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University Libraries - Cooper Technology Lounge Wireless

Wireless Library Access

Where is the wireless located?
Thomas Cooper Library has a wireless network available on all floors of the library, around the fountain in front of the library, and the grassy areas in front of the library.

Who can use the wireless?
Students, faculty and staff with a valid network username and password can bring their laptops into the library and use the wireless network. 

What can be configured?
Any device can be configured to access the wireless network. If you need assistance configuring your device come by the Technology Lounge located on Level 5.

Will my laptop automatically connect to the network?
There is a guest network which provides access to the Internet. However, students must sign-in to the USC Student Network to access on-campus web pages including university e-mail, VIP, Blackboard, etc. To access step by step instructions on getting connected to the USC Library wireless network click here.