Getting Materials Delivered

We have it

We don’t have it


While searching for an article, some article databases have a PDF or HTML copy.

If the full text of an article isn’t available, click on “Find Text” when you are in article databases.   Clicking “Find Text” checks the University Libraries Ejournals holdings. 

Do you already know the article you want?  Click on Ejournals from the University Libraries homepage.  Search for the title of the journal.  If the journal is health-related, once you are in Ejournals click on the “combined list of USC Columbia and USC School of Medicine e-journals.”  If the University Libraries don’t have it online you might be able to get it through the USC School of Medicine Library.

If we don’t have it online, search the library catalog by the title of the journal to see if it’s on the library shelves.  If we have the volume you need, we can “scan and deliver” it to you.  Request a Scan and Deliver through your Interlibrary Loan account.  If you haven’t already created your ILL account, click on the “First Time Users” button to do so.


Look for the Request button in the library catalog.  Not everything can be requested, but if the button is there you can either have the items held for you at a library or, if you live outside of Richland and Lexington counties, you can have books mailed to the home address in your University account. 


Interlibrary Loan
To create an Interlibrary Loan account, click on the “First Time Users” button on the  Interlibrary Loan webpage.  Once you create your account, you can request materials.  Most articles or book chapters are delivered electronically to us so that’s how we’ll be able to deliver them to you. 


Other options for books

PASCAL Delivers
When you are in the library catalog and our copy of a book is checked out or we don’t have it at all, click on the PASCAL Delivers button.

It searches the college and university libraries in the state.  With a couple of clicks you can have the book sent to Columbia.  You’ll get an email message sent to your University account when it arrives.  Reply to the email message if you want the book mailed to you (if you live outside of Richland and Lexington counties).

Or if you have a CarolinaCard (and it must be the official USC CarolinaCard) and a participating South Carolina college or university library is closer to you, you can request that the PASCAL Delivers book be sent there.


Is there a library near you that offers interlibrary loan services?   If so, they may be able to help you obtain books.

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