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University Libraries - Class of 1956 Rare Books Library Endowment Fund

“Wild Turkey,” plate 1 from
John James Audubon,
Birds of America (Havell, 1828).

Class of 1956 Rare Books Library  Endowment Fund

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of their graduation from USC, the members of the Class of 1956 created the Class of 1956 Rare Books Library Endowment Fund.

The gift to Rare Books and Special Collections established an endowment to support the preservation of existing holdings and the acquisition of materials, as well as programming and publications. Rare Books and Special Collections owns invaluable materials, from items held by the ante-bellum South Carolina College library to recently acquired research collections of international renown.

"Carolina Parrot [and other birds],"
from Alexander Wilson,
American Orinthology (1808-1814).
'Camelia Japonica,' from William Curtis, Botanical Magazine (1788)
"Camelia Japonica," from
William Curtis,
Botanical Magazine (1788).


The Class of 1956 Reunion Gift and Event Planning Committee co-chairs, Catherine McClain Bauknight, Flynn Harrell and Bill Sargent, were instrumental in the establishment of this Fund.


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Updated 7/26/2017