Creates Bicentennial Web-page Visuals

Brooke Stillwell, graphic artist at DEIS, has created an extensive visual history of USC for the Bicentennial Celebration Web-page.  The page offers links to Bicentennial events, projects/exhibits, publications, keepsakes, a history timeline, the opening Bicentennial ceremony, “On This Day in Carolina History...,”“Come Take Your Place in History,” a volunteer form, and a feature page about Richard Greener, the institution's first African American faculty member.

The history timeline is quite extensive and blends photographs, documents, drawings, and realia with text which, when completed, will present an overview of the University's first 200 years. A work in progress, the timeline currently goes through 1867.  Events commemorated on the timeline include the chartering of South Carolina College, plans for the first buildings,
adoption of the College seal and motto, establishment of the literary societies, the elections of presidents, a visit to the campus of the Marquis de Lafayette, erection of the Maxcy Monument, building of the first separate academic library building in the country (now the South Caroliniana Library), the“Golden Age"  of the College (1845-60), closing of the College when most of the students left to fight for the Confederacy, use of the buildings for hospital facilities, preservation of the campus during the burning of Columbia in 1865, reopening of the institution as the University of South Carolina, and establishment of the "University Club,”a " Base Ball” team in 1867.  The timeline will be maintained on the University’s home page when the Bicentennial Celebration is over.

The pages devoted to Richard Greener provide a biography of the professor and librarian; information about some of his contemporaries called “From the World of Richard Greener;”a“Photography Collection of Richard Greener” showing all of the recently rediscovered photographs which Greener took of the campus in 1873-74; and a description, photographs and reviews of USC professor Ron Tuttle's play about the life of Greener, The White Problem.

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