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University Libraries - Digitized Material

Digitized Papers

newman portraitPapers of Isaiah DeQuincey Newman, 1929-2003

I. DeQuincey Newman, 1911-1985, was a Methodist pastor, activist, entrepreneur, and a leading figure in the Civil Rights movement in South Carolina. His papers have been digitized here in their entirety.


In Their Own Words

Solomon Blatt with BookSolomon Blatt: In His Own Words 
Blatt represented Barnwell, Bamburg and Allendale counties in the SC House of Representatives from 1933 until his death in 1986. He was Speaker of the House almost continuously from 1937 to 1973. These documents reveal Blatt's thoughts on issues such as race, economic development, taxes, and nuclear energy. Personal letters also detail the day-to-day work of a state politician as well as something of Blatt's drive and personality.

dorn campaign

William Jennings Bryan Dorn: In His Own Words
Audio clips from the Papers of William Jennings Bryan Dorn

This collection of audio clips highlights Dorn's career of service to South Carolina and the nation. Through his pleasing Southern drawl, Dorn draws in his audiences with warmth and passion. The collection is composed of various speeches from the campaign trail and addresses to the American Legion.

fritz hollingsFritz Hollings: In His Own Words 
Documents from the Papers of Ernest F. "Fritz" Hollings at South Carolina Political Collections

Fritz Hollings: In His Own Words is a collection of Senator Hollings' writings, speeches, photographs, and audio files from his days as Lt. Governor, Governor, and U.S. Senator. 200 items showcase the compelling intellect, keen wit, and, at times, sharp tongue that Senator Hollings was known for in South Carolina and on Capitol Hill.

McNairRobert McNair: In His Own Words
Documents from the Papers of Robert E. McNair
at South Carolina Political Collections


Digitized here are speeches, correspondence, clippings, and photographs that highlight Governor McNair's dedication to and focus on education, tourism, and industrial expansion as well as illuminating the Governor's thoughts and reactions to the Civil Rights movement, desegregation, and the Vietnam War.


Modjeska Monteith Simkins: In Her Own Words
Documents from the Papers of Modjeska Simkins at South Carolina Political Collections

Digitized here are a select group of writings from Simkins and other documents that offer insight into Simkins' life and work as a Columbia civil rights activist and a voice of African-American leadership in the South.

Richard L Walker Wolfpack CountryRichard L. Walker: In His Own Words
Documents from the Papers of Richard L. “Dixie” Walker at South Carolina Political Collections

This is a collection of Walker’s speeches, articles, and academic papers from his days as a USC professor and as U.S. Ambassador to Korea. These documents highlight Walker’s passion for education, culture, and diplomacy.

John West PhotoJohn West: In His Own Words

Documents from the Papers of John C. West at South Carolina Political Collections

West served South Carolina as a state senator, lieutenant governor, and governor, and went on to become ambassador to Saudi Arabia.  The selection of documents digitized here encompasses the entirety of West's life and career, including legislative and executive work in South Carolina, documents from his diplomatic tenure, speeches, photographs, and personal reflections in correspondence, memoirs, and diaries