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University Libraries - Faculty Reserves

Faculty Information

General Policies

Materials are placed on reserve for the duration of a semester unless removed by the instructor (or authorized agent). At semester's end, library materials are re-shelved; photocopies and personal items are returned to the instructor. We will consider retaining items upon request if the course repeats the following term or is taught on a regular basis. Please contact the Reserves Supervisor to request this "indefinite reserve" status.

Placing Material on Reserve

Demand is heaviest at the beginning of each semester, so please allow up to two business days to process reserve items. You and your students can see reserve lists in our Online Catalog - just click the link here.

We cannot place InterLibrary Loan items on reserve in accordance with the InterLibrary Loan Agreement. If we do not own an item you would like to use for your class, we will attempt to order it for you; we can place your personal copy on reserve; or we can reproduce relevant sections of personal copies of printed materials in accordance with pertinent copyright restrictions.

Reserves cannot accept items, including films, owned by any library except Thomas Cooper.

Submitting Requests

You can submit your Reserves reading list to us in several ways:

Using style guides for consistency can help us find your materials faster. Reserve lists without complete information will take longer to process and may receive lower priority; illegible lists will be returned to you for completion.

Library Books

You may either bring us the books you want or provide us with the information from the Online Catalog to retrieve them for you. We require the call number, full author name, and title of each book. If we need to search for items or recall checked-out books, your list will take longer to process.

Ordering Books

If Thomas Cooper does not own a book you wish to have on reserve, we can order it for you, provided the book is still in print. We can conduct an out-of-print search, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to locate a copy at all, much less in time for your course. Submit your book order requests to the Reserve Desk at

Personal Items

Personal copies of books or other materials placed on reserve will be security-tagged, bar coded, and circulated as building use only. Please understand that theft or mutilation of materials by users is always a possibility, and that the Reserves staff and Thomas Cooper Library are not responsible for such an event.


Many instructors place photocopies of journal articles, class notes, etc. in course packets. We do not permit these high-use items to be unstapled or to leave the building.

Please collate course packet articles; reams of xeroxed paper will be returned. Binders are acceptable.

If you supply complete citations and if we own the source journals, we can have journal articles copied for you (titles stored in the Annex may take longer to process). We must observe copyright restrictions concerning the placement of photocopies on reserve.

As with personal items, photocopied articles are security-tagged and labeled to prevent loss, but this is not a guarantee against theft or mutilation.


We have a Film Viewing Room in the library where students may watch videotapes and DVDs assigned for your class.

The Film Reserves program enables you to place movies on reserve; these will remain on reserve all semester, just like our other materials, unless you request otherwise.

Contact the Educational Films Librarian at (803) 777-2858 with your Film Reserve request. When you request films, please include a viewing schedule or syllabus. That way, if another instructor needs to use the video in class, we can better coordinate with Education Films to ensure that a particular film is where it needs to be with little or no inconvenience to either class.

If you wish to use a film that we do not own, we can order it for you as long as it is still in print. Legally obtained personal copies of videos and DVDs can be placed on reserve; please contact Educational Films for assistance.

Copyright Guidelines

The Reserves Staff complies with United States copyright laws.  For more information about copyright, please contact Tucker Taylor at, or 803-777-3145.  More information may be found here-