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August 13th (tcl) Suggestion: I ILL'd a book that I no longer need and logged in to cancel the request. I do not see a way to cancel a request once it has been processed. Might be a good idea to have that option. Library Location: Columbia Thomas Cooper Library Email:

The option to cancel an ILL request is available in your ILL account until the request has been processed. Once processed, a manual process works much better for keeping track of cancellations, since we want to catch them before they have been shipped by a library. It’s still easy to cancel a request you don’t need, just drop us a line at or give us a call at 803-777-2805.

Hope that helps,

Amber Gibbs Cook

Head of Interlibrary Loan

Thomas Cooper Library

University of South Carolina


August 7th As a busy student, I often find its hard to keep up with leisure reading. I would love it if the library could coordinate a suggested reading database based on popular titles, genres, etc or possibly start a student book club.

Keeping up with leisure reading can be tough! We do offer the Browsing Books LibGuide .Here you can find the most recent additions to the Browsing collection by selecting the  "view feed" link in the New Browsing Books box. We like your suggestions for adding genre listings as well as a student book club, and will see what we can do.

May 28th (physical) I'm a regular patron and Thomas Cooper Society member who hates to come inside with a wet umbrella that could potentially damage your carpet. Would you look into getting the umbrella "Web Bag" dispenser that you can find at either entrance to the Russell House. I'd feel a lot better knowing I won't damage your carpet or have someone slip because of my mess. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion we’ll look into the cost of this product for the library. 

Update:  We now have a stand with umbrella bags just inside the main entrance.  6/9/14

May 15th The library needs a bottle water fountain like in the Russell House.

Good news! We are in the process of purchasing one; however with all of the renovations underway, the paperwork is just not completed yet. Stay tuned. . .

May 10th Please make the new titles more prominent on the library homepage.

Although we do not have a better space for the new books’ covers, we can add a link to the entire list of new books.  Thank you for bringing this option to our attention.

May 6th (Thomas Cooper Library) It is 12:30am during finals week and the Thomas Cooper Library is unbelievably loud. I thought coming to the library would give me the opportunity to get away from loud conversations and socializing, however, the library workers are not only ignoring how loud it is, but they are some of the main contributors. This is not a library, this is a social meeting place and I am extremely disappointed, distracted, and frustrated.

We are sorry for your disappointment.  It is true that the library is very crowded during exams; however the lower levels (1, 2 and 3) are quiet levels and should not be loud.   We have a system for reporting noise on these levels.  It is or you can report noise to the circulation staff or to the guards if circulation is closed.   We would appreciate knowing which level you were on.  We do not expect Main Level to be quiet; but we do expect the lower levels to remain relatively quiet given the number of people trying to study for exams.  We also have individual study carrels for daily checkout, providing a tomb-like quiet that might fit your study needs in the future. 

April 25th (South Caroliniana Library) Please make the Manning papers available on line. Everytime I go to the library someone is hogging the microfilm.

Thank you for your suggestion. Sorry your trip to Barnwell did not allow you to view the material you wanted.  We do have the paper copies of the item you need.  Hopefully, your trip to Columbia in July will satisfy your need for information held by the South Caroliniana Library.  Be sure to check the hours ( ) and contact the staff ( ) prior to your visit to make the most of your time in Columbia.


April 15th (Thomas Cooper Library) Weekend and evening staff at the circulation desk are becoming increasingly curt, begrudging, and unresponsive in their basic customer service. Though while there may be no line and yet multiple staff working at the desk, I often must wait to be noticed and offered help, or I must simply eventually interrupt the personal conversations among the staff in order to ask for help. Simple courtesies ("Please" and "thank you") are often eschewed and patrons are addressed in an impatient tone and manner that would in no way be acceptable in any other place of business.

Thank you for your comments.   I’ve forwarded your concern to the night and weekend circulation supervisors, who will speak with their student workers.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your concerns further.  Tucker Taylor,, (803) 777-3145.

April 6th (Library Homepage) I can only ever access the events list through the individual events listed on the right hand column. I'd suggest making a more prominent/easy to find "See All Events" type of link.

Thank you.  This is a good suggestion. We were using the model developed by for their events list, but on second look, our page clearly needs the type of link you suggest.    We hope to add it later this week, and here it is:


March 19th It is very difficult to find "my account" on the current library homepage -- it is frustrating every time I need to renew a book. Could this link be made more prominent?

Thank you for this suggestion.  Our webmaster has added a link to the “My Library Account” block on the right side of the library homepage for those who want a shortcut to the catalog’s “My Account.”  

March 10th I just looked up a book and the computer immediately sent me to ILL since the book was unavailable. I filed a request, but only later saw that we do own a book, it was just checked out by another user. I wouldn't do an ILL request for that situation. The new computer catalog is convenient in some ways, and more cumbersome than before in others. I always have to log in to view more, sometimes with both my barcode and my USCID, even when using the computer in my office in Welsh humanities office building. Also, I wish the ILL link was on the homepage of the library, I keep forgetting where it is (Columbia Services) and have to hunt a lot. Thanks! Library Location: Columbia Thomas Cooper Library

ILL is a link on the homepage, but it is rather obscure. I’ve reviewed the site statistics and they do suggest that the link is too obscure. So, point taken. We are planning some substantial changes to the homepage between Spring and Summer I – I’ll include your feedback.  (Web Master)

As for the system sending you to ILL immediately, we would like to have the details of that search.  The login requirement you mentioned is vendor based.  Some vendors will only display citation information after successful authentication by MY Account when you are using a laptop or a desktop whose IP is not recognized as on campus by the vendor.  We are still exploring the possibilities offered by our new discovery catalog system. Developments for making the research process more streamlined are still underway.    

Thank you for your feedback.

January 21st (Thomas Cooper) Give consideration to placing wipe containers like those found in the Blatt facility in all designated locations where computers are used and inform the students of the availability. Computers and the desks harbor many germs and this would help eliminate some germs and encourage users to clean the areas.

We have had wipes available in the past. Thank you for reminding us to buy more.  

December 12th (Thomas Cooper Library) 1)what is the purpose of having a noise complaint website it every time I go to it "support representative isn't available" Also, your staff is extremely loud on the quiet floors. 2)Keep your circulation chat open so I can report my noise complaints. Or provide an alternative way to report said noise complaint. Columbia Thomas Cooper Library

We are sorry the noise complaint system is not working for you.   It is open  during the hours that the Circulation Department is open.  You can also report noise directly to the circulation staff on the main level.   If the Circulation Desk is closed, you can go to the Exit Gate to request help from the Security Guards.

As for the staff being loud, a reminder to keep voices down has been sent by the director to all supervisors on the quiet levels.  Please tell us if you continue to be bothered by staff noise.

November 11th (Main level) Free drinks during finals week, free printing, free color printing, free cookies during finals week, free donuts during finals week, better service on lower floor. Do you read this? If so I want confirmation. Please email me at ******** Thanks in advance, a frequent visitor.

We are very interested in your comment about better service on the lower floor.  Please let us know what type of service you think is needed.  As for the free stuff, we too wish we could offer this, but at present we don’t find the money in our budget to pay for these items.

November 11th Coffee Shop open on Sunday!

We have contacted the SODEXHO manager to ask about this.  You may contact them directly at to offer your suggestion.

November 1st It would be nice to ditch the 1850’s red canisters for the dvd checkouts and let students checkout multiple dvd’s.

The red canisters (BTW they are not from 1850) allow us to differentiate between films that are allowed to leave the building (those from Educational Films and Browsing) from those that are not (Reserves).  As to multiple DVD checkouts, that issue is being revisited.  Stay tuned.

October 31st Main level I think that a space should be available for individuals who need a quiet space to do virtual/video chat. There does not seem to be on appropriate location for this. We are not allowed to talk in the individual study carrels nor can one person check out a group study room. I propose that one study room be reserved as a quiet area for video conferencing-even and especially for individuals. Thank you.

We are aware that this is a need, and we are evaluating our spaces to see if we can identify a space appropriate for this type of activity without sacrificing the spaces needed for groups.

October 11th Web 2.0 Applications for Composition Classrooms by Claire Lutkewitte published by Fountainhead Press

We will order this for the collection, but we would prefer to have your name so we can notify you when it comes in.

September 29th The library seems to have become a place for hanging out. There is always so much noise in the area to the left. The students should at least endeavor to keep it silent. Students keep using phones and are loud in their discussions. Library should be place to learn in peace and silence. Library Location: Columbia Business Library

The Business Library has a quiet side and a group study area.  They try to maintain options for all students’ needs.  You may want to try a carrel in the area to the right of the entrance, behind the stacks for quiet study.

September 22nd I really don’t like the new booking system. Change it ASAP. Thanks.
September 22nd The computer sign up for study rooms is pointless when you have 4 circulation employees working the counter at all times.
September 22nd Study room system sucks. No more computer stuff, it’s annoying.
September 23rd The new booking system is convenient, but you should correct the systems so if a student could not book a room online has the opportunity to have availability to open rooms at the time they are there, if there are any more available. Other than that it does still cut back on the waiting time for rooms, it just needs to be more accessible to everyone.
September 24th Most of my time is spent on reserving a room, it’s confusing and a waste of time, do better!
September 24th This system sucks!
September 25th Old study room system back! The study room systems needs tweaking. Go back to the old way!

Thanks so much for your concerns about our new study room system.   I recognize that the changes require some effort on the student’s part, but I hope the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. The new study room system allows you to pick the room you want up to two weeks in advance.  You will be able to tell other students which room you have and when you can meet, which should help you when you’re trying to get study groups together.  You can also stay in the room longer if no one reserves the room after you.

For those of you who have not reserved the room in advance, we do have the ability to allow you to check out a room if there is one available.  You would just have to reserve the room when you come to the desk.  We have created a computer on our front counter so that you may reserve a room without having to find a workstation.  I am happy to talk to anyone about concerns they have.  Please feel free to contact me (Tucker Taylor) at or 803-777-3145.