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Reporting a noise complaint or book purchase request?


January 9th Please add direct links to NewsBank and Oxford Reference to the Electronic Resources section on the main library page. It isn't easy to find them.

The library has hundreds of databases and it seems everyone has their own favorites so we haven’t added links to individual databases from the library’s home page.  The link to Articles and Databases directly under Electronic Resources gives you several options for exploring and accessing our databases.

When you already know the name of the database, you can use the alphabetical listing from the Articles and Databases page or start typing in the Search by name box on that web page. 

If you don’t know the particular database, the listings by Subject Area and Type are the way to go!  For example, click on the Type link for Newspapers and Magazines and find what other newspaper databases we have besides NewsBank or the Encyclopedias and Handbooks link to discover more reference type databases.  Oxford Reference is a useful database, but we also have Credo Reference, Gale Virtual Reference Library and Sage Reference Online.  Like Oxford Reference they are collections of many reference sources in different subjects.


December 6th There is a big lack of outlets on the first floor. Mind you, there ARE outlets, but half of them don't work. it's ridiculous to find a working one when the library is busy.

Thanks for your suggestion.  We are going to add additional outlets spring 2017 to accommodate  more students on the main level and level 4. 


December 4th How is there no wifi in the third floor carrels?

We walked the third floor  Monday morning and checked on the carrels. We had wi-fi  at that time where we checked.  It’s a very busy time on the wireless networks on campus so there might be instances of losing a connection but that should be a short-term situation.  We can test more places if you will let us know more specifically where you were. 

August 7th (Columbia ) Increase the number of summer hours for the library. I am a summer student who has two jobs, and the only times I can use the library is about an hour before close. My class has been online and I need to take quizzes and exams on a computer with specific programs. My own computer died earlier this summer so I have been relying on friends and the library, but the library is hardly available. As a student paying a ridiculous amount for summer tuition, and needing two jobs to help pay for that, having the library open is a necessary. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation, but I have been heavily affected by the availability of the library.

Thank you for your comment. We regret the library hours were not convenient for you this summer. We take many factors into account when deciding on library hours including class schedules, actual use data for the building and input from our students, faculty and staff. Your comments will be useful in planning for summer hours next year. Please continue to provide input on your library needs.


March 28th (home) For undergraduate commuters esp.. non freshman that can not get oncampus housing.. Could undergraduates reserve a study carrel as a place to store books and study between classes.. just in their name so the carrel is just for their use.. a commuter might have a 9am class then a 3pm class.. Happy to pay a fee for the semester.. ie.. $75 a semester for a study carrel reserved for a specific student.. are their other building on campus this could happen.. a physics major could reserve a carrel in the physics building.. a commuter could reserve a carrel in a dorm area..

Unfortunately, the carrels are not secure and also one of our most popular areas for individual daily study. We do have daily lockers for undergraduate students located on the main floor of the library. 

March 17th get a shredder that the public can use

Great idea.  We’ve purchased a shredder and it should appear beside the copiers on the main floor very soon.

August 15th Would you please consider purchasing Transnational Cinema: The Film Reader by Elizabeth Ezra? It would be of great use to my film and media studies and media arts students and helpful for my own research as well. Best Lauren Dr. Lauren Steimer Assistant Professor of Media Arts School of Visual Art and Design Film and Media Studies Program University of South Carolina

We have ordered a copy of this book.  Thanks for the suggestion. 

Gary Geer

 Acquisitions & Collection Development


June 30th Hello University of South Carolina, How are you? I noticed under your “Additional Resources” page, you have links to help people find books. I found a couple more good sites that helped me a lot in school. Both and offered a huge variety of textbooks for really low costs. If you add them, let me know. If it ends up helping someone find a book he/she needs at a lower cost, then I’ve done my job. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon! Best, Ben

I've forwarded your suggestion to the department responsible for that page.  Thanks

February 12th (Thomas Cooper Library) I'm at home recovering from the flu and want to ensure all places I've visited beforehand are "clean." I've meant to mention that it's time to change the filter in your first floor water fountain (close to the elevators) "water bottle" refill system. Also, I was diagnosed with the flu Tuesday 2/10 and was at TCL 1st floor on Monday 2/9 (email me for specific location) and possibly had the flu. May be a good idea to Lysol the desks.

Sorry you’re sick. We hope you have a speedy recovery.  Thanks for your concern about others in the Library.    According to the Mayo Clinic cold and flu viruses are only infectious on a surface for several hours.  Especially on the busy Main Floor where you were, we have disinfectant wipes for anyone to use.  Our cleaning staff regularly clean all parts of the building.

We had also noticed that the water filter needed to be replaced.  Those should be replaced soon. The bottle fillers have been very popular.  There is also one on Level 5.    

October 30th (1st floor silent area) While I appreciate the newly renovated silent study area but I found it's not silent after all. Surprisingly, more than often the loudest noises are from the staff themselves. As a matter of fact I witnessed myself today that one staff member was talking on his cell phone as he walking down the hallway. How would you expect students to comply to the rules when your staffs are among the ones who disregard them.

Thank you for your suggestion. We are reminding our staff and the faculty that occupy offices in the silent study areas to preserve the silence.

October 26th (1st Floor ) Every time I go to the Thomas Cooper Library to study, I go to the first flow (quite floor). In the far left corner of the floor, there used to be all long tables that were connected. Recently however, most of the tables were replaced with cubbies. My suggestion would be to put the tables back so that students can spread out and feel more comfortable while studying.

We offer a variety of seating in Thomas Cooper Library to accommodate the various needs of our users. Level 1 is a quiet floor and mixing individual seating with large study tables helps to keep noise to a minimum. We recently added more than 150 seats to the building by reorganizing seating on several levels. You will find the large study tables you enjoy are still available on level 1 and in a variety of locations in the library.

September 15th (4th floor thomas cooper) I study on this floor alot, but the burning smells have chased me off. 4 times in the last 2 weeks a strong burning food smell has completely covered the entire floor. I looked for the source once and found it coming from the back. (the library loan area?).please tell them to stop burning stuff! It's stinks!

Hi, Interlibrary Loan here. We totally agree that it stinks! We’ve ditched the culprit, our toaster, and will no longer be contributing bad smells to level 4. So come on back to study down here. Thanks for the suggestion.


August 28th (tcl) Suggestion: The Horry County area of SC should be represented in the digital newspapers. I suggest digitizing the Horry Dispatch and the Horry Herald. Library Location: Columbia South Caroliniana Library Email:

Thank you for your interest in our newspaper project.  We will make every effort to digitize Horry county newspapers and make them available online.  We must follow the Library of Congress guidelines for choosing newspapers to scan while we are funded through NEH, however we are always looking for ways to add new content when we can.  We will make sure that the Horry Dispatch and the Horry Herald are on the list to scan.  Sincerely,

Kate Boyd, Digital Initiatives Coordinator, University Libraries

August 28th (tcl) Mobile site needs easy link to book study room.

Thank you for your suggestion regarding booking rooms using the Libraries’ mobile interface. We will explore the possibilities of adding this capability to our mobile interface during the fall semester. If we determine the room booking system functions effectively on the mobile interface we will seek to implement it between the fall and spring semester.

August 28th (tcl) 8/26/14 An automated way to sign in new students (EPI) – just put in info along with Carolina ID.

We need some clarification about what you're asking for.  Please include your contact information so we can give you an answer. 

August 20th (tcl) Library Suggestion Suggestion: In the accounting resource section it would be nice to see something geared toward accounting/finance majors that are looking for new areas to get started in their career path based on labor demand. I found this on google news and it has a neat section for areas/cities that are experiencing employment growth in the financial services. I think this would help diversify the resources that are more "generic". The url came off the site and the news section with the areas that needing financial workers is Thanks Library Location: Columbia Business Library Email:

Thanks for the suggestion.  We’ll take a look. 


August 18th Suggestion: I am trying to access the online Webster's dictionary that was available last semester, the new website is very hard to navigate. there should be a easy was to a tips section on how to use the new site. Library Location: Columbia Thomas Cooper Library Email:

Hi,  I'm sorry you're having trouble navigating our new site and will send your suggestion on to our web folks. In the meanwhile, Webster's Dictionary is available by going to and selecting Article's and Databases and either selecting M (for Merriam-Webster ) from the top of the page or selecting Encyclopedias and Handbooks from the bottom of the page, and then selecting Dictionaries from Related Resources. I will see if a redirect under the name "Webster" can be made for the alphabetical list.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance,

Sharon L. Verba, Head, Department of Research,Instruction, & Reference  Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina

August 13th (tcl) Suggestion: I ILL'd a book that I no longer need and logged in to cancel the request. I do not see a way to cancel a request once it has been processed. Might be a good idea to have that option. Library Location: Columbia Thomas Cooper Library Email:

The option to cancel an ILL request is available in your ILL account until the request has been processed. Once processed, a manual process works much better for keeping track of cancellations, since we want to catch them before they have been shipped by a library. It’s still easy to cancel a request you don’t need, just drop us a line at or give us a call at 803-777-2805.

Hope that helps, Amber Gibbs Cook,Head of Interlibrary Loan,Thomas Cooper Library 803.777.4877

August 7th As a busy student, I often find its hard to keep up with leisure reading. I would love it if the library could coordinate a suggested reading database based on popular titles, genres, etc or possibly start a student book club.

Keeping up with leisure reading can be tough! We do offer the Browsing Books LibGuide .Here you can find the most recent additions to the Browsing collection by selecting the  "view feed" link in the New Browsing Books box. We like your suggestions for adding genre listings as well as a student book club, and will see what we can do.

May 28th (physical) I'm a regular patron and Thomas Cooper Society member who hates to come inside with a wet umbrella that could potentially damage your carpet. Would you look into getting the umbrella "Web Bag" dispenser that you can find at either entrance to the Russell House. I'd feel a lot better knowing I won't damage your carpet or have someone slip because of my mess. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion we’ll look into the cost of this product for the library. 

Update:  We now have a stand with umbrella bags just inside the main entrance.  6/9/14