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University Libraries - Cooper Technology Lounge

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use the computers in the lounge?
No. The computer lounge is only available to current USC students, Faculty, and Staff. The computer lounge is not open to the general public because student technology fees are used to supply and maintain the equipment. Alumni or library card holders do not have access to the computer lounge, but they are allowed to conduct research on the main level reference computers.

Can I save information to a disk?
Yes. All of the Dell computers come equipped with USB ports and CD-RW drives. The Apple computers come equipped with a CD-RW and DVD-RW drives.

If I do not have a diskette, what do I do?
All USC Students have 25GB of storage located at their Microsoft SkyDrive account. Learn more about accessing your SkyDrive account here.

Can I install my own software on the computers?
Patrons are not allowed to install their own software. If the software is necessary for a class assignment, the professor of the class should speak with the lab manager. Faculty and Staff can request software to be installed through the ticket system.

Can I receive assistance if I am having trouble working in an application?
Yes, a lounge consultant can assist you with any problems or concerns you may have.

Can I browse the web on these computers?
Yes. All computers have Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer or Edge.

Can I use these computers to do research?
Yes, these computers have access tothe USC library Catalog and the USC Libraries Electronic Resources.

How do I login to the computer?
Patrons must know their user ids and passwords to gain access to the computers. If a patron does not know his/her information, there is a computer located at the computer lounge desk with steps to help a patron obtain his/her network username by using VIP. EPI students may obtain their username and password from the EPI department. Lounge consultants can assist with problems.

What if I have problems logging onto my account, what do I do?
Patrons are encouraged to ask the lounge consultants for help if they are experiencing difficulties logging in. If the lounge consultant is unable to find a solution, there is a phone at the computer lounge desk. The phone will allow you be connected with the services center at Computer services. This service is available Monday-Friday from 8am until 5pm.

What are the Lounge hours?
Lounge hours can be found here.

Can I use the laptops on any level of the library?
Yes. The laptops can access the wireless on all levels of the library to use the Internet or print.