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Any collection noted as "closed" is not available for research until its arrangement and description have been completed.

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Appleby, Charles L., Jr. (b. 1923)

Papers, c. 1980-2004, 0.5 ft.
Charles L. Appleby, Jr. may be best remembered for his role in developing the Republican Party in South Carolina and his dedication to the community of Florence.  He served as chair of the Sixth District Republican Party, c. 1980-1991, and was a delegate to multiple Republican National Conventions.

Boineau, Charles E., Jr. (1923-2005)

Papers, 1934-2003, 2.5 ft.
The first Republican elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives since 1900 (Richland County, 1961-1962), Boineau also campaigned for William D. Workman and Floyd Spence in 1962 and Barry Goldwater in 1964. He was a key figure in the emergence of a viable and active Republican Party in South Carolina.

Chapman, Robert F. (b. 1926)

Oral History Transcript
Robert Chapman (b. 1926) served as Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party from 1962-1963.  In this interview, he discusses his life and particularly his Party leadership.

Cooksey, Jesse L. (1932-2016)

Oral History Transcript
Mr. Cooksey (1932-2016) reflects on his long association with the Republican Party, including his tenure as chairman of the Spartanburg County Republican Party and, 1974 to 1976, the South Carolina Republican Party.

Edens, J. Drake, Jr. (1925-1982)

Papers, 1943-1982, 1.25 ft.
Edens is recognized by many as the father of the modern Republican Party in South Carolina. He was state Party chairman, 1963-1965, and a Republican National Committeeman for South Carolina, 1965-1972.

Edens, Martha (c. 1928-2015)

Oral History Transcript
Edens was a well-known Republican figure in the state from the 1950s, serving as National Committeewoman for SC and Chair of the Richland County Republican Party. Her brother, Drake Edens, Jr. was state Party chairman, 1963-1965.

Forbes, Wanda L. (b. 1925)

Papers, 1969-2008, 1.75 ft.
Forbes was an educator, General Assembly candidate, longtime activist for the Republican Party and a staunch supporter of a two-party political process.

Harris, Raymond A. (1927-2016)

Currently closed, this small collection documents the activities of Raymond A. Harris, former South Carolina Republican Party executive director (1965 to 1968) and chairman (Dec. 1968 to Jan. 1971).  In an Oral History interview from November 2001, Harris reflects on his life and particularly his leadership in the Republican Party. 

Manning, Bernard (b. 1925)

Papers, 1958-1984, 1.5 ft.
Bernard Manning was a Republican pioneer most active in Richland County. He assisted the Party with numerous legal matters over the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, including cases, petitions, and protests, and researching and drafting election laws.

McMaster, Henry Dargan (b. 1947)

Currently closed.  Henry McMaster has enjoyed a rich and varied career in government and politics.  He served as U.S. Attorney for the District of South Carolina, 1981 to 1985, where he played a lead role in Operation Jackpot, served as chair of the S.C. Republican Party, 1993-2002, state Attorney General, 2003-2011, as Nikki Haley’s Lt. Governor, 2015-2016, and currently as Governor.

Morris, Edgar L. and Ann B. (1911-1975 & 1917-2006)

Papers, 1950-2006, 1.25 ft.
Edgar and Ann Morris were key figures in the growth of the Republican Party in South Carolina during the 1950s and 1960s. In 1950, Morris was named Chairman of the state Republican Party and became involved in an effort to renew the Party, working on presidential and local campaigns.

Napier, John Light (b. 1947)

Oral History Transcript
Republican John Light Napier had a long professional association with Senator Strom Thurmond, and in his own right served a term in Congress (1981-1982), as representative for South Carolina’s Sixth District.

Nave, John & Erminie (b. 1921 & b. 1923)

Papers, 1916-1996, 1.25 ft.
Erminie McKnight Nave and her husband John Thomas Nave were active leaders in Republican politics from the 1960s to the early 1990s, chiefly in Greenwood County but also at the district and state levels.

Powell, C. Kenneth (b. 1939)

Papers, 1964-1982, 1.25 ft.
C. Kenneth Powell was active in the establishment of the modern Republican Party in South Carolina, beginning with his work on Floyd Spence's landmark 1962 campaign for Congress as a Republican. He ran several times for elective office and became chair of the Richland County Republican Party in 1970, organizing the Party's first primary in the county.

Ravenel, Arthur Jr. (b. 1927)

Oral History Transcript
Arthur Ravenel, Jr., served in the South Carolina House of Representatives, 1953-1958, South Carolina Senate, 1981-1986 & 1997-2005, U.S. Congress, 1987-1995, and Charleston County School Board, 2007-2010.

Republican Party of South Carolina

Papers, 1932-2012, 34 ft.
The papers of the Republican Party of South Carolina document the Party's activities at the local, state, and national levels.

Rogers, Joseph O., Jr. (1921-1999)

Papers, 1942-1999, 1.25 ft.
Joseph O. Rogers was the first gubernatorial candidate of the modern Republican Party in South Carolina. Elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives as a Democrat for Clarendon County, he served six consecutive terms, 1955-1967. Rogers gradually became discouraged with what he viewed as a lack of resolve on the part of South Carolina Democrats to resist federal encroachment into the affairs of state government. On March 7, 1966, Rogers formally announced that he was switching to the Republican Party, and he became the first Republican candidate for the governor's office in the 20th century.

Ross, Daniel I., Jr. (1923-2008)

Currently closed, this collection documents Ross' work as County Chair, State Executive Committeeman, 2nd District Chair, Deputy State Chairman of the Nixon Presidential Campaign, District Campaign Chair for Strom Thurmond's 1972 reelection campaign, Chair for James Edwards' 1974 gubernatorial primary campaign and co-chair of Edwards' successful general election campaign. He became active in the state Republican Party in the early 1950s, served as Party chairman from 1976 to 1980 and held a leading role in George Bush's 1988 and 1992 presidential campaigns. In this lengthy oral history interview, Ross reflects on his life and particularly his activity in the Republican Party in South Carolina.

Shorey, Gregory D. (b. 1924)

Papers, 1948-2009, 8 ft.
Businessman Greg Shorey became a leading force in developing the Republican Party in South Carolina during the 1950s and 1960s. He served as an active state leader in Eisenhower's presidential campaigns in 1952 and 1956, and in Barry Goldwater's presidential campaigns in 1960 and 1964.  He was chair of the state Party from 1958 to 1961, and continues his involvement to this day.

Smoak, Marion (b. 1916)

Papers, 1964-1968, .5 ft.
One of the first Republicans elected to the South Carolina State Senate since Reconstruction, Smoak served one term and then pursued careers with the State Department and in private law practice. The collection, 1964-1968, documents Smoak's campaigns for office and brief tenure in the Senate.

South Carolinians for Eisenhower

Papers, 1952, 1 ft.
South Carolinians for Eisenhower organized in 1952 to promote Ike's campaign in South Carolina, and was an outlet for southern Democrats dissatisfied with the national Democratic Party.

Thigpen, Neal D. (b. ?)

Currently closed.  Neal Thigpen, the “Father of the Florence GOP,” was vice-chairman of the S.C. Republican Party from 1974 to 1978, a delegate to five Republican National Conventions, and retired Chairman of the Francis Marion University Political Science Department.

Workman, William D., Jr. (1914-1990)

Papers, 1915-1986, 65 ft.
William D. Workman, Jr. is best remembered for his pivotal role in the emergence of a viable Republican Party in South Carolina. In 1962, when the Democrats were the dominant political power in the state, he made a serious, competitive bid for the U.S. Senate as a Republican. In his career as a journalist, he wrote for Charleston's Post and Courier and Columbia's The State, becoming editor of the latter in 1966.