Newspapers as Primary Sources

Newspapers in our Collections

Newspapers in the University Libraries’ collection may be housed in:
Govt. Information, Microforms and Newspapers (level 5 in Thomas Cooper Library)
South Caroliniana Library
online in Lexis Nexis Academic Universe, New York Times, The State 
To learn all the newspapers or newspaper indexes the library has online, go to the Electronic Resources page, select All Subjects and then in step 2 check Newspapers, then "View Sources".

A list of the historical newspaper collections kept in Government Information, Microforms and Newspaper Department, including Early American Newspapers and Early English Newspapers, can be found at

Search the library catalog with a subject search using the place of publication (city or county) followed by the subdivision newspapers. State names will be abbreviated (with two word state names separated by a space).

Richmond VA newspapers
Boston Mass newspapers
Charleston S C newspapers

Consult the book South Carolina Newspapers Thomas Cooper Library Ready Reference and Mezzanine Z6952.S7 M66 and in the South Caroliniana Library. It lists newspapers in libraries in South Carolina.

Finding Articles from Newspapers: Indexes

Most newspapers, especially for older years, do not have an index. Indexes for The New York Times and Times (London) are kept in the Thomas Cooper Library Reference Department.

Search by subject newspapers- - indexes for a list of newspaper indexes. Also try a subjectsearch using the newspaper’s title.

state columbia s c- -indexes
monde- -indexes

Newspapers with a Particular Viewpoint

Do you need to know the viewpoint of a newspaper or find one with a particular editorial stance? Consult a guide, directory, or find a book on the history of newspapers.

Try an advanced keyword search newspapers bibliography

Enter a subject search on appropriate headings such as American newspapers, African American newspapers and scan the various subdivisions. A book on the history or some directories might be useful.

For South Carolina newspapers, John Hammond Moore’s guide, South Carolina Newspapers(Thomas Cooper Library Ready Reference and Mezzanine Z6952.S7 M66 and South Caroliniana Library) will indicate if the paper was independent, Democrat, black publication, etc.

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