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Any collection noted as "closed" is not available for research until its arrangement and description have been completed.

Open collections will have live links to their collection pages.

Bass, Jack (b. 1934)

Papers, c. 1936-2017, 25 ft.
These papers concern the life and career of Jack Bass: author, journalist, and political candidate.  The author of many nonfiction books and articles for major publications, he has received national recognition for his study of and works on the American South.  Bass served as the Columbia Bureau Chief for The Charlotte Observer, 1966 to 1973, and in 1978, campaigned to unseat four-term Republican congressman Floyd Spence.

Grose, Philip G. (1938-2012)

Papers, 1966-2011, 11.5 ft
Grose was a journalist, government administrator, speechwriter, public affairs aficionado, and author. He devoted his life to writing about and serving the government of South Carolina.

Hamby, Lottie D. "Dolly" (1918-2001)

Papers, 1946-2001, 6 ft.
Dolly Hamby was a partner in the all-female, Columbia-based Bradley, Graham, & Hamby Advertising and Public Relations Agency. The firm worked for high-profile political candidates and businesses, and on issues of public interest.

Hoagland, Jim (b.1940)

Currently closed. Journalist Jim Hoagland has won two Pulitzer Prizes. The University of South Carolina graduate began as a reporter for the (Rock Hill) Evening Herald but has worked chiefly for the Washington Post reporting on international affairs.

Hull, Edward Whaley Seabrook (1923-2007)

Papers, 1947-2007, 10 ft.
Hull was a journalist and expert in marine science and rocketry. He published widely on a variety of subjects and was a skilled photographer and a poet.

Lardner, Walt (b. 1931)

Original Drawings, 1967-1988, 25.5 ft.
Walt Lardner sold his first cartoon in 1954 while a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  He later became a free-lance artist for national publications, as well as a contributor to The State and chief animator for South Carolina Educational Television.

Mauldin, Doug (1933-2007)

75 Photographs, c. 1964-1974
This small collection consists of 75 photographs of public figures, taken by Doug Mauldin, a South Carolina journalist and photographer who worked for The State, the Greenville News, and the Associated Press, frequently reporting on state government.

Palmer, Kate Salley (b. 1946)

Currently closed, the collection consists of drawings, sketches, and papers relating to Palmer's work as an editorial cartoonist and children's book author.  See samples of her work in our online exhibit, "The Acerbic Pen."

Wickenberg, Charles H., Jr. (1923-2004)

Papers, c. 1835-2004, 6.25 ft.
Charles H. Wickenberg, Jr. was a journalist for 40 years, primarily with The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C. He served in the Marine Corps in both World War II and the Korean War, and subsequently as Gov. George Bell Timmerman's Executive Secretary from 1955 to 1958.

Workman, William D., Jr. (1914-1990)

Papers, 1915-1986, 65 ft.
William D. Workman, Jr. is best remembered for his pivotal role in the emergence of a viable Republican Party in South Carolina. In 1962, when the Democrats were the dominant political power in the state, he made a serious, competitive bid for the U.S. Senate as a Republican. In his career as a journalist, he wrote for Charleston's Post and Courier and Columbia's The State, becoming editor of the latter in 1966.

Wyman, Hastings (b. 1939)

Papers, 1957-2015, 3.75 ft.
Hastings Wyman was an early Republican activist in South Carolina and worked as a legislative assistant for Senator Strom Thurmond from 1967 to 1973. He was manager of the unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign of Albert Watson in 1970. Since 1978, Wyman has written and published the Southern Political Report. The bi-weekly publication provides expert analysis of politics and politicians in the South.