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University Libraries - Donna I. Sorensen Endowment: Southern Women in the Arts

Donna I. Sorensen Endowment Fund for Southern Women in the Arts

Ms. Donna Sorensen

This endowment supports library acquisitions pertaining to Southern women in the arts, including fine arts (such as painting, drawing, and sculpture), music, literature, performing arts (such as drama, music performance and dance) and the decorative arts. The Endowment was established in 2004 by retired President of the University, Andrew S. Sorensen, in honor of his wife.

Because of its broad spectrum, the Endowment provides research materials to students and faculty in many disciplines and at all levels of study. Materials made available through the Endowment will be of particular value to scholars interested in women's studies, Southern studies, music, art history, and literature.

The Endowment will serve to enhance the University's other unique collections about Southern women and will assist the library in developing a collection to document women's contributions to the South and the nation. Materials will be acquired in all formats and will be housed in the Thomas Cooper Library, the South Caroliniana Library, and other libraries on campus as is deemed appropriate.

Library users may learn about materials purchased with funds from the Sorensen Endowment via a keyword search of the library catalog using "Donna Sorensen Endowment" as the search term.

For more information on this endowment, please contact us.

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Updated 8/8/2017