Film Reserves

Thomas Cooper Library

Thomas Cooper Library is proud to offer the Film Reserves service, in cooperation with the Film Studies Program through the College of Liberal Arts.

Film Reserves provides improved access to our Educational Film Collection. Instructors can reserve videos for their students to watch in the library and discuss in class later. We at Thomas Cooper and the College of Liberal Arts are pleased that our faculty and students may now take full advantage of this service.


Contact the Educational Films Librarian at (803) 777-2858 with your Film Reserve request.Please include a viewing schedule or syllabus. This will help eliminate scheduling conflicts if another instructor needs to use the same film(s) for a class. Film Reserve requests placed at the Circulation Desk will take longer to process, as they will be forwarded to Educational Films staff.

If we do not own a film you wish to use, we can order it for you as long as it is still in print. Legally obtained personal copies of videos and DVDs can be placed on reserve; please contact Educational Films for assistance.

After Reserve films are processed, they are kept behind the Reserve Desk in the Circulation Department for check-out and viewing in the library’s Film Viewing Room. Reserve films may not be taken out of the library by students.

What’s On Thomas Cooper Course Reserve Now?


The Film Viewing Room is in Room 319 on Level 3 of the Thomas Cooper Library. It is equipped with TV/VCR combination units, DVD players, and group viewing capabilities.

Headphones may be checked out with your Reserve film from the Reserve Desk on the Main floor. The sound on each unit has been disabled so as not to bleed out into the library and disturb others.

The Viewing Room is a joint effort of the College of Liberal Arts Film Studies Program and the Thomas Cooper Library. Film Studies provides the equipment, and Thomas Cooper maintains the equipment and the facility itself.

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