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University Libraries - SCoer!

2018 Faculty Grants

65% of students report not purchasing a textbook because of its high price, affecting their ability to succeed in college. You can ensure that all your students have access to your course materials from day one of your class, regardless of their economic background.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are high quality, openly-licensed teaching, learning, and research resources that are available at no cost to students. They can be customized by faculty members to fit their teaching needs and are available in many formats.

Another solution to the high cost of textbooks is the free use of library-licensed and owned resources. Previous SCoer! winners have provided one-time savings of over $76,500 through the use of OER and library-owned resources, or over $150,000 in total savings. For more information, check out our OER Guide.

What can you do?

Apply to win the 2018 OER Faculty Grant. Winners selected by the Scholarly Communications Team of the University Libraries and Student Government representatives will choose an open educational textbook or library-licensed resource after attending a one hour workshop and incorporate it into one of their courses in place of a traditional textbook. If selected, you will be awarded a $500 prize and a certificate to thank you for your work.

How do I apply?

Submit your application between January 16, 2018 and May 1, 2018. We’ll announce winners and workshop dates on May 18, 2018. Winners will submit a future course syllabus showing their use of a free resource by August 1, 2018 and will receive their certificate and $500 prize. We'll send two brief follow up surveys within the year.

Contact the University Libraries Scholarly Communication Team at 803-777-2168 or for further information.