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F. Carey Howlett
P.O. Box 246
Callao, Virginia 22435
(804) 529-5373
mobile: (804) 366-1233


F. Carey Howlett is president and chief conservator for F. Carey Howlett & Associates, a firm providing services in collections management, preventive conservation and the evaluation and treatment of historic furniture, wooden objects and architecture.  The firm recently consulted on the development of the master plan for the renovation of the Virginia State Capitol, and current clients include the Hermitage Foundation Museum in Norfolk, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Chrysler Museum, the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, and the Menokin Foundation in Richmond County.


Mr. Howlett worked for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for fourteen years, serving as director of conservation from 1998-2001 and senior conservator from 1996-8. During his tenure as director, Colonial Williamsburg received the first national Award for Outstanding Commitment to the Preservation and Care of Collections, presented in 1999 by Heritage Preservation and the American Institute for Conservation. While at Colonial Williamsburg he developed an internationally acclaimed internship program and coordinated the design and construction of the conservation facilities at the Foundationís DeWitt Wallace Collections and Conservation Building. 


Mr. Howlett serves on the board of the Virginia Conservation Association, and has served as chair of the Wooden Artifacts Group of the American Institute for Conservation.  He recently contributed a chapter to the new edition of Fiske Kimballís The Capitol of Virginia: A Landmark of American Architecture, featuring new information gleaned from the research, examination and conservation of Thomas Jeffersonís 1786 prototype model for the Virginia Capitol.  He has also published on such topics as the elaborate Masonic Masterís Chair by Williamsburg cabinetmaker Benjamin Bucktrout, historic upholstered furniture, and his development of new techniques to reduce warpage in wooden objects.  He is co-editor of Painted Wood: History and Conservation  (Getty Trust Publications, 1998). 


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