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University Libraries - Music Gift Policy

The USC Music Library is always grateful for the consideration shown by those who wish to donate items to the Library. However, the Library can only accept donations meeting these criteria:

  1. The materials must have value in the context of the library's mission, collection development programs, or research collections.
  2. With some exceptions (e.g., music printed or copied prior to the early 20th century, or particularly important items of any age), the condition of the material may play a role in whether the Library is able to accept the donation.

Owing to space considerations, the Music Library is not to accept LPs unless they are directly related the Library's special collections. The Library cannot accept burned CDs or DVDs for its collections; copied music, if part of a special collection, will be considered on its own merit (but would have to be placed in Special Collections, not in the circulating collection).

Once a donation become the Library's property, the Library may use or dispose of the materials in any way it deems appropriate. Because of limited staff and space, the USC Music Library cannot ordinarily create a special collection for a donor's materials, unless the collection is extensive and unless the creation of an independent collection is agreed upon beforehand. Except where items are needed immediately for course or research work, gift items cannot receive expedited processing. The Library does not ordinarily make copies of items given for donors.

By South Carolina law, the Library cannot provide appraisals for donations. If a gift is large, the donor will be asked to provide a list of materials for prior review. Due to limitations on staff time, the Library cannot create an itemized list of donations for the donor either before or after donation.

Procedures for donating materials:

  1. Materials may be delivered to the Music Library Circulation desk.
  2. In some instances the Library may be able to arrange pickup of materials (e.g., for large donations), although for the most part we request that donors deliver items to the Library during normal business hours.
  3. All donors should complete a Donor Form which officially transfers full ownership of the donation to the USC Music Library.

Donors will receive a letter of acknowledgment as soon as possible after the gift has been processed. For questions, contact the Music Library, at, or (803) 777-5139.