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University Libraries - Areas to Support

Areas to Support


Materials must constantly be purchased to meet the demands of the University’s evolving curriculum and research needs.  From a few thousand books, the Libraries’ holdings now reach into the millions. New acquisitions of books, journals, periodicals, maps, documents, and films provide new sources for research by students, faculty, and visiting scholars.

Electronic Resources

For years, USC has been a leader in the use of information technology through its pioneering work in distance education, its on-line library catalog, and electronic academic databases.  Today, the resources of the Libraries are available to students and faculty at any time and from any location, and new technologies have emerged to transform the nature of higher education in the twenty-first century.  Electronic database purchases and maintenance and the digitization of existing material are a part of the modern library’s ongoing expenses. 


The University’s commitment to the conservation of materials covers items as old as fifteenth-century maps, the first three books purchased by the Library in 1802, and Twentieth Century-Fox Movietonenews film reels. The ravages of time, moisture, and host of other enemies will reduce our treasured resources to dust if they are not cared for by experts who understand their value, know how to preserve them, and keep them accessible.