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University Libraries - Carolina Guardian Society

Carolina Guardian Society

Members of the Carolina Guardian Society share a commitment to the future of the University, demonstrating their dedication and support by including the University in their estate plans. Through their gifts and commitment, these donors provide an opportunity for a future even greater than Carolina's founders envisioned more than two hundred years ago.

The name of the society was drawn from the commencement speech offered in 1823 by Thomas Cooper, the University's second president: "I pray you, become the guardians of this...alma mater so...that to have been a graduate of the South Carolina College, shall everywhere be considered as a fair passport to the world's esteem."

Membership is offered to all individuals who have made a planned or deferred gift commitment to the University, and all eligible donors are encouraged to enroll. The following are members whose gifts will benefit the University Libraries:


Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Ackerman

Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Ackerman

Dr. Stephen H. Ackerman

Mr. Robert B. Ariail

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Aycock

Mrs. Sloan H. Brittain

Ms. E. Lee Craig

Ms. Mary Beth Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Crosson

Dr. Marilyn Meyer Culpepper

Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Davis

Mr. W. Eric Dell

Ms. Martha Edens

Dr. Edwin E. Gordon

Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Greiner

Mr. A. Elliott Holman III

Dr. Karlene N. Jennings

Dr. Thomas L. Johnson

Mr. Jerry A. Kay

Dr. Jessica Kross

Ms. Sarah E. Leverette

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Owen Morgan III

Mr. J. Ben Morrow

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Newton

Keith Revelle

Ms. Lynn Robertson

Mrs. G. Ross Roy

Mr. Hemrick N. Salley, Jr.

Dr. William C. Schmidt, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. August G. Swarat II

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Walters III

Mr. Homer J. Walton, Jr.

Ms. Joan Simms Wanner

Mr. Chester A. Wingate, Sr.

Mr. Bob Zager

Anonymous for South Carolina Political Collections Endowment

Anonymous for South Caroliniana Library

Anonymous for The Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

Anonymous for University South Caroliniana Society

(as of 7/23/15)