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Barron, Keller (b. 1932)

Papers, 1916-2015, 13 ft.
Keller Barron is actively involved in the League of Women Voters, among other organizations, serving as local and state League president. She has championed women’s rights, voters’ rights, improved race relations, and education reform.

Culbertson, John Bolt (1908-1983)

Papers, c. 1886-1989, 31 ft.
Culbertson, a labor lawyer and activist, was a "liberal lion" of South Carolina's Upstate for most of the twentieth century, establishing a law practice in which he represented unions, the working class, disabled veterans, African-Americans, and others in need of a voice.  He also served in World War II, as a private secretary to Congressman John J. McSwain (D-SC), and as a special agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Environmentalists, Inc.

Papers, 1946-2015 (bulk, 1971-1989), 118 ft.
Environmentalists, Inc. (E.I.) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in February of 1972 originally in “reaction to fears over the building of the Barnwell Fuel Plant” and later devoted itself “to the protection of the environment and public health.”  E.I. is primarily involved in nuclear issues but also addresses toxins and other environmental projects.


Kelly, Mary T. (1923-2013)

Papers, 1970-2008, 18 ft.
Mary Kelly spent more than 35 years as an active environmentalist. She joined the League of Women Voters of South Carolina in 1972, and at various times during the following decades, she served as the State League President, Co-President, Director, Natural Resources Chair, Associate Director, Spokesperson, and Grant Administrator.

League of Women Voters of Columbia/Richland County

Papers, 1942-2005, 16 ft.
The collection documents the activities of this league, first organized as a provisional league in 1947 and recognized as a local league in 1950.

League of Women Voters of South Carolina

Papers, 1919-2016, 48 ft.
The collection documents the activities of the organization, formed in 1951 from the three local leagues then existing in Charleston, Columbia, and Spartanburg.

League of Women Voters of Spartanburg

Papers, 1940-1961, 1973-1994, 2.5 ft.
The collection documents the activities of this league, organized in 1948. The Spartanburg group disbanded during the spring of 1960 and reorganized circa 1974-1975.

Leverette, Sarah (b. 1919)

Papers, c. 1943-2015, 17 ft.

This collection documents the life of attorney, law librarian, workers’ compensation commissioner, and legal consultant Sarah Leverette.  Outside of her professional life, she has been a devoted and active member of numerous community organizations and professional associations, most notably the League of Women Voters.

Moore, Nancy (b. 1939)

Papers, 1970-2008, 4 ft.
Among Moore's many accomplishments are her service as SC ERA Chair for the League of Women Voters in 1978, participation on the ERA Countdown Campaign in 1982, and two-year term as President of SC NOW (National Organization for Women) beginning in 1986. She is co-founder of the Spartanburg National Women's Political Caucus, which operated in the 1990s, and was the Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences at USC Spartanburg from 1995 until her retirement in 2001.

Moxon, Barbara (1921-2011)

Papers, 1964-2006, 4 ft.
Speaker, motivator, mentor, recruiter and leader, Moxon dedicated her life to service. She was involved in and held positions in organizations and campaigns that primarily focused on the rights and well-being of women and children, such as the League of Women Voters and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Occupy Columbia

Part of the larger national "Occupy" movement that asserted its goal was to force the creation of a more just and economically egalitarian society, Occupy Columbia emerged in October 2011.  This is a very small collection of artifacts from the protests.

South Carolina Coalition for the ERA

Papers, 1963-1978, 3.75 ft.
Formed as a public interest lobby to secure ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the federal constitution by South Carolina, the group was co- funded by the League of Women Voters and the National Organization for Women.

South Carolinians for Eisenhower

Papers, 1952, 1 ft.
South Carolinians for Eisenhower organized in 1952 to promote Ike's campaign in South Carolina, and was an outlet for southern Democrats dissatisfied with the national Democratic Party.

Waites, Candy Yaghjian (b. 1943)

Papers, 1964-2010, 9 ft.
Since 1973, Candy Waites has been a prominent figure in the Columbia community. A former president of the League of Women Voters of Columbia, Waites went on to serve on Richland County Council for twelve years. In 1988, Waites was elected State Representative for House District 75, a position she held for six years.