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Any collection noted as "closed" is not available for research until its arrangement and description have been completed.

Open collections will have live links to their collection pages.

Barley, Willis Bryant "Bill," Jr. (b. 1941)

Currently closed.  This small collection documents the work of this Columbia photographer, particularly for Governor Robert McNair, c. 1965-1971.

Battiste, Luther James, III (b. 1949)

Papers, 1965-2011, 5 ft.

This collection documents the life and career of Luther J. Battiste, III, an attorney and longtime member of Columbia's City Council. 

Environmentalists, Inc.

Papers, 1946-2015 (bulk, 1971-1989), 118 ft.
Environmentalists, Inc. (E.I.) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in February of 1972 originally in “reaction to fears over the building of the Barnwell Fuel Plant” and later devoted itself “to the protection of the environment and public health.”  E.I. is primarily involved in nuclear issues but also addresses toxins and other environmental projects.


Ferillo, Charles T. "Bud" (b. 1945)

Papers, 1950-2016, 1.5 ft.
Ferillo was a key staff member to South Carolina State Senator Isadore Lourie, Speaker Rex Carter, and Lieutenant Governor Mike Daniel in the 1970s and 1980s. He engaged in campaign work beginning in the 1960s, and worked on Charles “Pug” Ravenel’s 1974 campaign for governor, among many others. In 1987, Ferillo founded Ferillo & Associates, Inc., a public relations and advertising firm based in Columbia.

Glad, Betty (1927-2010)

Papers, 1966-2009, 4 ft.
University of South Carolina professor Betty Glad is remembered as a teacher, writer, political scientist, historian, researcher, and mentor. Her publications on political leaders Charles Evans Hughes, Key Pittman, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter gave her the reputation for being a top authority on American politics and leadership.

Grose, Philip G. (1938-2012)

Papers, 1966-2011, 11.5 ft
Grose was a journalist, government administrator, speechwriter, public affairs aficionado, and author. He devoted his life to writing about and serving the government of South Carolina.

Harrell, Flynn T., Collection on the Separation of Church and State

Papers, 1948-present, 18.75 ft + published
Flynn Harrell, a native of Columbia, South Carolina, has dedicated his life to the study and promotion of religious liberty.

Hull, Edward Whaley Seabrook (1923-2007)

Papers, 1947-2007, 10 ft.
Hull was a journalist and expert in marine science and rocketry. He published widely on a variety of subjects and was a skilled photographer and a poet.

Hunter, Thomas William "Bill" (1906-1979)

Papers, 1932-1992, .25 ft.
Attorney, farmer, lumberman, and oil distributor, Bill Hunter was a leader in promoting rural electrification in Newberry County and throughout the United States. He served the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association as Secretary-Treasurer, 1963-1965, Vice President, 1965-1967, and President, 1967-1970.

Kelly, Mary T. (1923-2013)

Papers, 1970-2008, 18 ft.
Mary Kelly spent more than 35 years as an active environmentalist. She joined the League of Women Voters of South Carolina in 1972, and at various times during the following decades, she served as the State League President, Co-President, Director, Natural Resources Chair, Associate Director, Spokesperson, and Grant Administrator.

Moore, Robert J. (b. 1934)

Currently closed, retired Columbia College history professor Robert "Bob" Moore is one of South Carolina’s premier scholars on the Civil Rights movement. He has focused particularly on Matthew Perry’s leadership in the movement.  Oral history interviews with Judge Perry and Isaac W. "Ike" Williams conducted by Moore are available.

Peterson, Terry K. (b.1945)

Currently closed, this collection chiefly consists of material relating to Peterson's service as Counselor to Secretary Richard W. Riley at the U.S. Department of Education during the Clinton administration, 1993-2001.

Ravenel, Charles D. "Pug" (1938-2017)

Papers, 1973-1996, 5 ft.
In 1974, Charles D. Ravenel, a political newcomer, became the Democratic Party's nominee for governor, but a dispute over residency qualifications kept him off the general election ballot. Campaigns for the U.S. Senate in 1978 and for Congress in 1980 were also unsuccessful. However, Ravenel's innovative style and charismatic manner reinvigorated the political system, and his method of using the media as a campaign tool was a first for South Carolina and changed politics within the state.

Riley, Ann Yarborough "Tunky" (1935-2008)

Papers, c.1880s-2008, bulk 1978-1988, 3 ft.
Ann Osteen Yarborough Riley served as South Carolina's First Lady from 1979 until 1987. She was known not only for her gracious hospitality and warmth, but for her work toward improving South Carolina's educational system and her active involvement in the Governor's Mansion renovations.

Roettinger, Ruth Locke (c. 1905-2005)

18 items
Ruth Locke Roettinger was a professor of government at Winthrop College in 1949, when a Committee to Study [the] Existing State Constitution was established to study South Carolina's 1895 Constitution and recommend necessary changes. Roettinger was appointed to the committee by Governor Strom Thurmond, and she served as its secretary.

Simkins, Modjeska (1899-1992)

Papers, 1909-1992, 6.25 ft.
A Columbia civil rights activist, Simkins served as the South Carolina State Secretary for the NAACP, 1941-1957. She also had leadership roles in the renovation of Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital and the Richland County Citizens Committee. Simkins was a founder, in 1921, of the Victory Savings Bank of Columbia.

PLEASE NOTE: The Simkins Papers are now available online.

Vertical Files

Vertical Files collection, c. 700 folders
These files include newspaper clippings, campaign materials, brochures, and other information about people, places, and subjects relating to South Carolina politics and government.