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University Libraries - Jerome J. and A. Kay Platt Endowment Fund for British Medallic Art, Science and History

Jerome J. and A. Kay Platt Endowment Fund for British Medallic Art, Science and History

Kay and Jerry Platt
This Fund was established to provide support and connoisseurship in the field of British medallic art, science, and history within the Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.  Funds may be used for the acquisition of books, journals and other materials related to British historical medals, outreach activities, and the support of students and scholars while researching the collections. 

Jerome J. Platt and Arleen Kay Platt

Jerome J. Platt, Ph.D. and Arleen Kay Platt, R.N. have been associated with the University Libraries’ Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections since 2011. Their series of works on British medallic history utilizes commemorative and military medals as the entry point for biographical and bibliographical studies of historical events and the individuals who participated in them. They have worked with the Robert J. Wickenheiser Collection of John Milton while completing their two-volume work The English Civil War: Medals, Historical Commentary and Personalities (Spink, 2014) and completed research on the collection of medals associated with the life of Giuseppe Garibaldi held by the Irvin Department as part of the Anthony P. Campanella Collection of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The results of their research will appear in book form as “Here We Make Italy or We Die:” The Medals of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Risorgimento and Modern Italy. Currently, the Platts are studying 16th-century English historical medals in the British Museum’s collection.

Dr. Platt, before his retirement, served as a professor of psychiatry, associate dean for research and institute director at medical schools in the Philadelphia area. He is the author of over a dozen books on drug addiction and its treatment. Mrs. Platt was a hospital nursing supervisor and manager of a research clinic for adolescent drug abusers. 

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Updated 8/8/2017