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Boineau, Charles E., Jr. (1923-2005)

Papers, 1934-2003, 2.5 ft.

The first Republican elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives since 1900 (Richland County, 1961-1962), Boineau also campaigned for William D. Workman and Floyd Spence in 1962 and Barry Goldwater in 1964. He was a key figure in the emergence of a viable and active Republican Party in South Carolina.

Collection Finding Aid (pdf, 6 pages)
The collection, chiefly 1961-1964, documents more fully the building of the Republican Party in South Carolina than it does Boineau's brief tenure in the General Assembly. 

Oral History Transcript (pdf, 65 pages)
Boineau's election heralded the emergence of the modern Republican Party in the state. This 1995 interview begins with Boineau's personal history, the formation of his political ideology, and his experiences at The Citadel. Boineau recounts how he and others worked to promote a Republican Party presence in the 1960s and how his 1961 special election to the House paved the way for the emergence of the modern state Party. His description of the events that surrounded his election include personal anecdotes involving figures such as Strom Thurmond, Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, Floyd Spence, Joe Berry, Olin Johnston, Drake Edens, and Bill Workman. Boineau also describes his admiration for national Republican figures such as Barry Goldwater, and he goes into great detail about the S.C. Democratic Party's enforcement of the "loyalty oath" and the "full-slate law."